Workout for good health and stress free mind



Fitness is not all about diet and eating healthy food, it s much more than that. To be fit you need to work out too and we are not talking about sweating and grunting in a gym. Any opportunity to partake in activity that consumes energy and calories counts as exercise or workout.

If you don t have enough time or feel uncomfortable in going to gym then take about 10 minutes walk 4 times in a week. It is similar to work out and doesn t consume much of your time as well. Your goal must be to nurture yourself and to reduce your stress levels so if you don t feel like exercising then don t do it. Eating healthy food makes you feel light and stress free.

Instead going for any other snack after workout try eating almonds which is a good source of energy and protein, essential for body after work out. If you want to gain weight or want to build some bulging muscles, almond is definitely the right thing for you.

Being high in water content that is around 96%, lauki or bottle gourd is good for you. Taking it as juice after workout will not only fill in your needs of essential nutrients but will keep you feel light and hence stress free.


You must be thinking how stress is related to exercise. Well, when you are stressed out or emotionally upset, your body releases a hormone called, cortisol . Cortisol is a stress buster hormone but it also suppresses the testosterone flow, making your body inactive and hence affecting your workout. Even if you want to work out, your body will feel unwilling. Stress also tenses muscles and while working out a tense muscle is more likely to get injured.

So lower down your stress levels by working out in such way that you enjoy it more. Go for a little weekend football match, bowling, mountain trekking or any such activity that you like. If you wish then you can also opt for a dance class, tai chi class, or any hobby or activity that you always wanted to do.

Playing with your kids is also a good way of releasing stress and also to burn some calories. This will also help you to bond with your kids making them active. Just think it and you can find out that around you there are many ways to bust stress and burn calories. Some of them are:

Take stairs whenever possible in place of escalators.

Try to eat fresh food rather than having refrigerated food.

Involve with your kids in some mind and body activity.

If you\’re tired of running, try taking up kickboxing, spin cycling, in-line skating, even a jazz dance class. Spicing up your exercise routine will motivate you to stick with it.

Swimming is also a good way of burning some calories while relaxing.

Instead of going to some club, disco or pub, spend value time with your friends and family.

Just take up any activity of your choice, whichever you like. Indulging in any activity of your choice is a sure shot way of getting rid of those extra kilos without leaving you exhausted.

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