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byAlma Abell

It takes a lot of courage to go through the process of Giving a child up for adoption in Oklahoma City. It can be a very emotional and trying time. However, if you choose to go through a Christian adoption agency, they will help provide you with the emotional and physical support that you need to get through the adoption process.

The adoption agency will provide you with birth parent counseling services. They will help you come to a decision about how you want to handle your unplanned pregnancy. If you choose adoption, they will help prepare you emotionally for the adoption process. If you’re a minor, they will also meet with your parents, as well as the father of the child and his parents to prepare him for the adoption process.

Once you decide on adoption, the adoption agency will evaluate your financial situation. They will help with any expenses that are legal and court approved to ensure a safe pregnancy for both you and the baby. The adoption agency will make sure that you get the medical help that you need and will be there for you throughout the pregnancy.

You will be able to choose who adopts your child. If you go through a Christian adoption agency, they will sit down with you and go through potential adoptive parents. All of their potential adoptive parents will be Christians who belong to and are active in their church. Additionally, all of these potential adoptive parents will have gone through intensive criminal background checks as well as a home investigation. Each potential adoptive family is fully vetted before you choose one to place your child with.

You will be able to decide if you want to keep in contact with the adoptive parents after Giving a child up for adoption. You can even receive letters and pictures from them about your child if you so choose.

Giving a child up for adoption in Oklahoma City area is not an easy decision. However, if you choose to pursue this route, a Christian adoption agency will provide you with birth parent counseling services and they will make sure that you are taken care of during your pregnancy. They will even help you pick out pre-screened adoptive parents for your child. They will be there for you and with you every step of the way.

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My promise to you is a safe, gentle, hygienic & stress free experience for your pooch!

The Benefits Of Dog Grooming

dog groomers in perthis essential for both your dog’s good looks and his health. However, doing these tasks at home may be complicated, so you might want to consider the benefits of professional dog washing perth

With proper dog grooming northern suburbs, you can eliminate mats, ticks, fleas, shedding, and stop other severe health conditions developing that you may have had no idea about. So, fret no more because we are giving you an in-depth look at how important and beneficial regular grooming is.

Detection and Prevention

Going to aprofessional dog groomer northern suburbs will benefit your dog very much so. It’s the best way to detect any problems that your dog might have, and early detection is very important as if you catch it early treatment is likely to be shorter and easier – of course depending on what it is.

Our dog grooming salon quinns rocks will look for rashes, lesions, inflammation, lumps, or infections that any normal dog owner could miss. You’ll be able to prevent any major health conditions or catch an underlying problem, which you might have had no idea about.


Maintaining a Healthy Coat and Fur

Maintaining a healthy coat and fur for your dog means that you have to groom them frequently. They can’t just jump into the shower and clean themselves as we can.

Plus, it’s not even ideal to give them a regular bath. Regular bathing will cause their natural oil to fall out, and it will also damage their coat.

What you can do is brush them. Any responsible and seasoned dog owner will know that brushing your dog benefits them greatly. It will help to avoid mats in their fur. They can make the hair knot up, or pull on their tight skin, which will cause them discomfort and pain.

Mats can also cause ulcers and abrasions. Brushing will bring out the natural oils in the fur and remove any dead hair, dirt, and dandruff. Your dog will have a healthier shine to their coat and will also feel healthy themselves.

Whilst brushing your dog is great it is also useful to comb them through with a fine comb as this can reveal fleas that you maynot be aware of.

Taking Care of their Nails

When it comes to grooming, you must not forget about their nails. Uncut nails can lead to joint pain, as it means the dog may not be walking with pads in alignment. This is quite a common problem in dogs. Trimmed nails will keep them from curling, and will stop germs from getting stuck in there.

If you do decide to do this, invest in some proper nail clippers that are made especially for dogs. This will make cutting their nails much easier and will also make it less painful for your dog. If you are nervous about this ask your vet for advice.

Benefits of Regular Grooming and Brushing

Having a well-groomed, clean, and nice smelling dog around the house means that your house will be less likely to have bad odours gathering in your home. Regular grooming also causes less shedding from your dog.

You don’t have to vacuum clean your house every day if you keep up with the grooming. You’re also eliminating and preventing fleas and ticks from settling in as well.

