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Kitchen Door Handles are a fundamental part of your kitchen design. They will set the initial ambience within the kitchen. They will be the part of the kitchen that you touch many times each day. The must be functional, stylish, durable, simple to maintain and compliment the overall design of the kitchen.

Listed below are the fundamental questions you need to ask yourself when considering new kitchen door handles.

1. Are you replacing existing kitchen door handles or is this a brand new installation?

2. Do you need kitchen door knobs or kitchen door handles or a combination?

3. What style of kitchen door handles should you choose?

4. What size do you need?

5. Have you got the tools to do the work yourself?

This is a very inexpensive way of giving your whole kitchen a new look. The process is very simple and need take less than an hour.


Kitchen Door Knobs

Typically an average kitchen will have 20 individual kitchen door knobs or kitchen door handles. Changing knobs is a very straightforward and simple operation as there will be one hole already made in the draw or door.

To remove the existing knob simply open the door and locate the handle bolt and unscrew it whilst holding onto the knob. Tools required would be a Philips screwdriver.

Take the new kitchen door handle bolt and new kitchen door knob and fit. In total this job should take no more than 1 minute per handle. So 20 minutes in total for a complete revamp.

Kitchen Door Handles

These are a little trickier as you will have two holes. The distance between the holes is known as the hole centres and on most modern kitchens these will be:

64 mm

96 mm

128 mm

160 mm

192 mm

etc in increments of 32 mm

So when purchasing replacement handles firstly measure your hole centres before you go shopping.

To replace simply unscrew the handle bolt, then fit your new handles, again the only tools required are a Phillips screwdriver. In total this job should take no more than two minutes per handle giving 40 minutes for our average kitchen.

Many people will look to replace the doors and handles as this will give the whole kitchen a completely new look for little cost. This approach also means that you can choose whatever handle of knob you like. Fitting is slightly more complicated as you need to drill holes in your new doors and draw fronts. It is also worth considering fitting a soft close hinge system whilst you are replacing the doors and handles. The soft close hinge system can be installed for around 5 to 6 per door.

The most important aspect to consider when fitting kitchen door handles or knobs to new doors is consistency, so purchase a jig to make sure all the holes are drilled in exactly the same place on each kitchen drawer or drawer front.

There is nothing worse than looking along a line of cupboards to discover the handles are all at different levels!

The tools required here would be:

Handle Jig

Cordless drill

4.0mm drill bit

Philips screwdriver.

To complete a standard kitchen should take no more than one hour.

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