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The media room is a perfect place for creating a themed room, especially one that you would not consider adding in any other room of the house. there are many movie, music, and game-inspired themes that you can choose from, but one classic and fun choice is wild, wild west media room decor if you want something different. There is a lot of room for creativity and imagination with a Western theme, including many do-it-yourself projects and fun accessories.

Wild West Furniture

In a media room, one of the focal points aside from your audio and visual options is the seating for the space, since it is a key factor in designing your theme. There are a few choices for a Wild, Wild West theme, depending on your budget. Some options are more expensive than others, based mostly on where you are purchasing the item, how big it is, and what materials it is made from.


Leather seating is a great choice for a Western feel, but stay away from black leather unless the piece has a rustic touch. A leather fabric with some rich red undertones works very well for the seating in the media room, but it can be tricky to care for and is not always a good choice if there will be children in the room frequently. It can also be expensive, and not always the most durable choice.

Faux leather can be an excellent alternative for the real thing, giving you the authentic look of the Old West without the potential for serious damage. Faux leather is a much better choice for homes that have small children and pets too, and it costs far less on average.

Animal prints, such as cowhide, are another great choice for a Western themed media room. Combinations of leather and sheepskin, real or faux, are classic, and a very attractive addition to the media space. Furniture that has a horsehair look is also a fun and interesting choice for a Western look, but it can be hard to find and costly sometimes.

Western Accessories

You can find many different ideas for western accessories in the media room, some very sophisticated and classy and others a little on the cheesy side. For instance, you can create a classy Western atmosphere with framed movie posters for classic Westerns, such as those featuring John Wayne or Clint Eastwood. This can be a great way to introduce some of the family’s favorite western films. Modern Western movies can also be framed focal points, depending on the movie era that your family prefers.

Western decor can also lean toward the almost-cheesy side, such as a cowboy hat sitting on the mantel as a focal point, bales of hay, or tacky prints of horses. These same items can be classy choices if you choose higher quality pieces, such as bronzed horses in mid-gallop or a Stetson cowboy hat. With quality comes cost, though, and sometimes it is a better choice to stick with decor that is simple.

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