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byAlma Abell

Do you live or work in the Corpus Christi area of Texas, are you planning to finally make that move out of Texas, are you confused about who to choose to handle your packing and moving? If the answer to all these is yes, then you are not alone, many people were once in that shoe; their testimonies after tasting the unique moving services from Corpus Christi Moving Supplies – a service from South Texas Movers, is a clear indication of who to entrust your valuable property to.


At South Texas Movers, we handle Corpus Christi Moving Supplies to all parts of the country and far beyond with dexterity and a great understanding of the business. 60 years of service in this sector is not a mistake, over 20,000 international moves per year is no joke, and with a reliable and very efficient security and logistics mechanism put in place, our thousands of clients moving in or out of Corpus Christi yearly cannot be wrong.

Other companies are mere imitators, we are the originators of the Corpus Christi Moving Supplies business. With a time-tested Move Management plan used to carry out a safe and efficient local and international move over many years, you cannot ask for anything better. This plan includes evaluation, packaging, and other pre-move preparations, departure services including unloading and arranging for safe transit, in-transit services covering Customs and Immigration papers, delivery services right to your doorsteps, and superb quality control both from our control center rooms located in over 1,300 service centres around the world and a monitoring team following every truck.

Little wonder we are way ahead of the park in Corpus Christi Moving Supplies business; serving both corporate and private concerns, we have claimed the top spot through our efficiency, timeliness, and unique customer relations. We are the professionals to beat when it comes to moving, in Corpus Christi, and in fact, the whole of Houston Texas.

What are you waiting for, try us today for all your Library and laboratory relocation needs, Local, long-distance, and international moving needs, Palletized storage needs, Short-term and long-term storage facilities needs or Air conditioned warehouses requirements. We are more than equipped to handle your move today, and every day!

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If you look around the area where you live, you will probably see some work that has been done by civil engineers in New Orleans LA. The profession of civil engineering is one of the oldest of all engineering disciplines. Civil engineering deals with the construction of structures that are built up in the environment around civilization. The build environment is most of what we consider to define our modern civilization including bridges and buildings, roads, railways, dams, subway systems, airports, water systems and sewer systems.

Civil engineers in New Orleans LA are responsible for designing the structures that keep the sea at bay. A series of levees and dams help to channel the water away from the land and prevent it from flooding the city, keeping the residents safe and secure. Civil engineers are also involved in the ship building industry and aerospace. Wherever you see a large power facility or industry that needs a large facility, it is a sure bet that civil engineers designed the plant or the building and were instrumental in getting it to the point of being operational.

Environmental engineering is also known as sanitary engineering. Hazardous waste is managed and remediated by the work done with environmental engineering. Chemical, biological and other types of waste need to be processed and the water and the air needs to be purified in the process. As well, contaminated sites require remediation where soil is tested and treated or removed. Oneal-Bond Engineering deals with a variety of civil engineering disciplines, including environmental engineering, water and waste facility design, subdivision engineering and land development.

The discipline of environmental engineering deals with the reduction of pollution and industrial ecology as well as green engineering. Engineers deal with the gathering of information on the consequences that will occur after a series of proposed actions. Once the effects of proposed actions are adequately assessed, society and policy makers can make more informed decisions about what will occur if certain structures are built. Civil engineering is an important part of any development process and is generally involved in every aspect of our modern society in some way.

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Submitted by: Vasantha C

We see many people regretting that they worked hard all their lives but had never been able to pay enough attention to the other side of their lives and feel guilty, sad and unfulfilled. Why?

It is because they did not manage their time effectively to pay attention to other areas of their lives and focused only on their profession or business. Effective time management is essential to strike a balance between work and life. You will have enough time for doing all the things that you need to enjoy fulfillment in every aspect of your life.

What is Effective Time Management?

You can divide your time through proper planning and allocation for each area of your life. This will enhance your quality of life and leave no room for complaint or regrets later on. This process of managing your time in the best way to achieve a well rounded life is known as Effective Time Management.

I. Do not Mix Work and Personal Life


It is dangerous to mix work with the personal life as it can create problems in both areas. You should be able to divide and prioritize your time to keep your sanity and enjoy a satisfied life. Nurturing relationships is equally important to enjoy the quality of life and avoid regrets in future. You can also avoid complaints from your family and friends while equally contributing to your career or business.

