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Submitted by: Adriana Notton

As one of the most important systems in the home, the plumbing system must be properly maintained or problems can develop causing a homeowner a big headache. One of the most annoying plumbing problems is a toilet leak. A toilet leak is not only frustrating, but it can waste water and increase your water bill. Signs of a toilet leak can include: sounds coming from the toilet when it is not running, a homeowner has to keep the handle pressed so that the tank will empty, the water is running over the top of the overflow, water is running down the sides of toilet even when there is flushing, and the toilet continues to run even though the handle has not been pressed. These are visible indications that you may have a toilet leak; however, you can still have a toilet leak and not see or hear it. This type of leak is called a silent toilet leak. To properly diagnose a silent toilet leak there are a couple of tests that you can perform:

1. For most homeowners, performing a dye test for a silent toilet leak is a popular choice. Purchase dye from a plumbing supplier or water company. It is usually a red dye. Once you have acquired the dye, you can start to perform the leak test. First, remove the cover of the water tank. Remove any substance such as a drain cleaner that may be colouring the water. It is important that you have clear water to do the test. Put enough dye in the tank water so that there is a deep colour. Wait for about a half hour and then check to see if the water in the bowl has turned the colour of the dye. If the water has colour, then you definitely have a toilet leak.


2. Another silent toilet leak detecting test you can perform is to turn the water off at the water pipe that runs to the toilet before you go to bed. Check the water level in the morning. If you discover there is water loss in the tank, then you have a toilet leak.

Toilet leaks toilets are responsible for a large volume of water waste as a toilet leak can waste as much 500 gallons of water a day; which is clearly not good water conservation. Reasons for a toilet leak can include: worn out flapper or ball, damaged seat beneath the flapper, damaged gasket under the flush valve, hole or crack in the overflow tube, and a new seat or washer is needed for a ballcock.

Because a silent leak cannot be seen or heard, many homeowners do not realize they have a toilet leak until it is a serious problem and they have wasted a huge amount of water. Testing for silent leaks should be added to your plumbing system maintenance program. The benefit of testing for silent toilet leaks is you will save money on your water bills, practice responsible water conservation, and ensure that your toilet runs properly which is a definite necessity.

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