Looted, possibly contaminated body parts transplanted into USA, Canadian patients
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Monday, March 20, 2006

Fears of contaminated bone and skin grafts are being felt by unsuspecting patients following the revelation that funeral homes may have been looting corpses.

Janet Evans of Marion Ohio was told by her surgeon, “The bone grafts you got might have been contaminated”. She reacted with shock, “I was flabbergasted because I didn’t even know what he was talking about. I didn’t know I got a bone graft until I got this call. I just thought they put in screws and rods.”

The body of Alistair Cooke, the former host of “Masterpiece Theatre,” was supposedly looted along with more than 1,000 others, according to two law enforcement officials close to the case. The tissue taken was typically skin, bone and tendon, which was then sold for use in procedures such as dental implants and hip replacements. According to authorities, millions of dollars were made by selling the body parts to companies for use in operations done at hospitals and clinics in the United States and Canada.

A New Jersey company, Biomedical Tissue Services, has reportedly been taking body parts from funeral homes across Brooklyn, New York. According to ABC News, they set up rooms like a “surgical suite.” After they took the bones, they replaced them with PVC pipe. This was purportedly done by stealth, without approval of the deceased person or the next of kin. 1,077 bodies were involved, say prosecuters.

Investagators say a former dentist, Michael Mastromarino, is behind the operation. Biomedical was considered one of the “hottest procurement companies in the country,” raking in close to $5 million. Eventually, people became worried: “Can the donors be trusted?” A tissue processing company called LifeCell answered no, and issued a recall on all their tissue.

Cooke’s daughter, Susan Cooke Kittredge, said, “To know his bones were sold was one thing, but to see him standing truncated before me is another entirely.” Now thousands of people around the country are receiving letters warning that they should be tested for infectious diseases like HIV or hepatitis. On February 23, the Brooklyn District Attorney indicted Mastromarino and three others. They are charged with 122 felony counts, including forgery and bodysnatching.

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This is the category for Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

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  • 21 November 2016: Senior UK politicians talk at Confederation of British Industry conference
  • 2 October 2016: UK Prime Minister Theresa May plans to trigger article 50 by end of March next year
  • 19 July 2016: ARM to be bought by SoftBank
  • 11 July 2016: Theresa May to become UK Prime Minister as opposition begins leadership election
  • 9 May 2015: Conservatives win majority in 2015 UK general election
  • 30 April 2014: UK government announce police stop-and-search powers rethink
  • 18 October 2013: UK politicians weigh in as ‘Plebgate’ affair reopens
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byAlma Abell

It is not simply about choosing the right Entry Doors in Washington DC, but also about choosing the right colors. The entry door is one of the first parts of the home visitors see. A good color complements the overall style of the home, makes a positive impact and improves the home’s curb appeal. Choosing the right color can, however, be a difficult task. There are so many ideas to consider, including ones you have seen and ones you envision. With a little help, you should be able to choose the perfect color you are going to be happy with.

When choosing the color for Entry Doors in Washington DC, it is best to start with the basics. If you have no idea where to start, the color wheel should give you great inspiration for choosing the perfect color and shade for your entry door. Look at the color schemes available and pick an option you are happy with. Monochromatic, for example, represents a single color in different shades. Contrast points to three colors on the color wheel that are evenly spaced apart. Analogous on the other hand are colors on the color wheel that are next to each other.

Another important factor you will need to keep in mind is the personality and style of your home. There are certain factors to keep in mind when mixing and matching colors. In the end, however, your home will determine the “rules” of mixing and matching colors for your entry door. Some of the things to keep in mind in this case include the style, materials and their inherent colors, surrounding landscape and the overall effect that you hope to achieve.

