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For golf-fanatics, theres a countless variety of golf courses available in Spain.

With the highest concentration of fairways in Europe, Spain is the continents leading golf getaway. From the sensational scenery, wicked bunkers and thrilling off-course action, playing golf in Spain is a great way to explore Spain as well as enjoying your passion. There are courses to suit all abilities and accommodation to match. The Med climate enables you to play golf virtually the year round with temperatures of over 65deg in the spring and autumn and 80plus in the summer months. For the keen golfer nothing beats the thrill of playing a great new course in fine weather and relaxing surroundings, so a golf holiday in Spain has to be on the cards who lover their golf.

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For golf-enthusiasts, theres an infinite variety of choices available in Spain. The Costa del Sol has nearly fifty golf courses and resorts, making it the location with the highest concentration of golfing facilities in the world. The capital, Madrid is not far behind, with nearly thirty courses and there are almost an equal number in the Costa Brava and Costa Blanca areas. Madrid is also famous for its Jarama RACE Golf course. Situated on rolling woodland, the 18 hole course boasts of a four decade old golfing tradition, with a beautiful club-house, driving range, putting range, trolleys, golf lessons with a pro and other recreational facilities like swimming pool, tennis courts and restaurants. Madrids La Moraleja course is where the rich and famous gather. The Balearic Islands are relatively less [populated with golf facilities, though they do have some world-class resorts and courses. Majorca in particular has quite a few excellent courses. Another place that is note-able for golfing is the Andalusia, with its gorgeous landscape and sunny climate is the ideal location for the nearly 100 courses that dot this charming community. Almeira and Huelva are other great golfing destinations along with vacation facilities for the whole family.

With more than 50 million visitors per annum it is no surprise to hear that Spain is still one of Europes premier golfing destinations and also one of the first European countries to successfully market the package golf holiday making life so very pleasant and easy for foreign visitors. There are now more than 300 Spanish golf courses and more are continually being built across the mainland, the Canary and Balearic Islands. These courses cater, not only for the many visiting golfers, but also for the 300,000 or so members who are registered to Spanish golf clubs.

As golf courses multiply across sunny, southern Spain, so do the services they provide to golfers and the family, friends and business they bring across Europe and around the world. Golf resorts are the latest with an offering so complete you wont need to leave their premises.

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