The Best of Roof Gardening


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This article strives to collect all the vital information on preparing roof gardens and maintaining them.


Life in metros is very busy with lot of hustle and bustle. The people are literally crammed in the cities and the city breathes in lot of pollution. Plants and trees in the courtyard are distant dreams in the city. The city is the garden of cement and concrete and there is no place for trees. But there is always a solution to every problem, what if one cannot have a courtyard and enjoy the cool breeze. One can definitely have a roof garden (terrace garden) where one can sit and relax and enjoy the greenery soothing to eyes. The company of the nature will bring back your ebullience and the tiredness will vanish in the thin air. You can create your own roof garden which is a type of indoor gardening. But certain things should always be taken into consideration while making it. See to it the roof on which you want to create your garden should be strong enough to carry the weight of the garden. The terrace should be slapdash and the drainage system should be very effective with no leakage of water in the roof garden. If these condition are fulfilled you can choose any of the garden design pattern from the Social Patterns, Natural patterns, Archetypal Patterns or Aesthetic Patterns. Once the garden design pattern is chosen the work will start with the five primary compositional elements of garden design, it will begin with the planting design, then the landform design, water design and paving design and the design of any other structures if you want to include will be added in the end. A detailed plan is very essential to start with, and execute it in an effective manner. The roof garden should be proportionate with lawns, small trees, ground covers and shrubs. If you want you can include the concept of rock garden or terrace garden or make a structure to provide shade. Choose the Fiber-rooted plants as the roots of the Tap-rooted plants grow through the building and causing damage to it. Go for the appropriate soil type for your roof gardening. The soil rite or peat moss is best for such type of gardening as it does not exerts pressure on the building. This type of soil is very costly and it is better to use blended with garden earth or manure. For perfect drainage system you will need to do roof garden construction. The construction must be done with burnt bricks as other bricks turn to mud and collapse the drainage system. This can spoil your garden. Place these bricks evenly on the terrace, or corrugated sheets can also be used for the same purpose. Put a net lawn on the top of the bricks, preventing the soil getting into the bricks. If the garden is more than 500sq.ft then construct drain at various places and put several pipes leading to main hole and properly cover these pipes. Prepare the mixture of soil first and then put into the pot as per the required quantity and then sow the selected indoor plants.

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