July 5, 2018 · Earthmoving Equipment

byAlma Abell

When the heat of the summer sun shines down, it leads to excessive temperatures and causes humidity levels to go through the roof, leading many people to retreat to the safety and comfort of an air-conditioned building. If a home does not have a central AC system, it will most likely cause the interior of the building to become incredibly hot and stuffy and leave those inside uncomfortable. Air conditioning installation in Sylvania OH will help to keep a home cool, and the following is a brief overview of what is involved in the process.

Duct System Installation


As the air is treated by the system, it is then dispersed throughout a network of ductwork, which ensures that each room in a home is maintained at a comfortable temperature. If an existing duct system is not present, then the technicians will first need to install one. They will work with any attic or basement space to run the ductwork, and slimline systems allow them to fit new equipment in an existing structure easily.

Air Handler and Compressor Placement

The next phase of installation involves placement of the air handler and the exterior compressor unit. The air handler is what moves the air throughout a home, while the compressor is what pressurizes the coolant liquid that then cools the air. Though the technician will be somewhat limited by the size of the units, it is essential for the homeowner to make any requests relating to where the items will be positioned before the start of Air Conditioning Installation in Sylvania OH.

Electrical Connections and System Testing

After all of the mechanical components are in place, an electrician will then be contracted to connect the devices to the main electrical panel. In some cases, they may have to install a dedicated breaker to ensure the equipment has an adequate voltage load to operate without issue. Once all of the items are connected and powered on, the technicians will do a complete system check and ensure the system is working as intended.

Installation of a new AC system is a great way to keep a home comfortable all summer long. The experts at A1 Heating and Home Improvement have more than 20 years of experience repairing and installing both commercial and residential systems. Contact us today to learn more and schedule to get an AC system installation quote.

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