The best part is, a good brushing session will make you bond with your dog, and who doesn’t love creating good memories with their dogs?

Positive Behaviour

The most important part aboutregular dog grooming is that it affects your dog’s mental health as well. A good looking, good smelling dog with a nice haircut will make your dog feel

This can affect their mental state and thus their behaviour as well.

Come to Bubbly Paws #1 Dog Groomer In Quinns Rocks

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The exterior surfaces of a house are constantly under attack by harsh natural and man-made elements which, if not removed, will eventually be the cause of surface degradation. As the surface discolors, corrodes and chalks, it loses curb appeal and potentially the value will drop.

A house is subjected to the harmful effects of the sun, rain, wind and man-made pollutants. Nature doesn’t help either; insects, bird droppings, mold and mildew, everything adds up to a slow, steady decay of your most valuable asset.

There are ways to fight the elements, one of which is pressure washing in Clarksville TN; there are numerous benefits that make having it done a good investment.

  • Upholds the value of your property:

There is no better way to maintain, and in many cases, increase the value of your property. It is more than just appearance, the exterior surface material will last longer when it has been freed of contaminates.

  • Your home looks better:

If you are planning to sell your home, pressure washing the exterior is a great way to increase its curb appeal. When the exterior surface is as clean as the inside of the home it will increase interest in the property and certainly make a good impression on potential buyers.

  • Prevents premature aging:

A house has to be kept in good shape; any homeowner will tell you that maintaining their property in tip-top shape is a full time job. When it comes to surface of the house you have two choices; elbow grease or pressure washing in Clarksville TN.

When you keep the outside looking good it will make you feel better, prouder of the house that you call home. It is not just the house; power washing is an excellent way to maintain the patio, walks and driveway.

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By Jeff Craft

The natural gas industry in Wyoming is booming and job postings aren’t hard to find. If you have training and/or experience in construction, can drive a truck, or are a skilled tradesperson, you can find many opportunities in the natural gas industry.

The fact that there are lots of jobs available is the good news. The bad news is that you can find a job in Wyoming readily enough, but finding a place to live is challenging, to say the least. Some companies will provide funds to rent a motel room for a short period of time (up to six weeks) to allow workers some time to find alternative accommodation and other companies house workers in “man camps” near the work site.

Any apartments available for rent are going at a premium price ($1,000.00 per month or more). It is recommended that if you decide to take an oil job in Wyoming that you make sure you have a place to stay before you arrive or that you have your name on a waiting list for rental accommodation. (Local real estate agents can help you with this.)

Opportunities for construction workers (roustabouts) in Wyoming natural gas fields pay well. You will need a high school diploma and one year of working experience to qualify for one of these positions, which start at $60,000 per year and go into six figures. In return for that salary, you will be expected to put in 60 hours per week.


If you don’t have previous experience in this area, many employers are willing to train applicants. The work involves general labor, operating equipment, installing fencing, and piping. Applicants must have a good command of the English language and pass a pre-employment drug and alcohol test.

Operators who can drive a water truck in the oil fields are also in demand. If you have a couple of years of experience driving a heavy truck, you are qualified for this type of position. You will be working a 40-hour week, and earning a minimum of $20.00 per hour.

Your training as an electrician can also help you find employment in Wyoming. Wages start at $20.00 per hour with a minimum of four years experience, and you will be required to provide your own tools.

Welders and mechanics can also find numerous employment opportunities working in the oil and gas industry in Wyoming. If you are working in a shop, you are looking at a wage rate of between $12.00 and $15.00 per hour. Once again, you will be expected to provide your own tools.

If this type of work appeals to you, how can you find out about available openings? If there is a specific company you are interested in working for, such as Shell, Exxon, Halliburton, or Questar, you can check their web site to see what types of work are available. In addition to the large companies, smaller companies who provide services related to pipelines, road building, trucking, communications, and more all need workers.

Checking the classified ads of local newspapers is a good way to find out who is hiring, and what positions are available. If you don’t live in the immediate area, online versions of the papers are available.

Oil job boards and industry web sites are also good places to look for work in Wyoming. Another option is to conduct some research to find out about local companies who may need someone with your qualifications. You may find available jobs posted on company web sites that are not listed on job boards. Just as with any other job search, do your homework and find out something about the companies you are applying to before you submit your resume.