II. Spend weekends for private life

Many of them bring their office work to home or work on the weekends and spoil their family life. If you realize this, you are one step closer to achieving work and life balance. The best way is to spend the weekends only for your interests other than work. Weekends are meant for the family, to spend quality time with your children, for playing indoor games or golf, tennis, or going for a long trek.

III. Do not over Work

What will happen, when you over work, the answer is you will get tired and you will need rest. There will also be no energy left for doing anything else even if you want to. If you spend most of your hours working even the little time that you could spend at home will be lost. So if you want to maintain a good work life balance you should never over work.

IV. Maintain a Diary or Organizer

Maintaining some kind of a record for listing your goals and priorities is essential to complete your activities in an organized manner without fail. So you can maintain a diary to note down the things you want to do and the time frame to do it. Technology is so advanced that you can carry your electronic organizer with you anywhere so that you never miss out on any of your commitments.

V. Effective Time Management

Effective time management is nothing but setting up goals and the time frame for achieving each goal and stick to the plan. Once you set up the goals and time lines and following them up strictly and draw boundaries accordingly you will be easily able to balance both work and life.

Family and Personal Goals Fulfilling your family s aspirations and your goals (such as a vacation tour, higher education in a prestigious institution and so on)

Business and Career Goals (Fixing the limitation on the Turnover or Aiming for the position that you dreaming for)

Personal Development Goals (Increasing your wealth and social status)

By following these simple steps you will soon begin to realize that balancing work and family life is indeed possible through effective time management.

About the Author: Vasanta has been writing inspirational and self improvement/development articles since a long time. Her writings are immensely popular and well read. She presently manages the website “Your Personal Guide to Self Improvement”(





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January, 2018 byadmin

Business analysis professional qualifications help business analysts in many ways. It proves their competence on the subject. It helps organizations to ensure their business analysts are rightly skilled in business analysis process.

However, there is quite a lot of confusion in business analyst’s minds as to which business analysis certification they should pursue. Among the organizations offering business analysis certifications, IIBA® is the most prominent one. It now has 30000+ members of which approximately 10000 are now certified.

IIBA certifications have been most popular and sought after certification among the business analysts globally.

Both CCBA® and CBAP® certifications come from International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®).

IIBA® has been doing amazing work on making the business analysis profession more recognized among the professional field and in corporate segment.

Last year IIBA® rolled out our new multi-level competency-based Certification program namely

ECBATM – Level 1 – Recognizes individuals entering the field of business analysis.

CCBA® – Level 2 – Recognizes BA professionals who have 2-3 years of business analysis experience.

CBAP® – Level 3 – Recognizes BA professionals who manage and lead with over 5 years of business analysis experience.

CCBA® – Certification of Competency in Business Analysis – is primarily targeted towards mid-level business analysis professionals who have served at least 3750 hours (roughly about 2.5 years) as business analysts in the industry performing BA approved tasks as per IIBA®.

CBAP® – Certified Business Analysis Professional – is primarily targeted towards senior level business analysis professionals who have served at least 7500 hours (roughly about 5 years) as business analysts in the industry performing BA approved tasks as per IIBA®.

Here is a short comparison on both the certification:

High Level Overview of Comparison




Certification Body



Targeted at

Business analysis professionals

Business analysis professionals


BABoK 3.0

BABoK 3.0

Eligibility criteria – Work Experience

Minimum 3750 hours of BA work experience aligned with the BABOK Guide in the last 7 years

Minimum 7500 hours of BA work experience aligned with the BABOK Guide in the last 10 years

Eligibility criteria –Knowledge Area expertise

Minimum 900 hours in each of two of the six knowledge areas or minimum 500 hours in each of four of the six knowledge areas

Minimum 900 hours in each of four of the six knowledge areas

Eligibility criteria – Training/PD Hours

Minimum 21 hours of Professional Development Training in the past four years

Minimum 35 hours of Professional Development Training in the past four years

Eligibility criteria – Reference Requirement

Two references from a career manager, client or CBAP® recipient

Two references from a career manager, client or CBAP® recipient

Exam mode and pattern

Online exam in prometric

Multiple choice questions

Online exam in prometric

Multiple choice questions

Exam Fees

Application Fee – $125

Certification Fee –

$325 (for members)

$450 (for Non- members)

Application Fee – $125

Certification Fee –

$325 (for members)

$450 (for Non- members)

Recertification fees

$250 for members

$250 for non-members

$250 for members

$250 for non-members

Exam/Question Pattern

3 hours long

130 multiple choice questions.

