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By Christine George

Home organization takes some organizing as they say, and without knowing how to organize your home and having the correct equipment to help you it can become a nightmare. In order to get a fair idea of how to tackle to problem of organizing your home, you should take a tip from the modern office, and how the working spaces are separated and the files and other materials are stored.

Using that as a general guide, let’s have a closer look at how you can make home organization easier for you to manage. The first step in learning how to organize your home is to determine the type of storage you need: distinguish between items needed regularly and those can be stored permanently or semi-permanently in storage boxes. Then look at your living space and decide how it can be better organized.

Home Organization Equipment: Home Storage Boxes

The type of home storage boxes you use depends a great deal on what kind of house you live in. If it is large house, with a big attic and a cellar, and perhaps a spare room you can use for storage, then the look of your storage boxes might not matter. Some industrial cardboard flat-pack boxes would likely suffice.

However, if you want something a bit better looking then there are many alternative storage chests and cabinets that look good while offering good storage space. Among these are boxes looking like pirate chests, old-style steamer boxes, either rectangular or in the form of round hat boxes, and even an antique-looking luggage trunk set that offers good storage space while looking good.


Most of these home storage boxes can be spread around your house as well as stored away in cupboards. They are a form of storage that is also decorative, and it is easy to keep a note of what is in each box.

Home Organization Equipment: Faux Book Box

A faux book box is a box that looks like a line or stack of books, and can be used in your library or any other room in the house for personal storage and storage of small items. They are literally book-size, around 8 – 15 inches high, and the cover opens to reveal the box interior. This is a way of storing smaller items without them looking messy or creating clutter.

Examples include office equipment such as staples, paper clips, envelopes and so on, and out of the office they can include letters, documents, tobacco, and all the other bric-a-brac and knickknacks that can clutter up a lounge or living room. One example of a faux book box is a set of three that have ‘Wuthering Heights’ and ‘Emily Bronte’ in gold on the front and spine. Inside, there is no book (but you could store one there) but an empty space for storage – the three sizes are 8, 10 an 12 inches tall with the width 5, 6 and 9 inches respectively.

Home Organization Equipment: Wine Racks

Wine racks may not seem to be important items of home organization, but they sure look good! Why hide your wine away in a cellar, particularly if it is red and to be drunk soon – meaning within the next month or so as opposed to laying down for years. Red wines should be served warm with white wines chilled, so lounge or kitchen storage is fine for reds. Store horizontally if corked, but if capped, then it doesn’t matter.

Home wine racks come in many shapes and sizes, including old globes that open to display the wine bottles, a 24-bottle cylindrical wine rack in metal mesh with marbles set into it so that it sparkles when lit and a variety of aluminum contemporary wine rack designs that would look the perfect home accent in a modern designed room.

Home Organization Equipment: Room Dividers

Room dividers are used to break up the expanse of large rooms. They can extend across the bulk of the width of a large room, or extend only a foot or two. Their purpose is to break the monotony and enable a different home dcor element or home accent to be used in each part.

An example of a room divider is a stunningly beautiful 6-panel Oriental screen, in a mahogany and teak finish that can be moved to separate a room rather than function as a fixed divider. This would look great in a room decorated in an Oriental home accent style. At 8 feet wide and 6 feet high, this is not just a functional room divider but a significant piece of art. The same is true of a golden screen, two feet less in width, but with hand drawn Chinese calligraphy covering the entire screen.

There are many more forms of room dividers available and home organization equipment in general, but these should be sufficient to give you an idea of what you can find online to help you organize your home, and keep it looking neater and tidier.

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