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By Josh Neumann

Believe it or not, your kitchen lighting design is one of the most important components to your overall kitchen look and feel, but it’s something all too many people don’t pay nearly enough attention to. Depending on the kind of kitchen you want, your lighting design can make all the difference in your interior design being a success or failure.

Unfortunately, many people spend literally thousands of dollars to have their kitchen redesigned. They go to many different stores, use free kitchen design software and kitchen design online websites, get thousands of kitchen design ideas, and spend days picking out their cabinets, wall color, floor design, drawers and appliances.

However, they generally forget about the incredible difference that lighting can make. Without the right lighting, all your design efforts will be useless.

Many people end their long days after work by working in a cellar like kitchen with minimum lightening. Kitchen lighting design is going to save you from such poor working conditions.


Choose a bright paint for your kitchen walls and a light color floor as a fact bright color emits light and dark absorbs it. Divide your kitchen into a working area and seating area.

Your working area or task area should be well illuminated and your seating area should have pleasant lighting. Task areas can be over the cook top, over your sink or countertop where you cut vegetables.

Fluorescent tubes or shadow less tubes are best suited in these areas as they give ample amount of light needed for cooking, cleaning and reading out from recipes. Hanging pendent style lights and under cabinet lighting can be fixed as well.

Someone seated in one of your dining chairs could be admiring your clean china and crystal glasses inside a glass cupboard in accent lighting. Collectible porcelain or artwork anything you want to show off will not find any place better than this cupboard with your accent lighting effect.

Feature yourself seated to have dinner. You would definitely not want a tube burning brightly over your head. You need ambient lighting or pleasant lighting. There are varieties to choose from. Different colored lightings or shadow lights can be used for this place. Welcoming guests in your dining area in such a light would be brilliant.

Try keeping the window open for daylight in your kitchen. If you have placed a potted palm or fern in your kitchen a little bit of sunlight would do wonders for your plants. Finally, if at all possible, implement as many windows into your kitchen as possible, because the more windows, the more natural light you let in, which is obviously the best kind of light available.

Kitchen lighting is not just about necessity. It is about comfort, radiance and efficiency. Most likely, you probably want your kitchen to have as bright and cheerful a look as possible, but this just isn’t possible without a good lighting.

Hopefully this information will give you some ideas to implement for your kitchen and give it the look and feel you want. With kitchen lighting design in place you are in for a bright time ahead.

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