Lastly, consider using your entry door to make a statement. You may choose to make a subtle or direct impact with the color of your front door. Darker hues are somber, while lighter alternatives are more playful. A brighter hue reflects energy, while a more traditional feel can be achieved by subdued hues. Ultimately, an expert vendor can help you choose the right type and color for Entry Doors in Washington DC. Master Seal Online are just some of the experts that you can contact for a professional opinion and subsequent installation. The choice is yours, so keep in mind what you like and what you don’t like.

Chinese activist severely beaten by “mob”
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Monday, October 10, 2005

Guardian journalist Benjamin Joffe-Walt has claimed to have witnessed democracy activist Lu Banglie beaten “lifeless” by a mob on Saturday night. Joffe-Walt and Lu were in a taxi attempting to enter the villiage of Taishi, which the journalist described as “the hotspot of the growing rural uprisings in China”.

According to Mr Joffe-Walt, their car was surrounded by a group of about 30 men. When the men recognised Mr Lu, “… they completely lost it. They pulled him out and bashed him to the ground, kicked him, pulverised him, stomped on his head over and over again. The beating was loud, like the crack of a wooden board, and he was unconscious within 30 seconds. They continued for 10 minutes. The body of this skinny little man turned to putty between the kicking legs of the rancorous men.”

Mr Lu was later found to have survived but suffered serious injuries. Mr Lu has told the Guardian that he was battered unconscious and later driven hundreds of miles to his home town where he is now recuperating. Civil rights lawyers said they were considering a legal case against his attackers, thought to be a group of thugs hired by the local authorities to put down an anti-corruption campaign against the chief of Taishi village.

Study says to clean your sponge, microwave it

Study says to clean your sponge, microwave it
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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Studies done on germs and bacteria performed by researchers at the University of Florida show that a dirty kitchen sponge can be cleaned and “sterilized” by microwaving it for 2 minutes, but researchers warn to wet the sponge first.

“People often put their sponges and scrubbers in the dishwasher, but if they really want to decontaminate them and not just clean them, they should use the microwave,” said the professor who was in charge of the study that discovered the results, Gabriel Bitton.

“Basically what we find is that we could knock out most bacteria in two minutes. The microwave is a very powerful and an inexpensive tool for sterilization,” added Bitton.

The sponges that researchers studied, were placed in “raw wastewater” and then put into a microwave to be “zapped,” according to Bitton. The wastewater was a “witch’s brew of fecal bacteria, viruses, protozoan parasites and bacterial spores, including Bacillus cereus spores,” said Bitton.

Researchers say that at least 99% of the bacteria, viruses, spores and parasites in kitchen spongees can be destroyed or “inactivated” by simply microwaving the wet sponge, on the highest power, for two minutes.

Review Of Available Sh SA T Practice Tests

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By Jessie Mathisen

The most essential tool any student needs to study for the SHSAT is high quality practice tests. There are quite a few sample SHSATs available, but they were not all created equal. Some are easier than the actual exam and a few are riddled with errors. Others are very high quality. There are four brands of SHSAT practice book readily available in most large New York City bookstores and several brands of test available online. The gold standard for practice tests are the two tests that are written by New York City and given to every student who registers for the SHSAT. In this article, I will review each one of these resources.

Kaplan has an SHSAT book that is published under at least two separate names. One is Kaplan New York City Specialized High School Admissions Test and another is Kaplan SHSAT Advanced Prep. A spot check suggested that these two books are identical. The Kaplan book has two full length practice tests and is written at an appropriate level of difficulty. Unfortunately, it also has quite a few errors. In particular, many of the scrambled paragraphs are poorly constructed and don’t necessarily have a single correct answer. If you use this book, I would recommend skipping the scrambled paragraphs and only using it to study for the other portions of the test.

The Peterson’s/Arco book is also published under more than one cover. It is even more confusing than the Kaplan book because it sometimes seems to be published by Peterson’s and other times seems to be published by Arco. Although the covers are quite different, the interior of the books appears to be identical. The title is Master the New York City Specialized High School Admissions Test and it is a clean book, with few errors. Unfortunately, it is not as challenging as it should be. Also, it doesn’t have a single full-length test. It does have 10 half-length tests, which make good supplemental study materials, but I do not recommend using them as a primary study tool. (As an aside, the Peterson’s/Arco book also contains practice material for the Hunter College High School admissions test. These tests are of very low quality- they do not accurately reflect the content of the Hunter test.)

