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By Lorne Wilkinson

Today’s woman is multi talented. She tackles all her responsibilities very efficiently. She is a caring mother, a loving wife and a successful professional. When it comes to kitchen then her skills work wonders. She handles her kitchen tasks effortlessly with the right appliances. Food processor and blender is one of the major appliances which help a lady to finish up her cooking with less time. Food processor is used by all. The chefs in the restaurants also finish their job easily using a food processor.

There are many functions a blender can handle amazingly perfect, like the blending, kneading, shredding, slicing, grating etc. even kids can handle it easily. Today’s food processors come with smart control and complete range of high quality devices which can easily finish all the jobs efficiently. Their stainless steel attachments help to finish any job easily ensuring perfect results.


Now making large quantities of fruit juice and healthy drinks from all kinds of vegetables is not far. My children love eating potato wafers. I don’t have to run now and then to the market for the wafers. I prepare fresh potato wafers for them at home whenever they want to eat. My daughter loves ice-creams. I can blend the milk for ice-creams in the food processor and make ice creams of different flavors for my daughter at home. Once there was a gathering in my house. It was my husband’s birthday. We were expecting about 40-50 friends. I finished up making fresh juice for our guests in 15-20 minutes. From cutting the salads to kneading the flour, everything was done in my food processor within no time. I ended up with the cooking before our guests’ came. I made a perfect salad for my guests with the help of the thick slicer. The carrots, cucumbers and the potatoes were finely and neatly cut. After all, a good chef is known by the way he-she cuts the salads and presents it before the guests.

My friend’s food processor had gone of order. She wanted to buy a food processor, but due to the lack of time she was unable to buy it. Her husband usually has to attend the outdoor meetings. As she is a working woman, and her office was demanding her extra time, she was not able to go to the nearest mall to purchase a new food processor for her. When she came to my house for my husband’s birthday party, she shared her problem with me. As soon as the other guests left, the first thing I did was I logged on to the Toronto appliances website and told my friend to have a look at the new models of the food processors which were displayed on the website. After going through all the products my friend thought of buying a Kitchen Aid food processor. As she was going through all the products, she got an opportunity to change some more of her old kitchen appliances which were giving her trouble sometimes. Now she could very efficiently handle all her cuttings and shredding with her new food processor.

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