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It is difficult to choose between purchasing and renting. It necessitates extensive financial and emotional planning. Some individuals take pleasure in their home ownership, whilst others prefer to live in leased housing to avoid long-term financial obligations. Buying property was difficult in previous decades, therefore individuals opted to rent.

The most essential question is now: what is the correct decision? Should you buy or rent a home? This choice is influenced by several things. Here are some factors to consider based on your financial objectives.

Make your dream house a reality.

When you own your own house, you have unlimited creative freedom – you may rebuild the bathroom in a jungle theme or paint the walls in vivid colors without worrying about losing your bond. Home upgrades may boost the value of a property, so if you sell, you will receive every dollar that your home has gained in value.


Location selection

Depending on your area, the number of rental property alternatives is typically restricted, you will find very less house and land packages in Melbourne eastern suburbs that will fulfill your requirement. If this is the case in your region, your options for where to reside are generally restricted. Buying and owning a home allows you greater freedom to choose where you wish to live. Home location is one of the essential aspects for many purchasers.

Creating equity

The difference between what you can sell the house for and what you owe is your equity. As you pay down your mortgage, your equity rises. Over time, more of your monthly payments will be applied to the loan balance rather than the interest, resulting in more equity.

Bringing up a family

A rental property is most likely not the ideal choice for growing a family with children. You may have to move from one rental property to another for a variety of reasons that may disrupt your family, children’s schooling, and others. Owning a property will help you in the long run. Your family will not have to relocate from one rental house to another. Your children can make their neighbors lifelong pals.

Simple financing alternatives

With the availability of simple financing alternatives, owning your dream house has never been easier. You don’t have to wait until your 40s or 50s to save for your dream home. You may purchase it in your twenties and be the happy owner of a paid-off house by the age of 50, if not sooner. You must pick a house loan lender wisely who can provide you with flexibility in managing your home loan payments by adapting your home loan EMI to your current and future earning patterns.


Purchasing a home may be an excellent investment. You might be able to accumulate equity. However, like with any investment, the performance of your investment is determined by a variety of circumstances. When it comes to real estate, elements such as location, economics, upkeep, and environmental issues can all have an impact on the total value. Remember that nothing is ever static, thus everything might change.