The Princeton Review book, called Cracking the New York City Specialized High School Admissions Test, has only one full length test. The test is fairly good, but a student who seriously wants to raise his or her score will certainly need more materials. A large portion of this book consists of test taking tips and techniques. While the techniques themselves are solid (and in line with the techniques suggested in other publications) I find the tone unnecessarily snarky.

YouTube Preview Image

Of all the books available in bookstores, my favorite is the Barron’s, called Barron’s New York City SHSAT: Specialized High School Admissions Test. It has four mini-tests (half the length of the actual exam) and three full length tests. It is also the only book with a ninth grade mathematics supplement, which is a valuable tool for students seeking admission to the 10th grade. I like the Barron’s book because it is substantial, challenging, and contains few errors.

In addition to the tests available in bookstores, there are materials available online. Peterson’s has made three mini-tests available on line, but they are also included in the print book. Unless you can’t get to a bookstore and are in a big hurry, buying the physical book makes much more sense.

New York Academics, a tutoring agency which I own, has SHST tests available online. As of the fall of 2009, we are offering two full length, downloadable tests, with more planned for the future. These tests have been painstakingly written and edited to make sure that they accurately reflect the actual SHSAT in content and difficulty. I may be biased, but I don’t think any commercially available test surpasses the ones that New York Academics offers.

Another company that sells practice tests online is called PrepMate. They offer a package of 10 tests, which they deliver by mail. Since I am not familiar with this particular company, I was hesitant to give them my credit card information, so I sent them an email inquiring about the possibility of arranging a face-to-face purchase. Unfortunately, they did not respond. For this reason, I can not comment directly on the quality of their materials.

I hesitate to include the publication SHSAT Exam Secrets in this review, because it does not contain any practice tests. No full length tests, no half length tests, nothing! Please, don’t bother with this publication.

Of course, the gold standard for SHSAT practice tests is the tests that the New York City Department of Education gives to students who have registered for the exam. Since these tests are made by the people who make the real test, they are the most accurate representation of what the test is actually like. Better yet, they are free. (As far as I know, these are the only free tests available.) All students who plan to take the SHSAT should take these practice tests.

About the Author: At New York Academics, we carefully evaluate each student and tailor SHSAT Test Prep lessons to meet the specific needs of the individual. New York Academics also offer nyc math tutoring in your home, office, or in a public place.

Source: isnare.com

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Australian treasurer attacks opposition leader’s tax question error

Australian treasurer attacks opposition leader’s tax question error
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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

File:AUS$20 John Flynn.jpg

The ability of Australian opposition leader, Kevin Rudd to run the country’s economy has been questioned by the Government after he made an error responding to a question on Australia’s current tax system today. Speaking in Queanbeyan, New South Wales earlier today, Mr Rudd was asked if he could name the current tax rates and the thresholds at which they kick in.

Mr Rudd said that he thought the top tax rate started at AUD$175,000. In fact, Australia’s top taxation rate begins at $150,000. “Well, as of July 1, if you went through the four thresholds, I think the high threshold kicks in I think at $175,000, then I think it cascades down the spectrum,” Mr Rudd told reporters.

Australian treasurer Peter Costello, who introduced the tax threshold changes, has seized on the opposition leader’s uncertainty, claiming that “he has never cared about economic policy, he has no interest in it,” he said.

Treasurer Costello claimed: “He was exposed as a fraud on productivity and we don’t hear him talking about productivity very much anymore.

“Now he has been exposed as being naked when it comes to understanding the tax system.”

