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Submitted by: Zarantech Llc

In todays world, Big Data refers to both structured and unstructured volume of data that inundates a business on a daily basis. Over the last decade, companies have built data warehouses and business intelligence systems to secure the data. Many global manufacturers produce huge quantities of data that needs to be analysed for business requirements. An inefficiency to manage this data may hinder the companys decision-making and eventually reduce efficiency and lead to compliance issues.

With a big data analytics platform and considering 4Vs, manufacturers can achieve producing reports that help in making decisions. Let us see the 4Vs described by the industry analysts as the major elements of big data.


Big data always has a large volume of data. This is due to the building up of a volume of data from unstructured sources like social media interaction, posting or sharing reviews on the web page, mobile phones, and many more. Whenever a user visits the website using desktop, laptop, smartphones, PDAs, etc. generates the traffic. Also, downloading music and videos from various platforms generates unstructured data. This data can be filtered using analytics tool and extract important metrics that are useful for the business.



Velocity refers to the speed at which the data is coming in and how quickly the organizations are analysing and utilizing it. Processing the data using analytics tool can produce the answers to the queries through reports, dashboards, etc. With these results, a company can make suitable decisions that increase the efficiency and achieve customer-relation objectives such as developing applications that cater to the needs.


Different sources like social media, CRM systems, call center logins, emails, audio and video forms produce varied data. Managing such complex data is a big challenge for companies. However, to manage this big data, analytics tools are used to segregate groups based on sources and data generated. This would avoid mixing of data in the database. It is important to segregate new and old data coming from varied sources and must be able to make the changes according to customer behaviour.


Veracity refers to an uncertainty of data available, which makes it harder for the companies to react quickly and make appropriate solutions. Accuracy is the major issue in such a big data environment. Organizing the data according to groups, value and significance will enable you to have a better strategy to use the data. Avoid mixing to related and unrelated data as this reduce mixed interpretation. To make right decisions, the data must be clean, consistent and consolidated.

Big data give insights about your customer base, views and opinions about your business. However, to solve business problems, the 4Vs Volume, Velocity, Variety and Veracity must be used to measure the big data that helps in transforming the big data analytics to a profit-based center.

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Submitted by: Gert Hough

Got-cha! I am talking about computer games that is suitable for adults, but not adults only.

All women will agree that the male adult is just a grown up version of a boy. Only the type of character determines what kind of toys the bigger boys want to play with. Some men prefer to play with their toys outdoors. This include outdoors sports and hobbies. Of course men that are just a bit computer literate qualifies and usually plays computer games. The question is, what games do they play?

First/Third Person Shooter:

These games is fast and action packed. If you are slow (and old) this may not be the computer games that would suit you. Face it – you’re too old, too slow or both. First person shooter games are really popular with the younger gamers. This is true across all the gaming platforms. Third person shooter games is where the player can see his or her character while playing the game. Some action games have both first person and third person views as optional in game strategies. You normally just have to click a button to activate the one or the other. The third person view displays a wider view that enable the player to see more of his/her character’s surroundings. The first person setting show a closer look to the action. In shooting games this may determine your character’s life.


Simulation Games:

In simulation gaming you get a whole bunch of games. From driving trucks, racing cars and army tanks right through to flying aeroplanes. Basically this include anything you can think of that can be driven or flown. Simulation games are very popular and highly imaginative. Usually clean fun for all ages.

The Adventure Game:

In the adventure game the outcome is usually different every time the game is played. The player is faced with different options and the game can have unexpected story lines. This type of interactive story type of game is usually fantasy based on monsters, aliens and historical myths. Very popular but this type of computer game needs you to spend hours upon hours of game play. If puzzle solving and map exploration is your type of game, then go ahead and enjoy.


The massively multiplayer online role-playing game or MMORPG in short, is where you download and install the game on your computer, but you have to be connected to the internet to play the game. This makes for a lot of fun (hours upon hours) and the game play is usually a mix between action and adventure. On the downside there is the fact that you have to play a monthly fee to keep on playing the game. Usually when you did not play the game for a month or six, when you pay again and get into the game, you can start where you left off the only difference is that the gaming world your character used to explore, now suddenly may have changed a lot. Even if you are off line, the game must go on. Worldwide other players influence the gaming world by their actions.

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Education for children through DISH Network


John Mark Adams

Your children are the most significant part of your family and you always want them to be well settled in life. For this, education plays a pivotal role in shaping the life and career of kids. And when it comes to best education at home, you can trust no one but DISH Network. A leading satellite TV provider in the United States of America is here to provide your kids the best of education channels in lineup. This will help to mould their future well. Bring home the wonderful programming packages from DISH Network and allow your kids to watch them.

Education is not just limited to textbooks, it is beyond that. It is necessary that you introduce children to the form of smart education that helps to develop their mind and brings an overall development. DISH Network brings a good option to let your kids learn things through objects in a fun way. Moreover, you will get a chance to save a lot on paper and ink products by diverting education to a digitally-based system.


It has been observed through many surveys and observation that as children, they have greater capabilities to pick up words, actions, sentences, images, and learn quickly. It has been even proved through science that kids possess the maximum power to grab things and retain it. And when they are small, if you expose them to good kids channels on DISH TV, it will definitely help them in the long run. In fact, even a baby of about 6 months old is much attracted to televisions. You will find him engrossed in the moving objects and things happening on TV, which means that even they are capable of receiving these images and amazingly, they find them interesting!

We should certainly extend our gratitude to the growing and all-new satellite TV entertainment that education has become a lot easier for kids. A number of DISH Network channels air shows and programs that have beautifully incorporated the newer concept Play and Learn especially for children. These exclusive kids programs bring fresh content where they teach kids something new in every episode through the medium of cartoons, animations, colors, and art and craft. These interesting shows help kids to know about many things like colors, shapes, and names of many other things.

