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It might get rid of some tax approach patents, while beneath the Supreme Court’s Bilski, this variety of patent has come to be less significant.

We will have to wait and see what the ultimate legislation seems like. Even so, it is very likely to be positive and to improve the significance of filing early provisional applications to secure the earliest feasible filing date for an creation.

For most men and women popcorn is just a treasured snack, but certainly even though chomping down some of this delicious deal with you have wondered wherever it came from. There is no doubt that popcorn is absolutely an American snack, but did it arrive from America at first?

Who invented popcorn is potentially 1 of the biggest popcorn queries. The answer, as you will see, is not so effortless to figure out. What you are heading to learn, although, is the finest possible reply that is out there.

Read on to understand a bit additional about how popcorn has come as a result of time to be the gourmet snack we enjoy so a great deal these days.

Many Theories


The straightforward answer to who invented popcorn appears to be the Native American Indians. What precise tribe and exactly where specifically the site was is not very obvious.

Native American Indians had been imagined to have identified popcorn by throwing full ears of corn on the fire and it then popping. They would consume it as a snack and also use it for decoration and jewelry.

The oldest ear of popcorn found was in New Mexico in a bat cave. This ear of corn was dated to be 4,000 decades previous.

Aztecs utilised popcorn in Mexico in 1519 as food and d cor.

Peruvian Indians used popcorn in the 16th century.

However, popcorn was and is most popular in America the place it is however mainly grown in the Mid Western states.

Popcorn By means of Time

Popcorn can be uncovered all in excess of the globe. As mentioned, though, its most important developing grounds are in the United States. Having said that, it can be located everywhere that corn can be grown.

In early America the colonists made use of popcorn as a breakfast meals. They would use sweetened milk poured more than it as a breakfast cereal.

It was pretty well-liked in the United States in the course of the Great Depression. Sweet treats and most treats, actually, ended up at a minimal owing to rationing. Popcorn, even so, was however broadly readily available and was the snack of option.

Popcorn is even now very well-known. It has been used in many distinctive scenarios from street vendors to motion picture theaters to ball parks.

With the invention of the microwave and the introduction of microwave popcorn, this snack observed a surge in reputation the moment all over again. Individuals began consuming popcorn at property additional than actually previous to.

Popcorn Nowadays

Currently popcorn stays with the occasions and continues to be a favored snack because of to the introduction of gourmet popcorn. The many taste combinations has produced popcorn one particular of the most versatile snacks on the market place.

Gourmet flavors can make popcorn a sweet chocolate treat, a spicy snack or a simple delight with culinary undertones of rosemary and sage.

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By Gloria MacTaggart

If you’ve been watching women’s television or checking for new skin care products on the shelves, you may have heard of pomegranates as the latest and greatest ingredient. With such a huge number of natural skin care products being promoted as containing the ‘magic’ ingredient that will get rid of wrinkles and restore that youthful look, it would be helpful to know more about pomegranates before you run down to the store and empty your wallet. Do pomegranates really have something so special to offer that you should make them a staple in your natural skin care larder?

Although pomegranates have been used for centuries in natural medicine in many parts of the world, we are only recently seeing it on the shelves here in the U.S. Hundreds of studies have been conducted on the pomegranate’s healing power and, yes, the results are outstanding.

Pomegranate juice lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, improves cardiovascular function and reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke. It also enhances fertility, reduces the symptoms of menopause and has even been effective at slowing the spread of cancer cells. A recent study conducted by University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) showed that a daily glass of pomegranate juice slowed the growth rate of prostate cancer.


In addition to the many studies conducted on its internal use, new research has also proven it to be effective for topical natural skin care and we now have a few creams, lotions, cleansing products, masques available.

How do pomegranates benefit the skin? High in Vitamins A, C and E, the real magic is in its antioxidant content – no surprise really; the damage inflicted by free radicals is now well-known and acknowledged even by the most conservative in the medical establishment. The pomegranate’s antioxidant content is very high, making it a shoo-in for natural skin care.

Dry skin, problem skin, aging skin, wrinkles – all can benefit from the pomegranate. It fights free radicals and stimulates the growth of collagen – vital for damaged, dry skin and tissue of any kind, and especially noticeable in its absence in the aging and wrinkled face.

If you don’t have cleansers and exfoliating products that are working for you now or you would like to switch to the healthier alternative of natural skin care, by all means give the pomegranate a try. While you’re at it, pick up a bottle of the juice. Internal and external natural skin care will increase your chances of deriving all the benefits.

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Health & Fitness Centre


Joe Swails

In this article:

What does a personal trainer do?

Tell me about dieticians?

How could a life coach help me?

Could I really install my own state-of-the-art gym at home?

