Education is going through and today parents do not have sufficient time to go school and see the activities they are doing on the school even though they wants to know about his child what they are doing and what are the activities done by the school and in which activity they are actively participated and what they achieve.

They also know the daily activities happens in the school child presence and homework given be the school and daily track record of their child and wants to know about the exam and result and performance of his child in the exam.

In this situation school need some Management System that really can help to make a bridge between school management, student and parents for smooth communication, details of daily activities and other activities and events perform by the school.

So at that time schools can approach to IT company to develop one software that can manage all activities of schools like Fees, Staff, Human Resources Management, Food, Events, Transport and Emergency contact number, Exam Schedule, Online Present, Exam Management, Student Grades, Hostel Facility, Events management and more.


Ideal School College Management Software needs following details:

School Management System and Software provides facility to manage all school activity in a single place and parents can see all activities of school as well as his child with performance report and get the idea about his child with every aspect regarding daily presence, homework, exam schedule, marks and other activities and events organized by the school.

Complete Software also gives facilities to hostel management facilities like they gives room allocation, room vacancies, facilities available in room maintain the stock and other furniture, maintain the visitors records and maintain mess and cafeteria it involves victual management including inventory of stocks and consumables, invoices and receipt generation as well as weekly planning.

Another module of transportation is like total control of transport facilities including bus details route wise and its timing.

Also stores financial details such like fees by class wise and standard wise, salary of staff and another expanses in short it maintain the complete accounting details.

Staff Management gives Personal Details Profile including Qualification Details, Staff Members, and Current Staff, transferred Staff and Retired staff and the work they are doing including the subject they are taking.

The benefits of school management system include centralized management and reduce paper work and manage efficiently several departments and make them 21 century of well-established and well managed school.

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By Amy Nutt

We all know that the summer months are getting even hotter and we will do almost anything to stay cool. The last thing that we need is to be inside a steel building where the temperature can become considerably hotter than the temperature outside. With temperatures sometimes exceeding the 90s or even the 100 degree mark, it is important to keep steel buildings cool, especially when people may be working inside or even living in a steel building that has been converted into a residential home.

Of course air conditioning is a method that can be used. Some install window air conditioners in their steel buildings or may install an entire air conditioning unit, but sometimes doing so may be rather expensive in several ways. First of all, the cost of the system and the installation can be expensive and then there is the electric bill that comes with it. Since steel buildings tend to trap heat, the air conditioning system can work very hard and actually not be very friendly to the environment.

Since the sun shines on the roof of the building, there are tasks that can be done to the roof to reduce the absorption of heat. The idea is to get the building to reflect the sunlight to avoid absorbing of the sun’s rays.

These methods are:


– Using asphalt shingles that are of a light color. The color that may do the best is white because white reflects sunlight.

– One may also want to consider white tile to reflect the sun’s rays. It may be a tad bit more costly, but it will reflect a good portion of the heat rather than absorb it into the building. For roofs that reflect light, air conditioning energy can be reduced by up to 23%.

There are other materials that can be used on the roof that has different degrees of reflecting ability. The amount of reflection the roof material has means the more money that will be saved in cooling costs.

– Asphalt shingles reflect 5 to 15% of light and save around 1% of cooling costs.

– Clay tile roofing reflects 25 to 35% of light and can save around 35% on cooling costs. – Concrete tile reflects 10-30% of light and can save around 20% on cooling costs.

Those roofing materials with tar and gravel tend to not reflect light because they are darker in color.

For those who must use a cooling system in addition to a cool roof system, the amount of money that can be saved is quite significant. Such actions also have a lesser impact on the environment. Doing other things such as placing fans in windows to suck out hot air and pull in cool air can help if the working environment can tolerate not having an air conditioning system in place.

There are some environments in which some sort of air conditioning must be used for the well-being of those working inside the building. However, the roof is what is exposed to the brunt of the heat, so it is the roof that can make a difference in whether or not to have an air conditioning system and it is the roof that also determines how hard that system has to work.

