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Diamond Budget: Shoppers Buying Guide


Denny Reinke

How much money should you budget for an engagement diamond ring? There is no single answer to that question because everyones situation is different. For some shoppers, $500 is the maximum they can spend and of course, there are celebrities who can and do spend millions on an engagement diamond ring. The diamond industry has set a guideline of two months salary for what to spend on the engagement ring. Interestingly, this is the guideline for the United States. In the United Kingdom, the guideline is one months salary and in Japan, it is three months salary.

The budget that is right for the diamond shopper depends on a variety of issues and the wise shopper assesses budget considerations before making their purchase decision. In fact, carefully evaluating the budget before starting shopping will help ensure that an impulse purchase does not become a financial nightmare.

Here are some of the questions diamond shoppers should ask themselves before starting the diamond shopping process.


How much money do you have saved now and what can you expect to save before your target purchase date?

If you are going to finance part of the purchase price, where are you going to get the financing and what monthly payments can you afford? Do you have a job and is your job secure?

What other new expenses are you planning in the near future? Do you need to buy another car, how much and how soon is the wedding and honeymoon, are you planning to move to more expensive housing, do you have student loans or credit cards that need to be paid off? These major financial events often occur soon after a marriage proposal.

A key for a successful marriage is for a couple to work together in setting financial objectives and budget. However, often the engagement ring is a surprise and therefore is a big budget decision made without consulting the girlfriend.

Once the diamond shopper has determined their budget, some other considerations might influence what they actually spend on the diamond engagement ring. A man in love often has a desire to show the extent of his affection by spending more than he can really afford. While spending more money does not ensure a stronger relationship or commitment, the romantic impulse often overwhelms logic for the man who has decided on who he wants to take as his partner in life.

Pressure on the diamond budget can also result from feeling guilty if the woman has indicated that a large and therefore expensive diamond ring is important to her. If family, friends, or associates have large diamonds, there is intense peer pressure to compete on diamond size even when there might be great disparities in disposable income or age. The pressure to prove his love with a more expensive diamond than he can afford can lead to not only financial hardship but also friction in the relationship.

Once the target budget has been set, the shopping challenge is to find the best diamond that meets the diamond shoppers requirements while staying within the budget. While the diamond is usually the biggest portion of the rings price, shoppers need to remember the mounting cost and applicable sales tax.

There are many ways to reduce the price of the diamond engagement ring in order to stay within the budget. Education and research can help determine the optimal combination of size, quality, beauty and convenience for just the right diamond ring. Shoppers who walk into a jewelry store and purchase based on impulse and do not do their due diligence in advance, will likely pay a high price premium and run the risk of making an expensive mistake in terms of quality and beauty.

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Diamond Budget: Shoppers Buying Guide}

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The Engagement Ring of Today!


Francezca Christine Nadela

In 1477, Archduke Maximilian of Austria commissioned the very first diamond engagement ring on record for his betrothed, Mary of Burgundy. The ring is presented as a gift by a partner to their prospective spouse when they propose marriage. It is a formal agreement to future marriage.

When it comes to famous engagement rings, there are diamonds, and then there are diamonds, just in Jacqueline Kennedys engagement ring where the diamond and an emerald surrounded by more diamonds. From famous Queen of England, Lady Diana Spencer, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Mia Farrow from Frank Sinatra, to a lot more famous personality around the world. Engagement rings made it statement worldwide.


Over the past decades or so, a phenomenon has begun to emerge in the engagement ring world, whereby couples purposely try to go for the most original and unconventional colors available wedding engagement stones. Such commonly seen right now are black diamonds, pearls and even uniquely design wood that challenge the long-established diamond and gold props, which actually to a certain degree is successful.

One of the noticeable and latest aspirant right now and certainly growing are the turquoise gemstones used for engagement rings. This stones has long been a favorite for those who are seeking for unique and sophistication; it has its elegant look. Turquoise gemstones have a very special role in our history and it passes on through stories and legends.

Turquoise to both a color and gemstones, the turquoise usually denotes a greenish hue, though there are several more or less blue-tinted variations, a pure turquoise is the same color as the gemstones it derives its name from. Other shades include medium turquoise, dark turquoise and pearl mystic turquoise, although, these are seen less frequently. Historically, the word derives from the French for Turkish, a connection justified by the fact that most turquoise stones were originally imported from Turkey, later own, this blue stone become quite famous among the rich classes in Western culture.

Today, turquoise continues to retain its popularity and reputation as a symbol of sophistication, class and wealth, which might explain the popularity of turquoise engagement rings among the fashionable couples. The visual impact of this hue when worn on the finger, either with or without any accompanying stone is undeniable, relatively uncommon for an engagement band which makes it different among people looking to set themselves apart from the usual gold and diamond crusader.

In ancient time and culture, turquoise gemstones were traditionally linked with good fortune and protector. For couples looking to protect the good health of the relationship and adorn it with luck might be interested in getting one of these stones to top their lovely-colored band. It comes as no surprise then that turquoise is on the rise within the engagement ring world. Its unique combination of visual appeal and mysterious meaning continues to captivate couples around the world.

As of this time in this changing world, we cant predict the future, but we do expect that some of the trends were seeing in engagement rings today will continue for quite some time. Couples wanting an engagement ring thats unique and says something about their style, whether that means antique, a custom design, or a classic look that theyre given a little tweak by choosing a different color of metal or an unexpected gemstones, we are confident that the trend shows no signs of turquoise of slowing down.

Francezca Christine Nadela is the owner of the Forever Turquoise Jewelry. Her love for jewelry leads here to venture into the jewelry industry. She helps run the business dotingly. You may browse their website at ForeverTurquoiseJewelry.com/

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