About the Author: With the unemployment rate creeping up it’s important for people to know that

oilfield jobs

in the U.S. are available. Oil jobs pay well, provide benefits, and stability. Some positions, such as

petroleum engineering jobs

, require significant education while

roughneck jobs

do not.



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In today’s 24/7 world, social media enables organizations to communicate with millions of customers across the globe in real-time. For customers, this means they now have the power to either appreciate something or vent their issues in a very public space. What does this mean for marketers? With so much going on, a social media fiasco is sometimes unavoidable and unpredictable, signaling the need for a robust crisis management plan. Although most marketers have already incorporated social media into their marketing mix and are seeing great results, some of them have no strategic social media communications plan in place. According to the 2010 Digital Brand Expressions Social Media survey:

  • 52% companies do not have a social media crisis communications plan.
  • 41% said that they were insured against a possible social media crisis.
  • A whopping 88% felt that it was important to have a strategic social media communications plan in place.

While every company has its critics and unhappy customers, a smart marketer will always have a recovery plan to prevent a social media disaster from snowballing. As a marketer, you can never fully control what your customers say about your brand in the digital space; however, preparing yourself for a social media crisis will ensure you are not caught off guard. Here are some points to focus on while designing a crisis communications plan:

  • Identify the Crisis:

Before proceeding to the ‘what should I do’ stage, it is essential to a)fully understand the situation b) find out if the people who are talking about your brand are high influencers c) what is the medium being used and d) how is it affecting your company’s image. This can be best done by monitoring your brand on social media. By using social media monitoring tools such as brand monitor, you can also:

  • Listen to what your customers are saying.
  • Analyze the general sentiment pertaining to the issue (is it leaning towards negative or are people neutral in their opinion).
  • Chalk up the appropriate escalation plan.
  • Engage industry influencers to defend your brand if necessary: Online users tend to trust the influencers more than company officials. After tracking your influencers, the next step involves engaging with them to solve the problem.

The key purpose of crisis identification at an early stage via media monitoring is to be able to respond quickly. Keep in mind, in the digital space, your response time needs to be very quick. For instance, United Airlines’ delayed response to singer Dave Carroll’s YouTube complaint video reportedly cost the airline a 10% drop in its share price. Despite 50,000 views on YouTube, United responded by saying “We’re working to make what happened right.” According to industry experts, if a solid social media crisis management plan been in place, the airlines could have responded faster, saving the company from the loss and reputation damage.

  • Be Transparent:

The simplest way to win back customers’ trust is by being straightforward and coming clean. While it is easy to get defensive or hide behind ‘no comment’, this will not prevent fans and followers from continuing to talk about your brand. We believe that the first step to fixing a social media crisis is to admit it; it gives a humane touch. As discussed earlier, using influencers to diffuse a situation is a good first step; however, by getting someone relevant and important such as company Presidents and CEOs to respond is a smart move. Although today’s CEOs are no longer social media shy, a recent survey by public relations agency Weber Shandwick shows that they have some catching up to do. According to the survey:

  • 64% of CEOs are not using social media; only 36% have a social media presence.
  • 93% of them continue to depend on traditional methods to communicate with external audiences.
  • Many CEOs are in the 40-60 demographic, making them less social media savvy.

Why We Recommend Company Heads Get Involved

Several case studies involving important company officials who have successfully fixed a social media PR disaster show that:

  • Company heads engaging with unhappy customers wield high influence in the social media space.
  • Two-way dialogues involving important company officials send out a strong message that ‘we understand and apologize’.
  • CEOs owning up to an oversight and promising to fix it shows that the company cares.
  • By rapidly responding to a crisis through blogs, videos or other social platforms, CEOs dispel the myth of being ‘corporate executives sitting behind desks’.
  • Customers want to hear from a person who is real and is being honest and forthright with them.

Dominos’ quick, direct and personal response to a social media crisis involving its employees is the perfect example of how a company should handle emergency situations in the digital space. When two of its former employees uploaded YouTube videos of themselves doing unseemly things to food, customers and fans of the pizza giant started to question the hygiene standards that were being followed. Besides registering millions of views on YouTube, the video showed up in five out of 12 Google searches for “Dominos”. The company wasted no time in posting its response. The crisis management team at Dominos decided to tackle the situation by uploading their own YouTube video that featured their President; a wise move, for a press release explaining the situation would have only escalated the situation further. Instead of insisting that the video had nothing to do with the company’s hygiene policy, the President, J. Patrick Doyle, said that he was as ‘sickened’ as the customers and promised to shut the store and clean it completely. What restored customers’ faith in Dominos was the President’s honesty and the fact that he thanked customers for “sticking with us”.

