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Chyna the Wrestler: Where Is She Now?


Arielle C.

Joanie Chyna Laurer is doubtless one of the most memorable figures to emerge out of the world of professional wrestling in recent years. In the WWE Chyna wrestled from 1997 to 2001, beginning as a WWE diva and Triple H’s bodyguard.


Soon, though, she became Chyna the wrestler in her own right, and in the WWE, Chyna became the first WWE diva to wrestle against men. In fact, Chyna the wrestler set several “firsts.” In the WWE Chyna was the first woman to enter the Royal Rumble. Chyna the wrestler also held the Intercontinental Championship twice and the women’s championship once. Still with the WWE, Chyna struggled. Offscreen, Chyna the wrestler was also for a time Chyna, girlfriend of Triple H, which caused a great deal of behind-the-scenes intrigue. At the end of her tenure with WWE, Chyna discovered Triple H was having an affair with Stephanie McMahon, daughter of WWE head Vince McMahon, leading to Chyna’s departure. After the WWE, Chyna appeared to leave professional wrestling. In her next move, Chyna the wrestler became Chyna the TV personality. In the mid- and late 2000s she appeared on a number of VH1 reality series, including The Surreal Life, and, rather sadly, Celebrity Rehab in 2008. That show revealed that after the WWE, Chyna had suffered through much relationship strife that led to substance abuse. Throughout these tumultuous years Chyna also turned to the adult industry, and Chyna the wrestler underwent another transformation, becoming Chyna the centerfold and sex tape star. She posed for Playboy several times and, infamously, released a sex tape called 1 Night in Chyna. Then, earlier this year, she released her first professional adult video, for Vivid Entertainment, called Backdoor to Chyna. However, Chyna couldn’t stay away from wrestling for too long. After 10 years out of the WWE, Chyna returned to the ring with TNA Wrestling, and Chyna the wrestler was reborn. Fans are also eager to see her this August at a unique summer festival, the Gathering of the Juggalos, from August 10 to 14 in Cave-in- Rock Ill. Besides top rap and hard rock acts, the festival features a full pro and indie wrestling arena. Chyna the wrestler is part of a top roster of talent from the sport that also includes legends like Jerry Lawler, Mick Foley, Raven, and “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. For more about the festival, visit juggalogathering.com.

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Chyna the Wrestler: Where Is She Now?

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