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By Adriana J. Noton

The words ski condos evokes a collection of positive memories for a lot of people who remember family outings, college parties, or even a honeymoon. Nothing brings people together like a snow vacation where kids and adults alike can frolic in a winter wonderland. A vacation in the snow is a perfect way to spend the thanksgiving or Christmas holiday.

A mountain resort community is a great place to own property because one can use the property year round or rent the property out and create a steady flow of positive cash flow. In the summer, when there is no snow on the ground to snowboard on, there is still a lot to do mountain resort communities. There is hiking, camping, fishing, and water skiing, to keep the most ardent outdoor enthusiast, occupied.

Mountain communities are protected by land use controls, environmental groups, and water shed rights, that help keep the resorts in pristine condition. Such land use controls protect the communities from over development and the pollution that over development brings. Resort towns keep their quaint village like appeal because of government regulation which helps preserve land value.


Most resort towns are run by corporations and not by mom and pop businesses as in the past. This means that there is more quality control involved and everything from chair lifts to restaurants are more customer oriented than in the past. When the town is being run as a professional business, the surrounding land is going to appreciate in value.

Resort towns today attract a more affluent clientele because resort towns provide top notch service which means that the resort towns are not subject to down times throughout the year as they once were when mom and pop enterprises ran the towns. Since the resorts towns are not affected by recessions or economic down times, property values tend to appreciate. The most important aspect of any type of real estate investment is land value appreciation.

Mountain resorts are not just for those who go skiing but are for those who love to snow board. People who enjoy snow boarding are those who also enjoy ocean surfing because snow boarding is a lot like ocean surfing. Snow boarding, like ocean surfing looks easy, but takes practice before mastering. But, anyone with basic athletic ability can learn how to ride their snow board down the snow slopes. The most important element of good snow boarding is balance because one must maintain a balanced center of gravity in order to maintain control.

Good snow boarders have ample endurance because it takes endurance and leg strength to ride the snow board down the hill and climb up for another run down the hill. Snow boarding is certainly great exercise. Advanced snow boarders are able to launch themselves into the air and turn in the air and land flat on the snow slopes.

Mountain resorts offer visitors and land owners the chance to participate in many recreational activities. Ski condos are a great real estate investment because mountain resort property tends to appreciate in value. Mountain resorts, as a business, attract affluent clientele and are generally recession free.

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Unleash the Historical Heritage of India



Exploring India and Indian destinations has been one of the most adventurous aspects of travel as each and every state has its own story to concoct. While some people visit for the sake of enjoying the rich scenic beauty of India whereas others feel the necessity to experience the cultures of different countries. But amongst many in this crowd are those people who seriously visit India to see the rich cultural aspects of various states and cities.

In this quest to unleash the historical heritage of India, a visit to the great and classic City Of Royals , that is, Rajasthan is worth an experience. The Classical Rajasthan Tour drives to on an adventurous search to various great places in and around this city. Right from enjoying the camel rides of Rajasthan to visiting the massive forts and palaces, the place in its truest sense brings back life and excitement within every visitor.

The Classical Rajasthan Tours ensures that you visit some of the best places like Mandawa where the historic caravans can still be seen as they have been operating since a long decade. Also, the mirror work craftsmanshisp of Mandawa is worth a glace and it has been seen that most tourists feel spell bounded after visiting this place. While talking of


Forts & Palaces Tours

, some of the popular places include Hanuman Prasad Goenka, Double Haveli, Murmuria Haveli, Gulab Rai Ladia Haveli and Bansidhar Newatia Haveli. These magnificent forts have brilliant sight -seeing opportunities and follow a unique pattern of ornamentation.

Additionally, on the journey to Bikaner, another popular destination, the Junagarh Fort along with Camel Breeding Farms makes one experience life at its very best. Next destination includes Jaisalmer where once again the Mehrangarh Fort has created a marvelous impact on the visitors and as you climb up the fort there are some local shops which offer traditional gift items and other unique accessories.

In a place like

Camel Safari Tour

, safaris is a huge craze and the tour package includes a safari down to Bishnoi village where the tribal natives are so welcoming and full of warmth that it makes you feel so pleasurable all throughout the trip. Near to this is Ranakpur, which is also a pilgrimage for the Jains. It has a famous Adinath temple which has 1444 pillars.

Soon after visiting to these destinations, some of the other places which are shown during the trip include Udaipur, Jaipur, Kota, Bijapur etc. Thus, see the story of India s rich cultural heritage

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