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By Laura H Jean

You may have symptoms of Low Platelet Count and not yet realize what is going on or what is behind it. If you are unknowingly suffering from this condition it is important to learn the facts to get treatment as soon as possible.

What Are Platelets:

Platelets are the cells in your blood stream that promote clotting. They need to exist in large numbers and if these fall below a certain level (the accepted range for blood platelets is around 150,000 to 450,000) than clotting time becomes longer and this can cause all kinds of health issues.

The obvious risks are during times of injury or trauma, but there are also unseen risks were excessive bleeding can become a serious issue. Our bodies are amazing. Bone marrow is responsible for platelet production and platelets last around 7-10 days before they need to be replaced with new ones.

Symptoms Of Low Platelets:


Every day activities may have to be curtailed because of having low platelets. Bleeding gums is a common sign and this causes brushing one’s teeth to become a challenge. Unstoppable bleeding from minor cuts, abnormal menstrual flow, blood in stool or urine, unexplained bruising or tiny spots on the skin are all symptoms pointing to the problem of not having enough platelets.

Possible Causes:

So you are asking “what causes low platelet count in the first place?” There are many know factors that can cause or at least contribute to this blood disorder.

* Side effects from medications for treating other illnesses can be a destruction of platelets faster than the body can produce them, even Asprin can upset production causing the blood to thin and platelet levels to drop.

* Leukemia and autoimmune disorders can result in lower counts. The spleen is responsible to remove old platelets from the blood stream but can be responsible for removing them to early, faster than the bone marrow can produce them. This can be a consequence of an autoimmune disorder. Many time doctors recommend spleen removal to correct this.

* Often the platelet balance is upset or damaged by things we eat or don’t eat or even our life style. Nutritional deficiencies, smoking, excessive drinking and food allergies to name a few. Many times counts can be greatly improved by eliminating the day to day factors and improving one’s life style.

Low platelet count can be a manifestation of any of the above or a combination of them.

Treatment Options:

The first and most important thing if you suspect Low Platelet Count is to see a doctor. I know this seems obvious but you would be surprised how many people stall this off out of fear or just not taking things seriously enough. The tests and advice received all contribute to making an informed decision in treatment methods.

By seeing a doctor as early as possible you will give yourself a larger window to try more non-invasive treatments to turn things around instead of waiting until things are in emergency status and powerful drugs or surgery are your only options.

Don’t under estimate the value of natural treatment methods. These can go a long way in helping avoid the more drastic medical procedures and can even assist you to wean off of prescription medications if you are all ready taking them.

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