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There you are, minding your own business as you defensively drive down the highway when somebody’s car flips a rock directly at your windshield. You hear the classic pop or click and search your windshield to see where the rock hit. If it is not directly in front of you, it can be very easy to simply tell yourself that you will have it repaired soon. Soon turns into later or never, and you get so used to having that little chip in the windshield that you really don’t even remember it is there. A crack may gradually appear and spread just a little over time and if you notice it, you tell yourself that as soon as it is three inches long, you will have it fixed. The next thing you know, the crack has spread the entire width of your windshield and you suddenly need to replace it rather than to simply repair it. Whether you need to repair or replace your windshield, the place to go is your local wholesale auto glass Chula Vista supplier.


In fact, your wholesale auto glass Chula Vista supplier can determine whether the small crack can be repaired or whether the windshield needs to be replaced. By visiting the repair shop as soon as possible after noticing the chip, you can usually avoid the expense of replacement and get an expert repair done. Sometimes, you will find that a rock chip spreads immediately, and there is nothing you can do but to have the windshield completely replaced. Working with a professional that knows whether or not you only need a repair can help you feel confident that your windshield is at full strength.

Even if the crack doesn’t spread quickly, it is weakening the integrity of the windshield. Your windshield is one of the major lines of defense in keeping your car from being crushed when it is involved in an accident. It is also a major factor in keeping passengers in the car. Having a windshield properly installed by your wholesale auto glass Chula Vista supplier can ensure that the airbags on the passenger’s side are able to properly deploy in case of an impact. As you can see, your windshield plays a very important part in the overall safety of your vehicle. Keeping it in good repair should be very high on your auto maintenance list of things to do.