Your customers know that everyone makes mistakes once in a while; what’s more important to them is to know how you are going to fix it. The key to handling a situation effectively is to have open, consistent flow of information.

  • Restoring your Reputation:

Although prevention is the best solution to manage a crisis, it is very natural for occasional slip-ups to happen. Restoring your company’s image after a social media disaster is crucial for getting back in the business. While it is true that a slip-up can impact customers’ perception, here are some suggestions to help revive your brand’s image in the digital space:

  • Have Seasoned Social Media Experts Handle a Crisis: Having a junior intern handle your social media activities simply because ‘they get social media’ may not always be the best approach. A well assembled social media disaster management team, comprising of a community manager, a PR and a senior management representative, ensures that your company is always prepared to successfully handle an unforeseen situation. Besides managing large amount of content and conversations online, the disaster management team will know a) when to respond b) what to say c) how much to say and d) when to remain silent. Social media experts know how to handle crisis without breaking sweat; and this is vital for restoring your company’s image online.
  • Turn Crisis into Opportunity: Yes! A PR crisis can be converted into positive online buzz. The most apt example in this case involves fashion retailer Gap and how the company turned its logo debacle into a social media opportunity. Instead of playing the blame game after their own version was severely criticized across Facebook and Twitter, Gap smartly decided to offer its fans the chance to redesign its logo online. By doing this, the company a) acknowledged the problem b) made customers feel involved c) shifted the focus from the actual issue by converting it into an exciting social media campaign and d) managed to improve its reputation.
  • Talk about it: By apologizing on Facebook or tweeting that you’re sorry, you have managed to mollify disgruntled fans; what next? Believe it or not, your customers want to hear what happened. Discussing the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of the situation shows that the PR representatives and social media experts are doing more than just their job. Using a personal, human voice when communicating via social media channels re-establishes trust with customers, making them believe that your company has more than just an organizational presence. Talking about an issue not only promotes trust and commitment, but also leads to a favorable brand image.


We believe that social media is a great platform for connecting with prospects and customers on a personal level; the flip-side though, is that networking channels also attract their share of online protests, customer complaints and negative feedback. In such cases, the best line of defense for online marketers is to design a comprehensive social media policy and crisis management plan. This not only prepares your company for any outward incidents, but also helps effectively respond to potential flare-ups. However, this does not mean you should live your social efforts in fear. A crisis management plan is like a safety net; it ensures that your company is insured against a PR meltdown online.

In today’s customer-driven world, fans have demonstrated greater ownership over social media. Smart marketers who have understood this know that they have little control over how their brands are perceived or what is being discussed about them in the digital space. As the above studies indicate, although a greater percentage of marketers do not have a social media communications plan in place, a majority of them are willing to consider developing one in the future. As quoted by Jeremiah Owyang, crisis planning helps you ‘plan and practice for the worst, yet live for the best’.

Article Source: sooperarticles.com/internet-articles/social-networking-articles/how-manage-social-media-crisis-38-design-communications-plan-524294.html

About Author:

Brand Monitor, 366 Cambridge Ave. Palo Alto, CA 94306 Phone: 650-618-8900 Toll-free (US): 800-725-5507 brandmonitor.position2.com/ Author: Mary Ann Johnson

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Outstanding Features Of Any Texas Ranch For Sale


Rey Courtnage

Texas is the ideal state for investing in a ranch. In your search for the ideal Texas ranch for sale, you have to be aware of two important features. These are soil and water; both of these are necessary for the productivity of the property. When buying a ranch, seek guidance from a ranch broker.

Browsing the internet, you will find a lot of ranch properties offered for sale by different real estate agents. And if you are one of the buyers, you can go online and browse the different sites. This is your initial step in being serious about your intent – you can also contact an experienced agent for further guidance.