Questions are scenario-based

3.5 hours long

120 multiple choice questions.

Questions are longer cases (1 to 1.5 Pages of information).

Multiple questions about the case.

Difficulty Level


Questions require candidate to do a bit of analysis to arrive at the answer


Questions require candidate to do a good amount of analysis to arrive at the answer

Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring – 12%

Elicitation and Collaboration – 20%

Requirements Life Cycle Management – 18%

Strategy Analysis – 12%

Requirements Analysis and Design Definition – 32%

Solution Evaluation – 6%

Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring – 14%

Elicitation and Collaboration – 12%

Requirements Life Cycle Management – 15%

Strategy Analysis – 15%

Requirements Analysis and Design Definition – 30%

Solution Evaluation – 14%

Focuses on

Requirements Analysis and Design Definition – 32%

Elicitation and Collaboration – 20%

Requirements Life Cycle Management – 18%

Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring – 12%

Strategy Analysis – 12%

Solution Evaluation – 6%

Requirements Analysis and Design Definition -30%

Strategy Analysis -15%

Requirements Life Cycle Management – 15%

Solution Evaluation -14%

Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring – 14%

Elicitation and Collaboration – 12%

Brand value



Organizations recognize this certificate in their competency framework

You may find the following pages to be useful in this context-CBAP details – AdaptiveUS.com/cbap-certification-trainingCCBA details – AdaptiveUS.com/ccbaYou may find this video to be useful for this comparison.

Visit site for more information. Adaptive US

Some of our recent participant’s feedback –I just wanted to let everyone know I just landed a job at Pfizer as an Enhancements Coordinator! Thank you for your assistance in passing the CCBA. It definitely helped me land this position.They always respond to my questions in a timely manner, no matter what time of day it is, and they are proactive in sharing resources that help you get prepared for the exams. I recommend this program wholeheartedly to any person looking to achieve certification from the IIBA. Adaptive Rocks!!! #5stars

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Professional Strata companies offering Strata title management


Chris Whelan

Strata properties and its importance

In various parts of Australia strata properties have gained grounds. Strata properties are those properties which have a shared ownership concept. There might be more than legal owner of the same property in the shared basis. Strata laws have been laid down in order to solve the various issues related to the ownership and title issues related to the strata properties. These laws have to be followed when any individual or organization decides to invest and buy a strata property. Even strata committee has been set up which consist of various professional strata management companies, where the clients are able to sort out all the issues related to strata property deals.

Ownership and strata title management


Strata title management is a very important concept in the real estate strata properties. The concept of strata title management actually provides the necessary details and lays down a framework necessary for creating an error free ownership deal. Since in case of strata properties the ownership is generally shared in nature therefore there tends to be some issues related to the ownership rules. People who are new to strata properties often makes mistake regarding the ownership rules. Thus the strata rules which are followed have set a strata title management in order to sort out these issues. A certain set of guidelines have been set for the owners in order to make the deal transparent and owner friendly so that all the grievances related to strata ownership is solved without any legal issues. Therefore it is for the owners to understand the importance of strata title management.

Strata title management and the management company

Professional strata Management Company needs to perform various duties regarding the settlement of a strata title management. It is the duty of the professional strata Management Company to make the clients understand the various rules and laws regarding the ownership of the strata properties. Since there is a huge difference between a general property and a strata Property ownership therefore the laws must be clearly understood. We cannot expect a client who is new to strata property deals to understand the intricacies of strata title management. Hence when the client chooses Professional strata Management Company it is the duty of the company to make the client understand all the details. This can help the client in the future to avoid issues regarding ownership which can sometimes have legal associations too.

Choosing an effective strata management company

The decision about choosing professional strata Management Company must be taken based on various factors like expertise, experience and the quality of the services offered by the organization. If the company is chosen in a proper way then the issues related to strata title management can be avoided easily and even if any issue arises in the future then it can be solved easily too. It is the duty of the strata management company to solve all the ownership issues arising for their clients in relation to the possession of a strata property.

Christopher Whelan is a Licensed Strata manager at

Professional strata management company

Whelan Property Group Pvt. Ltd. has years of experience in the marketing and trading strata property Sydney industries. His online and offline knowledge regarding

Strata title management

and schemes makes him a great resource of Community Strata Management.

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