November 24, 2021 · Podcast · (No comments)

Have you ever seen or read about people in the direst of circumstances who are transcendent, happy? And others who seem to have everything, and yet feel deprived?

The way you choose to think about a situation, the parts of yourself that you call on, even dig deep for, are what determine your present and your future. Your thinking is integral to your character.

When things look negative, question it.

There’s always a way to think about a situation that includes a gift, an opportunity.

This may seem contrived at first, but think about situations where you’ve suddenly had a shift in perspective and a solution appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. That’s the effect you want to be able to call on.

“Circumstance does not make the person,

it reveals the person to himself or herself.”

~James Allen

People become leaders of successful, impactful companies by becoming the people who can lead those companies first.

They walk with integrity. They make smart decisions. They step up and into opportunity with courage. They acknowledge their fears, but don’t indulge them. They learn and grow.

You are becoming the leader of your high impact company right now, in how you show up every day.

Treating people with respect. Listening to ideas. Choosing how you use your time and energy. Making decisions with your mind AND your heart.

You can shape your future by consciously developing the mindset of the leader who leads your company in these ways.