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Threaded inserts or threaded bushings are fasteners which can be made with wood, plastic or metal. There are many applications and varieties of threaded inserts, typically a thread hole is created and the threaded insert is inserted into the hole. This can be used to repair a stripped thread, provide durability in soft materials, eliminate the need for machine operation and assist in conversions such as metric threads to unified threads. Threaded inserts can be found in airplanes, furniture, light fixtures, automobiles, electronics and telecommunication devices.

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Metal threaded inserts are made in an either a coil or solid formation, they are ideal for quick repairs for damaged threads in soft metals and protect preformed holes from wear and stripping. Metal threaded inserts are used in sheet metal also known as sandwich metal and honeycomb composite metal to distribute tension and torque over a large area of material. One type of threaded insert is called a captive nut, it is pressed into a pre drilled hole to connect or mold separate pieces. The inserts are knurled to create a strong attachment to the material it is supporting.

Plastic threaded inserts are manufactured in a press in or ultrasonic design and use thermal insertion or ultrasonic welding machines to make a variety of plastic products. Another variety of a threaded insert is called a swage nut, which has a knurled portion that swages the sides of soft metal or plastic holes to better grip the nut. Press in or press fit threaded inserts and swage nuts are used in panels too thin to be threaded or soft materials too weak to be threaded. Knurled inserts can be used for metal, plastic and wood applications. They are designed to withstand torque and provide structure.

Wood threaded inserts are available in a knife thread or hex drive, and can be used in soft or hard wood. Knife threads are commonly used in hard woods such as maple, cherry and oak and hex drive inserts are commonly used for soft woods such as pine. Hex drive nuts are utilized for composition board and MDF. Ready to assemble furniture or modular furniture is shipped in with parts preinstalled with threaded inserts.

Threaded inserts are used and manufactured for a large variety of products and expands numerous industries. Matdan Corp. manufactures threaded inserts and other specialty fasteners in the United States and China for the aerospace, automotive, medical, military and telecommunications industries.