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Winning back the person who dumped you is an uphill climb, made tougher by common mistakes and desperation. But whenever a girl breaks up with you, there’s one thing most guys don’t realize… and that one small aspect of your exgirlfriend’s psyche is exactly the thing what will make her want you back.

“I think we need some time apart…”

Is that how she ended it? Or did your girlfriend outright break up with you, citing irreconcilible differences? Whatever the case, the bad news is that your relationship is now over. There’s no “saving it” or putting it into a holding pattern, trial run, or any of that sillyness guys might try to do when a girl dumps them. Instead of asking yourself what can I do to save the relationship, you should accept that things are finished. Once you do, your next question becomes: can I get my girlfriend back?

The good news is that any breakup is reversable. No matter how your girlfriend ended things, or how long it’s been since she broke it off, there are leftover feelings and emotions that your ex still has for you. Even in special cases where you may have cheated, or she’s even dating someone else… there are emotional bonds and memories of great times locked deep inside your ex girlfriend’s mind and heart. Getting your girlfriend back is all about finding those chords and pulling on them ever so gently.

You see, most guys take the wrong approach to winning a girlfriend back. They work toward that goal aggressively, as they’ve done with most everything else in their lives. Making your ex want you back is something that needs to be done in a subtle way, or not at all. It’s not like going to war, where you pull out your weapons and approach your ex girlfriend, guns blazing.

Working Toward Getting Back Together – Your First Moves

Have you tried talking with your ex girlfriend about what destroyed the relationship? Bad move. Did you try explaining how you can now see her side of things? Promise to change for the positive? Tell your ex that you recognize your mistakes and will work to correct them? This type of sad advice is printed everywhere – you’ve probably already read a dozen articles on it. Worst of all, it’s the absolute wrong approach to getting your exgirlfriend back.

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You’ll never get back together with your ex until one thing happens:

Your girlfriend wants you back

. That doesn’t happen on it’s own, you have to be proactive and


it happen.

So how do you accomplish that goal? How can you get your exgirlfriend to fall back in love with you if you’re not even talking to her or explaining how things will be different? Easy. By doing the exact opposite of everything you’ve currently been doing now.

When your girlfriend breaks up with you? No problem. Shrug your shoulders, wish her luck, and give her a kiss on the cheek. Then, you execute your first move: you walk away. You do it without looking back over your shoulder, and you do it without even thinking twice about losing your girlfriend for good.

Most guys stumble over this step because they allow their mind to get the best of them. They picture the breakup as permanent, and they allow this to overwhelm all other thoughts in their head. This is what makes guys call their ex girlfriends up… try to talk to them… even beg or plead for another chance. What happens after that? Your girlfriend no longer respects you. In fact, you become less attractive than ever before.

Instead, the opposite approach has an exact opposite affect: walk away from your breakup cleanly, and your girlfriend suddenly has newfound respect for you. When she realizes you can get along without her, you become ten times more attractive. Confidence is sexy, attractive, and it’s also what will get your girlfriend back. Being the person she fell in love with requires that you don’t fall apart when she tries to end things.

Making Your Girlfriend Want You Again – Instant Techniques That Rekindle Attraction

Your next move is easy: drop out of sight. This is simple in theory, but again, many guys have a hard time of it. Maybe you talked, emailed, and text-messaged your girlfriend dozens of times a day. Cutting all communication cold turkey isn’t easy, but it’s necessary if you want to

make her miss you

. Getting your ex girlfriend to miss you is the first step in making her want you again, and it must be accomplished as soon as possible. The more you stay in touch with her and keep in plain sight? The more comfortable she is with her decision to end things, and the longer you’re prolonging the break up.

Late at night, when the day’s winding down, your ex girlfriend is the most vulnerable. This is when she’ll think about your relationship, and this is when she’ll miss you. She might even call or drop you an email to “see how you’re doing”. And when this happens, it’s crucial that you ignore it. At least initially, during the first few days and even weeks after she breaks up with you. Disappearing from your ex’s radar means dropping totally off her map… you can’t do that if you’re still in touch with her, whether she initiated it or not.

Once you’ve accomplished these goals, your girlfriend is forced to do something: experience a life without you in it. This is something she doesn’t have to do if you’re always on the other end of the phone or computer. Disappearing also has an added benefit: when your ex doesn’t know where you are, she imagines you doing the worst. Maybe you’re out with someone else, meeting another girl. No girl wants her ex boyfriend to move on without her… especially if she hasn’t found someone new. She’s going to get jealous and posessive of you, even though she dumped you.

Methods That Dramatically Increase Your Chances of Getting Her Back

Can I get my ex girlfriend back? Not without a

step by step plan

for winning her heart. Knowing what to do is only half the battle… knowing exactly


to do it is the other half. By following a complete blueprint for success, you can not only turn your exgirlfriend around, but actually make her love you more than ever before. Once she’s nearly lost you, your ex will place a higher value you on your relationship. There are many methods and techniques you can use to accomplish this, and even speed up the process of reconciliation.

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Get Back Your Ex Girlfriend

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