I have a demanding, high-powered job and often feel stressed. Are there any alternative therapies I could try to help with this?

Tell me about spas, private health clubs, and retreats

As well as adopting a healthier lifestyle, what else can I do to relieve stress?

How can I help others?

Summary & Suggestions for further learning through this website

What does a personal trainer do?

There are many reasons to hire a personal trainer.

A personal trainer:

Will take responsibility for the formulation of your fitness plan.

Will learn to recognise when you are becoming bored with your current fitness routine, and will vary it accordingly to keep it fresh and interesting for you.

Will know when to push you a little harder, and when to advise you to pull back a little (i.e. decrease the number of reps for a session or two) or even to have a few days break from exercising.

Will be someone that you are accountable to. This will help to keep you on track with your fitness plan, and stop you from letting things slip when it comes to maintaining your exercise routine (as well as your weight-loss programme).

Will be experienced in advising and guiding people back to fitness after illness or an operation. Having them there as a support could also be invaluable as, post-illness or operation, many people develop mood disorders, such as anxiety or depression. A personal trainer could help you to mentally get back on your feet again , as well as giving you a tailored exercise plan to work to each week.

Will be a great help when it comes to offering advice and guidance as you prepare for a sporting event, such as a marathon, for example. It will give your preparation structure. Also when the big day finally comes around, you will feel that you have an ally supporting you someone who knows what you have been through to get to that point, and will be there with you, encouraging you every step of the way.

Also, if due to demands on your time you are unable to get to a gym, a personal trainer can come to your home and put you through your paces there, and at a time to suit you.

Note: When choosing a personal trainer, ensure that they are fully trained, qualified and certified through a recognised organisation.

The best place to look for one is at your local gym.

Tell me about dieticians?


Put simply, a dietician is an expert in food and nutrition.

A dietician will:

Assess your current diet and seek to change unhealthy eating habits you may have.

Set a correct weight target for you to work towards.

Create meal plans for you (and your family, if requested). They will also take into account any health issues you may have which could influence the type of diet they could recommend for you (i.e. by perhaps suggesting an increased amount of certain vitamins, to address a particular health problem).

Seek to improve your overall nutritional knowledge. The thinking here is that the more you know about nutrition, food and how to maintain a balanced diet, the more empowered you will feel overall. This can help you to maintain your diet when the going gets tough , because you will know why you are eating the particular foods your dietician has recommended for you, and so any feelings of resentment won t breed!

Show you useful weight-monitoring techniques. For example, rather than weighing yourself every day (in the hope that the scales will have good news for you) your dietician may recommend that you weigh yourself on a weekly, bi-weekly, or even a monthly basis.

Be experienced in recommending a diet for people who have certain dietary restrictions (i.e. due to having an allergy or food intolerance of some kind). In fact, a half-an-hour consultation with a knowledgeable and experienced dietician can save someone with a certain dietary restriction years of painful trial and error.

Patiently listen to you as you explain your weight-loss goals and concerns. They will then put into place an actionable plan designed to help you lose weight and address any other health issues you may have, in a sensible, measured way.

Note: When choosing a dietician, ensure that they are fully trained, qualified and certified through a recognised organisation.

The best place to look for a dietician is to ask at your local medical practise or to carry out an online search. There is sure to be a good dietician in your local area.

How could a life coach help me?

In short, a life coach works with you to improve and enhance your overall quality of life.

By forming a kind of partnership with you, a life coach:

Will patiently listen to you, be responsive to your opinions and needs, and strive to help you address any issues you have in your life which are preventing you from taking your life forward in the way you would like to.

Help you to develop greater self-confidence and self-esteem.

Help you to develop a stronger sense of purpose in life overall.

Work with you to help you set (achievable, realistic) goals. By working with a life coach, you can reach your goals much quicker than if you tried to do so alone. There will be a sense of team effort which will help to spur you on when the going gets tough. This will be particularly helpful in the realm of health & fitness staying motivated, feeling emotionally supported, having a clear and definite understanding of why you are working towards your particular goals…

Be a support and a great sounding board when it comes to problem-solving.

Many people who employ the services of a qualified and experienced life coach say how much better they are then able to achieve a healthy work/life balance.

Note: When choosing a life coach, ensure that they are fully trained, qualified and certified through a recognised organisation.

The best place to look for a life coach is online. There is sure to be a good one in your local area.

Could I really install my own state-of-the-art gym at home?

Yes. If you have the room, there are several companies across the UK who can install a personal gym in your home (designed to your specific requirements!).

The best place to look for a home gym designer is online. It is also a good idea to shop around and compare quotes before committing.

I have a demanding, high-powered job and often feel stressed. Are there any alternative therapies I could try to help with this?

