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By Christine George

Tapestry bags and tapestry cushions are medieval in their origins, yet still endure today in many forms for the modern girl. Whether you are using them in form of tapestry throws for your home or as toiletry or tote bags, this medieval form of dcor is assuming increasing popularity in the 21st century.

Let’s have a look at some of the tapestry items that people are buying today, and why they are doing so. Whether you purchase a simple hound’s-tooth or zebra pattern throw or a magnificent Jacquard woven fabric throw inspired by the tapestries and art that are displayed from some of the top European art galleries, you will be buying a piece of fabric that you can use on a sofa, on your floor or hang from your wall that is a fabulous example of an art form that has been popular for thousands of years.

Here are a few other examples of how you can put tapestry to use, not just to impress others, but also to provide yourself with an item that not only looks great but will last a lot longer than most other fabrics.

Tapestry Toiletry Bags

Although many believe them to look old fashioned, tapestry toiletry bags are anything but! Yes, tapestry has been regarded as something from the past – but that was in the past! Tapestry bags are now coming into fashion, and toiletry bags that are almost perfect reproductions of the wonderful Flemish tapestries of the past are now in great demand.

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If you search online you can find tapestry toilet bags that have been created by genuine Belgian artisans. They use real leather for the bag itself which is then decorated with a woven tapestry. This can recreate one of the great tapestry designs of the past, or be something new that has been designed by a modern craftsman.

Such tapestry toiletry bags can hold all you need, with typical dimensions ranging from eight to ten inches wide. They are durable and can be used for a shopping trip or for any other use you want. However, tapestry designs are used these days for more than just handbags and toiletry bags.

Tapestry Cushions and Pillows

You can find a range of tapestry cushions and pillows online that consist of a velvet lining and zipper faced with a beautiful tapestry in many different designs. Many of these are based on a floral design, and some are based on animal themes. They can be used as bolsters or toss cushions, and offer a beautiful way to provide a backrest to your chairs or sofas.

Designs that you will find online include one with an art deco single flower with a red bloom, and another with four clocks representing the time in four cities around the world. It cannot be guaranteed that these clocks will work, but they are guaranteed to tell the correct time at least twice each day!

Tapestry Throws

Tapestry throws are available online to complement or even supplement the cushions and pillows. One spectacular North American woven throw depicts a number of musical scores together with a selection of stringed and wind instruments on a throw 60 inches high and 50 inches wide.

This is a large piece of modern tapestry, but if you prefer something more traditional then you can also find floral tapestries that have been woven in France, and even a tapestry woven in Belgium that represents the work of the Austrian art nouveaux artist Gustav Klimt. This is a wonderful tapestry throw of 58 inches square, and would certainly be a conversation piece in your home, particularly if you learned something about Klimt’s history and artistic style.

If you prefer a medieval motif, there is a French tapestry cushion available online that depicts a beautiful classic fleur de lis motif (crosse saphir) with flowers and leaves on a deep blue background. This 18 inch square tapestry cushion will enhance any form of soft furnishing in your home dcor, and has a strong back and zipper to retain the cushion itself.

The Famous Bayeux Tapestry

Tapestries have been known to have been weaved in Europe since at least the 14th century, and can be found in castles and palaces throughout Europe. They were not initially used for decoration, but to display family crests and knight’s colors, and also to depict famous events in history.

The most famous medieval tapestry is the 11th century 230 foot long Bayeux tapestry exhibited at Muse de la Tapisserie de Bayeux in Bayeux, Normandy. This depicts the events leading up to the Battle of Hastings where William of Normandy defeated Harold II of England, and also the battle itself. Your tapestries will not be as old as that for which you should be glad – because they wouldn’t last a minute on your couch before falling apart!

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