Mr Costello demanded that the opposition release their taxation policy. “Since the Labor Party demands an election to be called on a daily basis, you would think they might have the decency of releasing a policy so that people can know what it is,” said Costello.

A Federal election is expected in Australia in the next three months and the Coalition Government is trailing the Opposition by ten percentage points on a two-party preferred basis.

2007/08 German Bundesliga: New boys send Bayern to top of table

2007/08 German Bundesliga: New boys send Bayern to top of table
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Saturday, August 11, 2007Munich, Germany

Bayern Munich 3 0 Hansa Rostock

Match Stats
Attendance 69,000 (Capacity)
Goalscorers for Bayern Munich Toni (14′), Klose (66′ & 85′)
Goalscorers for Hansa Rostock None
Bookings (Bayern Munich) None
Bookings (Hansa Rostock) Beinlich, Orestes, Stein (Yellow (3))

The 69,000 capacity crowd at the Allianz Arena of football (soccer) fans watched Bayern pummel the Rostock goal to go top of the table.

The match was academic after Klose’s 66th minute goal when Rostock keeper Stefan Wächter spilled a Philipp Lahm shot and when he also took his career 1.Bundesliga total to 99 goals with a header in the 85th minute.

The victory gave Bayern an early advantage over Stuttgart, Schalke and Werder Bremen, who finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively last season.

NZ man stabbed in the face with a 15-centimetre knife

NZ man stabbed in the face with a 15-centimetre knife
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Friday, July 7, 2006

A 36-year-old man, who is yet to be named, is undergoing surgery after an attacker lodged a knife through one cheek and out the other. The handle broke off, leaving the 15-cm (about 6 inches) blade inside him. The man was rushed to hospital today, July 7, at about 2 a.m. NZST. The attack occurred last night after a domestic row in Albany on Auckland‘s North Shore.

New Zealand Police report that the knife just missed his optic nerve and his condition is stable and not life threatening.

John Chaplin, head and neck surgeon said, “the man could be treated relatively simply. The major blood vessels of the head were further back in the neck and the knife could be relatively easily removed in an operating theatre where bleeding could be controlled.”

The police have issued an arrest warrant for Vance Paraki Tuheke, 31-year-old, in relation to the attack.

The victim may suffer from some facial numbness.

Number of Zimbabwe cholera deaths nears 500

Number of Zimbabwe cholera deaths nears 500
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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A cholera outbreak in the African country of Zimbabwe has killed almost 500 people since August, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO said that the outbreak affected most areas of the country, and that some remote areas had seen fatality rates increase by as much as 30%. Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Health reported 484 deaths from 11,735 cases since the outbreak began.

Zimbabwe has had annual outbreaks of cholera for nearly a decade, but this one was the most far-reaching. A report by the WHO stated that the last large outbreak was in 1992, with 3,000 cases recorded.

Cholera is frequently spread by contaminated, untreated water. The spread of the disease was expedited by the collapse of Zimbabwe’s health and sanitation systems; state media reported that most of Harare has been left without water after the city ran out of chemicals for its treatment plant. A resident of Mabvuku, a suburb located east of Harare, told APTV that electricity is not available most of the time, so water is consumed without being boiled first.

The medical charity Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) said that there have been cases of cholera reported in areas of Botswana, Mozambique, and South Africa that border Zimbabwe, indicating the sub-regional threat of the outbreak. The South African ministry of health confirmed that they had 160 incidents of cholera reported, as well as three deaths.

The European Commission said that it was providing 9 million (US$11.4 million) in funds to assist Zimbabwe with the crisis. “I’m shocked at the deteriorating humanitarian crisis in Zimbabwe and call upon the authorities there to respond quickly to this cholera outbreak by allowing full assistance from international humanitarians and regional partners,” said the commissioner responsible for the European Union’s humanitarian aid, Louis Michel.

Other agencies providing aid to the country include the United Nations Children’s Fund, the WHO, and Doctors Without Borders.