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What Is SEO Friendly Web Designing?

Web designing is often limited to looking good and providing user friendly features. However, though it is often overlooked, the most important part of web design is search engine optimization. This is extremely important if you own a business website. This is why many SEO companies hire web designs and search engine optimizers. There are many things that you should demand when it comes to SEO from a web designer.

Here are a few things to look for:-

It is important to take search engine optimization into consideration when building your website. It is a major mistake to wait to optimize your website until your website is complete.

It is extremely important for web designers to know CSS very well.

Tags are very important for SEO including font tags, size tags and color tags.

It is also important for search engine experts to find and provide key phrases and keywords that can be used in headings, categories, navigation schemes and cross links.

Often times websites will place high priority phrases on their homepages which will leave their internal pages lacking. You can fix this by linking internal pages using anchor text on the homepage. This will help make navigation much smoother and more user friendly.


Splash pages are very important for web design and optimization. So what exactly is a splash page?

? A splash page is usually a flash animation that links to your home page.

? Splash pages usually contain large advertisements.

? The bag part about splash pages is that they often lack visible body text and they only contain one link.

? Splash pages should only be used if web analytics and focus groups shower their demand. It is important to remember the negatives of splash pages though.

Finding a web designer can be a very difficult task. It is important to know at least some of the basics about web designing and SEO. Knowing a little about this will help you analyze a web designer s portfolio better. There are a number of tips that are normal with web designing today.

Search engines take headlines into high regards. It is important to place major keywords into our page s headlines.

Every page of your website should have a title and a description tag. It is important to place keywords into these tags that describe the entire page s content. The title should have no more than nine words while the description can have to up to twenty words.

New web designs are placing their menus on the left.

It is important to take advantage of ALT tag by playing keywords and key phrases in them.

You should avoid using flash at all cost because it is very unfriendly with search engines.

You shouldn t use image link frequently as search engine spiders are friendlier towards text links.

You should also avoid frames which are very search engine unfriendly.

You should avoid complex tables as they are not good for search engine optimization.

CSS and java script can help decrease a website s page making is download faster for users. This will help it index quicker and will enhance the page s ranking.

When using web designing software, it is best to stick with a standard HTML software because other software will often add unnecessary codes which are sometimes unreadable by search engines.

It should be noted that the rank of a website will depend on the amount of traffic it invites. SEO and web design work hand in hand. In the future, you may be able to get a career with both.

There could be a number of different types of web designing in the future.

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The competition among online businesses is fierce. Depending on the industry you are in you might be competing with hundreds, thousands or even more other websites. One way to help your business succeed is with a competition analysis. Texas Web Designers can provide your website with a complete website analysis that can help you determine how your site measures with the competition. This can help you find a way to make your website unique and claim your share of the marketplace.

If you were running a local brick and mortar business, your business would likely be competing with just a few other businesses and you would know exactly who they are and what they are doing. When your business in online, though, you are competing with countless other businesses and you may have no idea how many of them and who they are. Simply creating a website, no matter how good it may look, is not enough to ensure your success online. Texas Web Designers can give your business the edge you need to compete in the global marketplace and succeed.


When Texas Web Designers give you a complete website competition analysis they will be able to see exactly how your site measures up in the global marketplace. They can identify and inspect the competition and let you know exactly where your site fits in. Your analysis will help to identify your website’s strengths and weakness and will help you understand where you can improve. It will also give you ideas about the kind of opportunities that exist for you on the internet and how to capitalize on them.

Texas Web Designers will also help you discover ways to distinguish your website from the rest with your complete competition analysis. This will help you to create a unique image for your website and develop your own brand that will set you apart from the competition. Understanding the unique qualities and strengths your website has will allow you to focus these things and become even better. Capturing your share of the customers for your product takes using every advantage you can get these days.

Texas Web Designers can provide great competition analysis and a whole lot more. The competition analysis is a great measuring tool that you can come back to later to measure your progress. Seeing the improvements you have made and benefitting from the extra income that provides will keep you motivated to keep improving and growing your online business.

Even a successful online business can benefit from allowing Texas Web Designers to do a competition analysis for them. Keeping your edge is vitally important in today’s economy and letting your guard down is the worst move you can make. Falling asleep at the wheel will give another business the opportunity to sweep in and steal your market share. Your business could disappear virtually overnight if you don’t stay on your toes and keep your eye on what the competition is doing. Competition on the internet is tough and it is likely to get tougher as more people seek alternate forms of income because of losing their jobs. You must take every step possible to ensure your online business comes out on the top of the heap.

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