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byAlma Abell

Minnesota DWI laws apply to a ten-year system. Penalties for offenses are imposed upon offenders based on the number of convictions within this time period. According to applicable laws, all offenders who are convicted three or more times within ten years are required to enter into a rehabilitation program. If you are facing this potentially-detrimental traffic violation, you should contact a DWI Attorney in Rochester MN today.

Minimum Penalties

If an offender receives these conviction within a ten-year period, they are subject to at least the minimum penalties. The second DWI offense requires a thirty day sentence or a combination of jail-based work and community service. Third convictions require ninety days incarceration for which no less than thirty days must be service in county lockup. The fourth conviction requires one hundred eighty days in the county jail. Any portion of the jail sentence that is not served in the county jail is completed under house arrest. To fight for a lesser sentence, you can hire a DWI Attorney in Rochester MN to help you.

Felony DWI Charges

A felony DWI charge imposes stricter penalties. Felony DWI implies that the crime falls within a category in which a sentence of more than one year is required. With this charge it is likely that the offender will receive seven years in prison if convicted. However, if he or she has a previous criminal record, the court can add to this sentence. The fine for this conviction is $14,000. If you are charged with this infraction, contact a DWI Attorney in Rochester MN immediately.

This offense is identified by more than three DWI convictions in a ten-year period or an existing felony DWI conviction on the criminal history. This offense is also assigned when the offender has a history of vehicular homicide and is charged with this infraction at a later time. Additionally, offenders who have a blood-alcohol content of 0.20 percent or who are driving under the influence with a child in the automobile are charged with the felony infraction.

Drivers who are convicted of a DWI are required to maintain SR22 automobile insurance. In some cases, they may lose their driver’s license for years, which could present problems with traveling to work. If you require assistance with a DWI charge, you should contact a DWI Attorney in Rochester MN at the Anderson Law Firm today.