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By Markus Skupeika

Who doesn’t love to stay at the kitchen? Whether you’re the one in charge for making the delicious food or you’re the one on the side for tasting every delicious food, being in the kitchen is a fun experience that most of us look forward to almost every day. Because of this, it would just suffice that we start giving attention to details which destroy our kitchen – rust. Here are a few easy tips to remove rust in the kitchen.

1. If you are using a cast iron cookware, you don’t need to worry too much because you can take off rust from these items in an instant. Simply scrub your cookware with fine-grade steel wool. After so, wash and rinse until they have completely dried. Always remember to keep it dry. Minute amounts of moisture can cause your pans to rust. Before you store your cast iron skillets, take time to apply shortening to the inside surface. Use paper towel to cover the interior of each skillet then stack them properly.

2. Use natural rust removers. Commercial rust removal products may contain toxins which can be harmful and unsafe to people, to pets and to the environment. These toxins may be acquired by humans through inhalation or ingestion. When acquired, two of its most common effects are dermatological effects and respiratory illnesses. Since we do all food preparation in the kitchen, we might as well take all the necessary precautions to keep our food edible and safe for consumption.

3. For your knives, rust stains can be prevented by rinsing off food particles every after use using warm water. Avoid leaving your knives wet for a long time. After washing, wipe thoroughly with a dry cloth then store. Washing your knives with your hands is ideal over washing them in a dishwasher; however, in cases where not using a dishwasher is inevitable, remember to take your knives out of the dishwasher as soon as washing is done. Use the right amount of dishwasher detergent.


Follow these three easy tips for a quick and easy rust removal. Get the rust-free kitchen you’ve always wanted and have a fun and easy cooking all the time!

What About Cooks Who Have To Deal With Rust. Don’t Even Think About Acid Products To Clean Rust.

Rusting inside the kitchen can make you the most horrible cook in the world. You may be the highly-acclaimed chef in culinary school but if you fail to remove rust and you allow them to infect your utensils and kitchenware, you can be the mediocre cook in an instant. We have listed down three most common effects of rusting and how it affects your cooking practice.

Rusting makes your utensils dull. Dull utensils affect the effectiveness of your cooking tools. Knives were made to help you with your cutting and slicing needs. Indeed, knives have indeed made the whole cooking process easier and faster. When rust develops in them; however, knives begin to work otherwise. They give cooks a hard time and prolong the whole process causing negative impressions to their cooking abilities.

Your choice of rust remover can be toxic to people, to pets and to the environment. Some commercial cleaners contain toxins which when acquired by living things can be very harmful and unsafe to them. Toxins can cause a variety of health problems. The most common of which are skin problems ranging from light red spots to serious dermatological problems and a wide range or respiratory problems. This can be very dangerous most especially to children who have been diagnosed with asthma.

You can get physically hurt when using a rusty knife. When you are using a dull knife, you become very vulnerable to skin cuts. The major danger; however, does not come with the skin cuts. The even bigger problem comes with the possibility of tetanus. Tetanus is a result of uncontrollable muscle spasm. In severe cases, the muscles which we use in breathing can spasm which causes poor oxygen supply to our body organs and the brain. When not properly given attention, this can lead to poor health and in some cases, even death.

These are serious negative effects of rusting which can undeniably affect not just your convenience in cooking but also people’s impression about your cooking practice. Find the most convenient rust removal process which best suit your kitchen needs and get rid of kitchen rust now!

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