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Trailing Behind Andreas Roell


William Paul

“If you wish success in life, make perseverance your bosom friend, experience your wise counsellor, caution your elder brother, and hope your guardian genius.” – Jospeph Addison (English essayist, poet, playwright and politician)


Do you have dreams? When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Virtually all people on earth have dreams they nurture. Sadly though, not everyone gets to realize those dreams. But it is not like we can really do anything about it. The process of making dreams come true must start and end with the person himself who desires it. After all, you can’t teach people to persevere although you can give them some sort of encouragement in a way. Speaking of people who had managed to make their dreams come true, of all the people I knew, I admire Andreas Roell the most. Andreas Roell is the current Chairman and CEO of the Geary Group – a digital media marketing company that offers high quality digital media marketing services. The names Andreas Roell and Geary Interactive have now become a tandem, being mentioned side by side in many prominent publications such as iMedia Connection, Fast Company and DMNews. Aside from that, he was also named as one of San Diego\’s most admired CEOs twice in a row and was ranked as one of San Diego’s Top 40 Entrepreneurs under 40. No one can dispute how successful Andreas Roell is now. Geary Group has come to be recognized as one of the West Coast’s leading independent digital marketing agencies. If you do not know much about it yet, I guess it can\’t be helped. Few average people know about it but I can assure that it is really worth knowing. Geary Group is comprised of three things: It is comprised of three things: the Geary Interactive, the Geary SEO and the Geary PMG. And with these three together, the perfect marketing solutions are sure to be provided that can make any performance drive client happy. Geary Interactive is a full service digital marketing company that delivers integrated, results-oriented campaigns national brands and agency partners. It offers a wide array of services including strategic planning, online marketing, Web site design and development, search marketing and analytics. Geary SEO on the other hand is a premium SEO services company while Geary PMG is an elite lead generation firm. Geary Interactive has come to be known as one of the region\’s fastest-growing private companies and best places to work. Its reputation as the nation\’s foremost independent digital agencies is going strong as well. You can find Geary headquartered in San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago and Las Vegas. From humble beginnings to what he is now. Indeed, Andreas Roell has come a long way. Karlsruhe, Germany was actually Roell\’s home country. He was already a professional soccer player before the University of Nevada, Las Vegas recruited him to play for their college team. He took his Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and then proceeded to take up his Master’s in Business Administration at the University of San Diego graduating cum laude in the process. This only goes to show that skill, passion and determination can get you far in life.

Geary Interactive is a full service digital marketing company that delivers integrated, results-oriented campaigns national brands and agency partners. It offers a wide array of services including strategic planning, online marketing,

Web site design and development

, search marketing and analytics. Geary SEO on the other hand is a premium SEO services company while Geary PMG is an elite lead generation firm.

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byAlma Abell

It is smart to have your heating system professionally inspected and repaired before winter. You can be confident that your home will be ready for chilly weather when you choose a full-service HVAC provider that offers:

1. EMERGENCY SERVICES: When you need Furnace Repair Wichita HVAC experts will dispatch technicians 24/7. They will arrive in fully-stocked trucks, and be able to expertly troubleshoot and diagnose problems.Technicians can also make many repairs immediately.

2. EXPERIENCE: Experts, such as Cook’s Heating and Cooling, can work on almost any type or brand of equipment. They are well trained to service older models, as well as today’s more complex systems. Technicians can repair gas or electric furnaces, They will be able to service thermostats, including programmable models. Experts will also be able to evaluate whether poor insulation is preventing your home from staying warm.

3. AIR QUALITY CHECKS: HVAC experts can check carbon monoxide levels in your home, and ensure that you are safe. They will recommend monitors that detect dangerous carbon monoxide levels. In addition. professionals will check your home air, to ensure it has not been polluted by dust mites, pollen, chemicals, pet dander, mold, and other irritants. These can build up over time, and accumulate in air ducts. They will then be circulated throughout your home, and pose a health threat. When technicians find an air quality problem, they can recommend solutions that include filtration systems, electronic filters, humidifiers, and more.

4. REPAIRS/INSTALLATION: When you need Furnace Repair Wichita HVAC experts will provide guaranteed parts and labor. If your system cannot be fixed, they will explain how energy-efficient replacement systems can save you money. Professionals will help you choose a unit that is the right capacity for your home, and that will offer the most energy savings. They are also able to design a system when you are renovating or simply want a different HVAC system. Technicians will let you know about any rebates, discounts, and tax credits that your new unit entitles you to.

When you need Furnace repair, HVAC professionals provide fast emergency service, professional inspections, and guaranteed repairs. They will also help improve your home’s air quality, and guide you to choose the most efficient replacement units.

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By Andrew Hallinan

As we have covered before, onsite, outdoor advertisements are a great investment because they communicate a lot of information to potential customers in a very short message exchanged over a very short amount of time. Another excellent source of advertising is word of mouth. Gossip spreads and people love to talk, and in this case, that can translate into free advertising for your business. The final leg of advertising your grand opening party is through the idea of ‘divide and conquer’. We have covered some pretty big grand opening ideas and means of promoting your new business. These final ideas are so you can add all the little extra advertising help possible for your new venture.

— Use your grand opening party to start off on a nice, friendly note with your business neighbors. Invite businesses close to yours to set up a booth for their own company outside, as a part of your own celebration. This will lay the foundations for a great partnership in the coming years and provide more access to services for your new customers.

— Extend the same invitation to your vendors and manufactures, offering space for them set up banners and booths in appreciation for their services to your business.


— Be sure to budget for and set aside some petty cash. Your big first day (and especially the week leading up to it) will bring some surprises and you will be glad to have the means to save some time and make whatever unexpected that comes be a little easier to handle.

— Since your Grand Opening Party is so important, and you want as many people to attend for as long as possible, be prepared for, and excited to see guests stay longer than normal business hours. If future customers are sticking around, that’s a very good sign. They should not be turned away or asked to leave.

— People are expecting all the ‘little’ promotionals such as pens, magnets, and business cards. Take advantage of that and try to find a way for everyone who stops by your festivities to go home with one of each. These will filter and spider out to portions of your local neighborhood that did not make it to your grand opening, expanding the circle of those who have seen your advertising.

— Another way to spread the word near and far of your new business and the services it will provide its customers and the surrounding community, is to hand out fliers. This is a great job for a couple of groups of high school students to work together at some local hotspots.

— In all the focus on outdoor advertisements and ideas for planning for your grand opening party, don’t forget to utilize the internet, particularly Facebook and Twitter. Facebook especially, often has groups based on geographical location. Use your new business’ account for each of those types of online networking and have free advertising on the world wide web.

Besides Facebook and Twitter, don’t forget to post a few ads on different sections of Craigslist in the days leading up to your grand opening, describing your new business and the party you will be throwing for its first day.

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