There are different perceptions about what a ranch is. The first identification is cowboy. Whenever you talk about a cowboy, you are in essence referring to a ranch or vice versa. A ranch actually is a large property devoted to farming and raising different livestock like sheep, horse, cattle and goat. Its size can run from 10 to thousands of acres. This does not mean that there are no small cuts of land in Texas. When the area is less than 10 acres, the property is referred to as ranchette. There are ranches that are not used for grazing or livestock raising. These are dude ranches that accommodate guests. For a certain fee, the guests are allowed to experience and enjoy ranch life.


When you are a buyer of a Texas ranch for sale, there are certain features that you have to look for in your investment. Soil and water are very important assets of a Texas ranch for sale. Fertile soil will bring high yield. The plants will grow healthy and the grazing animals will have sufficient food. There are ways to detect the fertility of the soil; this can be tested scientifically. From the test, you will get the information on several nutrients present in the soil. The testing center will be able to give advice on what needs to be done to improve the soil. When buying the ranch, you can have the soil tested and decide whether you are satisfied with the condition of the soil.

Availability of water is very precious for effective production of a ranch. Clean and sufficient water will nourish the plants, the wildlife and the animals. When buying a ranch, check if there is river or lake or any source of continuous water. More than the natural source, a ranch with existing irrigation system is an added asset.

Having known the qualities of an ideal ranch, you be challenged to find the perfect Texas ranch for sale. You can go to a real estate agent and discuss the details of the property you are looking for. First and foremost, you have to be specific with your purpose. Is the ranch for livestock production or for recreational purpose? Or perhaps, you just want to use the property as dude ranch.

You also have to specify if you are residing full time in the ranch. If you don t but are planning to commute from your permanent house to the ranch, a different Texas ranch for sale qualification will be set. Your frequent travel will entail that the ranch is within accessible distance in order to minimize travel time. Remember that when you do not stay permanently in the ranch, you will need to hire a ranch staff to oversee the operation of your business.

When finding a real estate agent or broker, it is best to check first with specific ranch brokers. These kinds of people have more expertise than other agents. As an expert, a ranch broker can help you identify the right kind, size and location of the Texas ranch for sale.

The right way to buy a Texas ranch for sale is to hire the services of ranch agents or brokers. These are special Realtors who can be made available at duPerier Texas Land Man. You can easily contact the agency by going to texas-landman.com.

LandMan 601 Main Street/ PO Box 2066 Bandera Texas, 78003 Phone: 830-796-3018 Website: http://www.texas-landman.com/

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One of the most popular toys today is a remote control or RC toy. These toys allow a child to use a joystick or something similar to control the motions of the toy. The most common RC toy is a remote control vehicle. You can find these in just about every shape and size imaginable, from a tank to a motorcycle.

However, the one drawback to such a toy is often the price. These toys can range in value from under twenty dollars to several hundred dollars. There are a few ways you can save money on these toys and here are some tips to help you.

Visit the Mega Size Toy Stores

Many of the larger toy stores will buy products in bulk and pass their savings onto the customer. You will usually find a larger selection of RC toys as well. Most will have weekly or monthly sales and you can check the ads in your local paper to plan your shopping accordingly.

Shop During the Holidays

One of the best times to shop for remote control toys is during the holiday season. This is when all of the good sales happen and when quite a few newly released toys hit the market. There are always huge sales right after the holiday as well. This can be a great time to pick up a birthday present or two.

Visit a Hobby Store

Remote control toys arent just for kids. Many adults consider them a hobby and spend thousands of dollars each year on keeping up with the latest developments. The hobby stores that serve this segment of the population are a terrific place to look for these toys. You can find new toys, used toys, and parts for repairs. Best of all, you can usually get some great advice on using your remote control toys.

Browse the Net

Online shopping isnt just for clothes! You will find entire websites dedicated to remote control toys. If you find a toy that you like, take a moment and look for a coupon code. These online discount codes can offer a wide range of ways to save some money, such as with codes for free shipping or a percentage of your total purchase.

Stores such as NitroRCX, offer both types of codes. This lets you choose which one can save you the most money. Nitro Planes gives you free shipping on all of their replacement parts. As quickly as shipping charges seem to rise, these can result in a significant amount of cash in your pocket.

In Closing

Remote control toys are a fun pastime for many people, but often the cost of the toy can be a drawback. With the above tips, you can find several ways to save that money. Shop online and use an online discount code. Check out the nearest remote control toy stores. For children, shop the large chain toy stores at or after the holidays. You can save on remote control toys!