Yes. Alternative therapies for stress relief include:

Aromatherapy with the source of aromas used in aromatherapy being plants, flowers, incense pastes and sticks, aromatherapy is all about relieving stress through the use of scent or fragrance. These help to relieve mental and physical stress, and to hasten healing.

Yoga therapy by closing your eyes and concentrating upon your breathing, you can start to feel less stressed. The rhythm of inhalation and exhalation can help to bring about a sense of peace inside you. If you are feeling agitated, yoga therapy can make you feel calm and in tune with yourself and the world around you.

Massage therapy your body s pressure points are stimulated using herbal oils and lotions. This helps to alleviate stress. As your body slowly relaxes, your mind does also. The release of tension as you close your eyes and enjoy your massage will come as a relief and you will emerge from your massage refreshed, revitalised, rejuvenated, and most importantly: in a calm frame of mind any anxieties, issues or problems you were struggling to cope with prior to your massage no longer seeming so worrisome.

Meditation this is recognised as one of the most natural ways to relieve stress through balancing your physical, emotional and mental states. Meditation involves attempting to concentrate your mind by focusing on an object or an idea to the exclusion of all others from your mind. Through doing this, a feeling of peace and calm develops which helps to relieve stress.

Tell me about health spas, spa resorts/retreats, health farms, etc.

A health spa can be an oasis of peace, calm and tranquillity. For this reason, people with a high income who long to get away from the strains, stresses and responsibilities of their high-powered jobs book themselves into a health spa for a few days, and enjoy a whole range of treatments.

Health spa treatments include:


Manicures & pedicures

Facial therapies

Body exfoliation

Body wraps and flotation

Hot stones massage

And more

Generally speaking, a spa resort/retreat differs from a health spa, as such, because it is residential. Clients usually stay for a weekend or even longer and enjoy a whole range of health spa treatments.

There are several spa resorts across the UK. Search online for a spa resort near you.

You may even want to completely get away from it all and go further afield than your local area (or even abroad) to find a spa resort when you can relieve stress and be pampered for a few days, so that you can return to your usual everyday life feeling refreshed and raring to go again.

Health farms used to be unfairly categorised as simply being weight-loss farms special places people could go to try to lose weight through drastic dieting and exercise over the course of, say, a week, a month, or even longer. These days, however, health farms offer so much more than weight-loss orientated treatments.

At a health farm, you can enjoy a whole range of treatments which are intended to relieve stress and promote a greater sense of wellbeing. The way in which a health farm may differ from a health spa or health spa retreat is by perhaps having a more fitness orientated approach. Visitors to a health farm can expect a more disciplined atmosphere, with things such as goal-setting and monitoring of progress being put in place from Day One.

As well as adopting a healthier lifestyle, what else can I do to relieve stress and feel better overall?

As well adopting good time management, powerful ways to relieve stress quickly include:

Deep breathing this does not have to be in a health & fitness environment. Deep breathing can be done just about anywhere. Whatever you are doing, try taking deep breaths and exhaling slowing and in a measured way. Straighten your back and really fill your lungs. Then breathe out slowly. This will not only help to relieve stress, but it will also give you a sense of having greater control over whatever you are doing, your day, even your life overall

If you can, stop what you are doing and go for a walk. Even if going for a walk means leaving one room at home for another (!), do it. This will help to relieve stress. If you can get out into the fresh air and the sunshine for a while, that s even better.

Do some gardening. For people of all ages, this is proven as being therapeutic and a good way to relieve stress.

Listen to some music, dance, sing, smile All this will help to relieve stress and make you feel better overall (about your day, about life in general )

Laugh. It s true, worldwide research has shown that laughter is one of the best stress relievers of them all. Why not keep a joke book on your desk or in your bag? Go to your local library or video shop and rent a comedy film on DVD every once in a while. Meet up with friends and strive to keep the conversation light-hearted Smiling and laughter actually releases feel good chemicals in the body and brain which can boost morale and impact positively on your overall outlook.

How can I help others?

Share your knowledge. Through doing so you could really help another person who is looking for high-end health & fitness options.

Also, tell them about the Chemist Online Health & Fitness Centre! The wealth of useful and up-to-the-minute information available here is changing people s lives every day for the better.

Let s summarise now and then look at some suggestions for further learning through this website.


Through reading this article in Zone 2 of the Centre you have learnt about the roles of personal trainers, dieticians and life coaches, and how they can help you to get the most from your health & fitness journey. You also gained a deeper understanding into how to manage stress. And you have found out all about health spas, health spa resorts and health farms luxury, stress-busting environments which offer sanctuary miles from the hustle and bustle of a thriving office or a tension-filled boardroom.