Story telling is yet another interesting activity on television. Children listen to these stories with great interest and try to find about good and bad therein. Altogether, television viewing is no more greatly harmful for kids. Conversely, it has added manifold dimensions to the education of children.

You must be thinking that too much TV viewing may affect eyes of children or have counter effect on their growth process. You are right in your concern; therefore, a bit of entertainment is suggested for children. You should not allow them to watch TV for long hours. Spending just an hour will not have damaging effects. So, if you have still not subscribed to DISH Network, then get it now!

DISH Network

offers plethora of channels for its viewers. Moreover, with high quality

DISH Receiver

, you can enjoy stunning picture and sound output in your television.

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Steps to select the best institution offering high standard primary school education in India


Kamala Dev

Selecting the right primary school is an important decision. In fact, your child s future depends on this selection. While the right school ambiance can turn your kid into a confident and educated human being, the wrong platform can totally spoil his/her career.

It may sound illogical but the fact is that most parents rely on rumors and opinions from different sources, while selecting the primary school. Just because your friend s son is doing well in a specific school does not mean that your son will also do well in the same school environment too. So, when it comes to deciding about primary school education for your precious ones, always rely on own judgment. Start exploring online. It is the easiest and least time consuming method. You can start the online search whenever you are free, be it at office or home. Take a look at the school website to know about its principles and ideology. The school should be transparent enough in offering information about its management, teaching faculties, school infrastructure, course curriculum, academic sessions, etc.


An online search is fine but as long as you don t visit the school personally, how could you be 100% sure? If you don t want to compromise on your child s primary school education then a personal visit to the institution is always recommended. However, before visiting the school make sure to call up the administrative office for an appointment. You should enquire if you will be allowed to take a tour of the school premises, with or without the child. In fact there are many schools which do welcome parents to visit the school personally before taking final decision. Once you visit the school, you can have clear idea about its location and transport facilities. During the visit, you should try to assess several factors like does it seem to be a happy school, is the classroom airy, bright and cheerful enough, do children seem to be absorbed in their work, does the school has a disciplined environment, are the school staffs friendly, does the school has latest lab and library facilities, etc. Make sure you clearly understand the school\’s discipline procedure and methodology.

Every parent wants the best education for the child. While this is clearly understandable, but at the same time it is important to have realistic views. You need to keep in mind that no school can be totally perfect. Even if you find one, then it is very likely to be oversubscribed and beyond your budget. After all, your little one doesn\’t need a state of the art gym or acres of playing fields to perform well at school. What you should be looking for in educational institutions offering primary school education is a nice, calm and healthy ambiance, good and caring faculties, timely support and guidance, proper counseling and encouragement as and when needed. So, if your basic criteria match, then you can move ahead with the admission procedure. Don t stall the admission process for last minute. If the school visit is satisfactory then you can collect the form, from the administrative office and initiate the process.

Kamala Dev is an academician and columnist who writes about

Primary School Education

that introduce novel concepts of learning. She has taught in Top Higher Secondary school and also been a teacher guardian in Best CBSE School.

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Submitted by: Tom Ted

For golf-fanatics, theres a countless variety of golf courses available in Spain.

With the highest concentration of fairways in Europe, Spain is the continents leading golf getaway. From the sensational scenery, wicked bunkers and thrilling off-course action, playing golf in Spain is a great way to explore Spain as well as enjoying your passion. There are courses to suit all abilities and accommodation to match. The Med climate enables you to play golf virtually the year round with temperatures of over 65deg in the spring and autumn and 80plus in the summer months. For the keen golfer nothing beats the thrill of playing a great new course in fine weather and relaxing surroundings, so a golf holiday in Spain has to be on the cards who lover their golf.


For golf-enthusiasts, theres an infinite variety of choices available in Spain. The Costa del Sol has nearly fifty golf courses and resorts, making it the location with the highest concentration of golfing facilities in the world. The capital, Madrid is not far behind, with nearly thirty courses and there are almost an equal number in the Costa Brava and Costa Blanca areas. Madrid is also famous for its Jarama RACE Golf course. Situated on rolling woodland, the 18 hole course boasts of a four decade old golfing tradition, with a beautiful club-house, driving range, putting range, trolleys, golf lessons with a pro and other recreational facilities like swimming pool, tennis courts and restaurants. Madrids La Moraleja course is where the rich and famous gather. The Balearic Islands are relatively less [populated with golf facilities, though they do have some world-class resorts and courses. Majorca in particular has quite a few excellent courses. Another place that is note-able for golfing is the Andalusia, with its gorgeous landscape and sunny climate is the ideal location for the nearly 100 courses that dot this charming community. Almeira and Huelva are other great golfing destinations along with vacation facilities for the whole family.

With more than 50 million visitors per annum it is no surprise to hear that Spain is still one of Europes premier golfing destinations and also one of the first European countries to successfully market the package golf holiday making life so very pleasant and easy for foreign visitors. There are now more than 300 Spanish golf courses and more are continually being built across the mainland, the Canary and Balearic Islands. These courses cater, not only for the many visiting golfers, but also for the 300,000 or so members who are registered to Spanish golf clubs.

As golf courses multiply across sunny, southern Spain, so do the services they provide to golfers and the family, friends and business they bring across Europe and around the world. Golf resorts are the latest with an offering so complete you wont need to leave their premises.

Barcelona Golf gives best golf vacations/holidays, golf breaks and corporate golf events in Barcelona, Costa Brava, Costa Daurada, Pyrenees, Catalonia, Spain with the best deals in resorts like PGA Catalunya and more.

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