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By Kawafang Tivida

If your garden is not attacked by the pests, the gardening is easy. In fact, the gardening is not easy. There are a lot of factors that will harmful your garden. The most important factor is the pests.

The pests may be prevented by the garden cleanliness. Like the human, they will protect the illness by the healthful conditions.

You should to plan about How to keeping the pests down?. The earthworms will stir up the soil. This makes the soil to contact the water and air for all times. The insect is the best feed of the bird. Some insects will harmful the other insects, too. The toads are the wonderful insect hunter. They will eat a lot of small insects all day. They are the best friend of your garden.

You should try to change your garden to the attractive garden for the birds and toads. You must have the bird house, the water place and the sprinkle in your garden especially in spring. The bird will stay in your garden. In the hot summer, the toads will rest in the cool shadow in day time and they will ready to hunt in the night time. You need to help the toads by set up the suitable place for them. Putting the vary size of stones under the shade or in the cool and damp area is the good idea. The toads like in live in the dark, cool, quiet and damp area.


If we classified the insect class by the working of them, there are 2 kinds of the insects.

The first kind is the insect who gnaw at the plant. They will use the fit mouth like the grasshoppers and caterpillars.

The second kind is the insect who suck the juice from the plant like the plant lice. Their work is similar to the mosquito work. The mosquito will prey on the people. If there is a lot of this insect type on the plant, the plant will die by the sucking.

The certain insecticide is directly attacking the insects. It is sprayed on the plants. It will fall upon the insects. So they will die by the absorption of the poison into the body.

If your garden is attacked by the underground insects, the ant hills will covered your garden. This is the good idea. But you should be careful about the undesired problems.

The plant lice are the most common insect. The colors of the plant lice are red, yellow, green or brown. But most of them are green. They will suck the plant by cling close to the part of the plant. It is not too hard to find them.

The rose bushes are attacked by the rose slugs. Their characteristics are the soft bodies; the bodys color is green and yellow. They eat all the leaves of the rose.

The melons and squash leaves are damaged by the beetles. They eat the leaves by left the holes in it. The color of the beetles back is black with yellow stripes. The tomato worm is the common pest in the vegetable garden. It will eat the young fruits. It is the yellow and green worm.

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