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Submitted by: Jesse Akre

Round kitchen tables have been a traditional gathering place in homes throughout the world for centuries. Why, even the knights in Camelot gathered around a round table, though it s lost to history whether Guinevere ever made dinner for them there.

Still, what s good for King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table certainly is good for we commoners and round kitchen tables are a delight to have in your home, not only for their beauty but their ability to bring families together.

In contrast to a rectangular dining room table, which is very formal, round kitchen tables are very informal affairs that can still be dressed up when the occasion warrants. They also promote lively conversation far better than a rectangular table, since everyone can see everyone else at the table without leaning forward or backward to carry on a conversation.

Round kitchen tables also make a room look a little more spacious, since there is additional air between the walls and the table. If you ve ever sat in a cramped dining room with a rectangular table and chairs, you know who tight the fit can be, particularly during the holidays.


When choosing round kitchen tables for your home, here are some things you want to consider.

Table Diameter The diameter needs to be small enough to fit in the room you have for it, but large enough to seat the required number of people around it without it feeing cramped. This can be a delicate balancing act. A good way to get a good gauge on fit is to lay out a circle of paper or masking tape X of the desired size. Use some existing chairs to make sure you can leave the table without running into a wall. If you re getting chairs with armrests, factor this into your measurements.

Style This is another important consideration. Not only should your round kitchen tables match the d cor of your kitchen or dining area, but also it can be further influenced by the size of the table and the number of people you want to set around it. For example, a pedestal table doesn t have any legs to maneuver around, making it easier to seat guests a little more tightly. The same is true of straight legs vs. highly ornamented legs that may jut out beyond the diameter of the table.

Height Round kitchen tables come in different heights, from traditional heights to bistro and even pub tables, which can be quite high. A higher table can make a room feel a bit more crowded, but less formal as well.

Material Now you have the diameter and height worked out as well as the style. All that s left is to decide on the material used. With round kitchen tables you have a little more latitude in this area. For example, you can go with a darker wood or lovely veneer for a more formal look, or go with a glass or tile top for something far more informal.

A good way to narrow your choices for round kitchen tables is to shop online. This has the added benefit that all the measurements are right there next to the photos. This makes it easy to see what will fit in your house. You can copy and paste your favorites to your computer; print them out and finalize your decision. Just remember which store the item came from. If you shop too long, you may forget where you found that table and have to start all over again.

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