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By Rebecca Welch

The notion of a Florida house floor plan brings to mind surf, sand and plenty of sunshine. Along with the sunshine are house plans designed with the warm, humid climate in mind. While you may see a multitude of architectural styles in Florida, the most prevelant will be Mediterranean, Spanish and the European villa look of Italian Renaissance.

Though the styles may be multicutural and mostly Mediterranean in nature, the recurrent theme is a house plan designed to be comfortable and livable in the warm Florida climate. Stucco exteriors with clay tile roofs are common as are large living areas with plenty of open spaces. An open floor plan allows for air to circulate more freely throughout the home.


Design elements such as numerous arched doorways, cast stone columns and balustrades, mahogany trim and marble floors give the Florida house floor plan a definite feel of an Old World European villa that could have been constructed several hundred years ago. To further emphasize the Old World feel, particularly in the case of multi-story homes, arched windows, cathedral or domed ceilings and curved staircases with balcony overlooks are favorite additions.

The appearance of natural cut stone is another important element to consider when designing a Florida house floor plan. The cut stone look can be seen in Mediterranean, Spanish and Italian style homes and lends an elegant, upscale feel to the design. The look can be created with raised plaster work or cast stone.

Completely or partially shielding the main entry from view can be accomplished with a landscaped courtyard and archway. The courtyard serves a dual purpose in both adding privacy as well as affording attractive views from the homes front facing windows. This type of design element is both Spanish as well as Italian Renaissance in nature. The most important thing to remember when designing your Florida house floor plan is to execute all the various element details carefully and keep the Old World flavor in tact.

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By Harley John

Hip hop clothing wear is among one of the popular style for the stylish and modern men. It is because they are different from the casual and traditional designs and very colorful. Since the introduction of the hip hop style in the clothing, there are a lot of trends in this field. The modern hip hop clothes are a lot more different and the brands like Gucci or the Louis has made some attractive contributions in the men hip hop clothes. Therefore the hip hop clothing is now a popular fashion worldwide. The loose fitting shirts, T-shirts, tight jeans, trousers and jackets are some favorite clothing. Therefore the hip hop clothing must be one popular brand in the wholesale stores.

Latest trends in the men hip hop clothing wear are a little casual. The latest trends in the men hip hop clothing are of course the denims. The gorgeous and comfortable denim jackets, jeans and shirts are most sold hip hop clothing at this moment. Most of the people love the outlook with the denims. Especially the jeans with the jackets or the T-shirt are most popular. This combination is more casual but ironic too. The teenagers and the youths are the main users of this trend. Denims were also on top of the list last year but this year it makes its position stronger with the newer designs.

Another traditional hip hop outfit is the athletic trousers, jerseys or sneakers. And for the teenagers these are the most suitable outfit at the concerts or party. But for the middle aged people it is not the perfect outfit. The stripped shirts and the pants are the best trends among them. And in the office it is still the best clothing wear for the men. Therefore hip hop clothing is not very popular in formal environment. They are popular outside the office. And most importantly the teenagers are the common user of the hip hop clothing wears.


Latest trends in men hip hop clothing wear also include the black leather jackets and tracksuits. These are more casual outfit for the men. And not only the young or teenagers, all age groups are equally addicted with this trend. Different style and color in the latest leather jackets make it the 2010 trends in men’s clothing. They are just perfect to wear while going for a night drive.

For the winter, in the hip hop clothing wear the latest trend is the thermal clothing. It is the perfect clothes for the men to wear in the winter. These are fashionable and functional in the cold temperature. In addition it also gives a smart look with the jeans or trousers. Like the past years the thermal clothes are still on the top in this 2010.

And the colorful T-shirts with printed message and small pictures are the sprint trends in men hip hop clothing. The T-shirts and the jeans will be the perfect combination for the men in the spring to bring out the colors of life.

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