Now learn more!

To find out even more about how adopting a healthier lifestyle can impact positively on your life, please click on any of these links:

Talk to your doctor first

Plan your way to

feeling great

Setting realistic goals

Then where to start?Your health & fitness planWhy the body

needs time to recover

All information on the Chemist Online Health and Fitness website is for information only. Always consult your GP before undertaking any form of weight loss, fitness or exercise.

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Submitted by: Sam A. Belnavis

Every year, we all become well-meaning and go about making resolutions that are destined for failure because we do not have a plan of attack. Here are 5 tips which may be just what the doctor ordered to help you in your quest to lose weight and get fit.

You have just signed up for that super platinum gym membership… or not, but you have decided to start your workout regimen to lose some weight and get healthier for 2012. Every year, we all become well-meaning and go about making resolutions that are destined for failure because we do not have a plan of attack. Here are 5 tips which may be just what the doctor ordered to help you in your quest to lose weight.

1. To begin with, you have to set realistic weight loss goals, both short and long term. The ideal fitness goals for you must be attainable, especially in the short term to create some successes which will motivate you for the longer term goals.

Remember that you did not gain weight overnight, so don’t expect lose it within a short period. Your body will burn fat at varying rates depending on your metabolism. Some weeks you will lose more than others but over the long haul, you should average about 2 pounds per week.


2. Be specific. How much weight do you want to lose by the end of the year (12 months)? How many pounds (a specific number) do you want to lose? This is your ultimate weight loss goal. How do you get there? Divide your specific number by 12 (12 months) and that’s your goal per month. Divide that result by 4 and that’s your weekly goal. Now, forget about your 12 month goal and focus on the weekly number that is more manageable.

Question: How do you eat an elephant? Answer: One bite at a time. The key is bite-size pieces. Get my drift?

3. It is most important to find a “why” …the reason you want to lose the weight. It must be your why and nobody else’s. You are doing this for you. It’s not enough to say that being overweight is an unhealthy condition. That’s too clinical. It must be EMOTIONAL and PERSONAL.

There is a paradox in that making it personal, may involve other important people in your life, such as a spouse, kids or grand kids.

Making it emotional and personal will undoubtedly motivate you to follow through to your stated weight loss goal.

4. You need to write down your goals which should include milestones, which in your case would be weight loss and due dates. If you just keep it in your head, it becomes only a wish. It is also important to post it where you can see it at all times and someone, whom you trust, could be a workout buddy, must know about your goals so you can be accountable to someone other than yourself.

5. Find someone to be accountable to during your quest. This should be someone whom you trust to get you up when you don’t feel like working out or call when you feel that you are straying from the planned path. This person will be that little guy on your shoulder reminding you why you are doing what you are doing.

Your good health is the most important gift you can give to yourself and your loved ones. It is, therefore, your responsibility to ensure that you deliver. You will need some help in that regard. It is always easier to follow in the footsteps of someone who has gone before. The Ideal Fitness System is a blueprint you can use to achieve your fitness goals.

Your quest to lose weight should not be too stressful which would be counterproductive because stress does produce the chemical, cortisol which contributes to weight gain around the mid-section. Rather endeavor to make it fun which will encourage you to persevere to the end. Your mantra should be FUN… FUN… and more FUN.

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byAlma Abell

Being able to Find Roofing Contractors in Dutchess County, New York does not need to be a stressful situation. In many cases, if you find yourself needing a roofing contractor in the first place, you are probably pretty stressed about the entire situation. For one thing, many people find out they need a new roof or a repair to their existing roof because they discover unexpected water in their home that could only have gotten there through a breach in their roof.


Fortunately, many people, to their great relief, find out that they do not need an entire roof. After being able to Find Roofing Contractors in Dutchess County, New York, such as Superior Exterior Contracting, and making an appointment for the company to come out and assess the roof, many homeowners discover that their roof needs only to be patched up. This procedure costs far less than a new roof and takes a great deal less time and disruption to their typical routine.

When looking for a contractor to assess the roof of a home, the home owner must exercise caution. Checking with your neighbors who have recently had work completed on their own homes could net a recommendation, as could speaking with family members. It is still important, however, to complete your own research into the names of roofing contractors you have been given.

You will want to call your local Better Business Bureau to rule out the possibility of a slew of complaints against the company. In addition, you should make sure that the company has a sufficient amount of insurance and that it is bonded before you allow them to complete any work on your home. Another consideration to think about before you sign any paperwork for them to begin working on your home is to ensure that you have a detailed estimate in hand. While this estimate is not set in stone, it does give you a general idea of the costs and services covered. The contractor should get your approval before making any changes to the estimate such as added costs, materials or the time that is estimated to complete the job.