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All you would like to know about ISO 9001 by BrainISO 9000 series standard were created by international organization for standardization to ensure the quality to good and services a consumer or customer is receiving. ISO 9001 models provide the standard for customer service, delivery, production and different aspects related to the products. These quality management services are only to make sure that the customers are getting good services and products that fulfill standards.These standards are fully trustable and many of the organization had made them compulsory for filling tender or receiving services. Many government organizations as well as private firms had made it mandatory to have to ISO 9001 to fill there tender. Some of the major benefits of ISO 9001 are:1. The foremost benefit is client’s requirement fulfillment and total loyalty towards client.2. improved morale and motivation3. Increased profitability4. Privileged insurance premiums 5. Company with ISO 9001 certificate has competitive advantage over the other in the business.The plan of the ISO 9001 is well-suited with the other quality standards like OHSAS 18001, ISO 27001 & ISO 14001. You can integrate any of the above mention standards with the ISO 9001. There are many common principles that these standards share among themselves. Any one gets a good value for choosing an integrated management system for their products or services. The need for getting a standard arose when the spare parts or products that are been delivered to the defense need to be checked again and again for the quality. Therefore some quality assurance standards were been developed.Judgment of the ISO 9001:Once all the requirements have been met by the company or organization, an external survey is conducted by a third party. If you are living in UK then the external body that is conducting the survey should be accreditation of the United Kingdom Accreditation Services. UKAS is the only accreditation body recognized by the government. The certified body will inspect the quality and procedures manual. If the inspection goes well than a certificate will be issued as the registration to ISO 9001. A regular survey will be conducted in order to check the proper functioning and quality of the services.Once the audit assessment is over then your registration is formally confirmed and a certificate is been issued. This certificate will be delivered to your door step as for any future reference of ISO certification.

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