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Submitted by: Kirsten Gross

It’s being called “pillow face” and it’s a look that patients of Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery near Jacksonville, FL are looking to avoid.

“Pillow face typically is a tell-tale sign of overdoing it with Botox and other facial fillers for too many years,” explains Dr. Phillip Garcia, a double board-certified plastic surgeon and founder of Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery. “Our patients definitely are noticing it in older celebrities and socialites and they’re asking how they can avoid it.”

The trend is a major point of discussion among plastic surgeons from around the world attending conferences like the British Association for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Annual Scientific Meeting that took place earlier this year. Overuse of Botox and other temporary or permanent fillers, as well as poorly done cheek implants or fat transfers are to blame, practitioners say.

The “ideal” facial shape for a woman is the inverted triangle – a wide cheek region and narrow chin. As we age, those proportions begin to reverse. The naturally occurring fat tissue in our cheeks begins to deplete, while excess fat and skin settles in the chin and jaw line. Wrinkles appear, cheeks hollow and jowls form.


Properly administered Botox and fillers will help smooth wrinkles and plump skin. And cheek implants can restore youthful volume to an aging face. But an overzealous physician or a patient insistent upon too much of a good thing can leave a woman looking smoother and plumper, but definitely not younger.

“As plastic surgery techniques and products improve, and as fillers ‘come of age,’ so to speak, patients are demanding a more natural look,” says Dr. Roberto Garcia, partner in Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery (also known as the Garcia Institute). “A skilled physician using the right techniques can help a patient achieve a younger, more vibrant and totally natural look.”

Drs. Garcia recently unveiled Contoura, a proprietary combination of facial cosmetic procedures designed to achieve youthful looking, long-lasting results under local anesthesia with no downtime and at a fraction of the cost of invasive procedures like facelifts and cheek implants. This multi-technique approach allows for subtle changes that together yield a dramatically improved, yet natural look.

If you aren’t able to visit Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery, Drs. Garcia offer tips for achieving a youthful look without risking pillow face:

* Ask to see a plastic surgeon’s “look book” of patients’ before-and-after photos and to speak with patients if possible;

* Pay close attention to the looks of a plastic surgeon’s staff, as they are likely to have had free or discounted work done by the surgeon;

* Only go to a plastic surgeon whose policy includes free follow-up visits. These surgeons are less likely to overdo a procedure, knowing that tweaks can be done during follow-ups if the patient wants a little more work;

* If a physician seems pushy about performing a procedure immediately, walk out. Any procedure, no matter how minor, must ultimately be your decision;

* Opt for small amounts of Botox or other injectable fillers, particularly if you’re new to cosmetic procedures. This will allow for a gradual, more natural looking improvement rather than an instant, dramatic change.

To learn more about Contoura or other youth-restoring cosmetic procedures, call Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery at 904-247-8522 and schedule your consultation with Dr. Phillip Garcia or Dr. Roberto Garcia today.

About the Author: As double Board Certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Dr. Phillip and Roberto Garcia of Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery are specialists in plastic reconstructive and cosmetic surgery for aging face procedures, rhinoplasty (nasal surgery). visit:




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isnare.com/?aid=1134424&ca=Home+Management }

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By Bernie Lo

Oral sex has became a norm in the past 10 years and today many couples, married and non married practicing it. While oral sex would make the relationship more intimate, it poses a hidden potential problem in which a lot of couples do not know about.

Oral sex is the physical contact between the areas around the mouth with the vaginal, crotch or anus areas. This is also where the problem starts where a lot of bacteria end up at all the wrong places. Bacteria which are found in the mouth end up at the vaginal areas and vice versa.

I am going to discuss about a high potential problem oral sex could cause to a woman. It is called bacterial vaginosis.

Oral sex can disrupt the delicately balanced bacteria population found in and around the vaginal areas. Any disruption to the bacteria population could lead to having fishy odors and more vaginal discharge compared to usual. In some cases, it would also cause itching and burning sensations around the vaginal areas and it could last for days, or even months if not properly treated.


So how is oral sex linked to bacterial vaginosis?

1. There are a lot of good and bad bacteria around our mouth areas mainly due to our daily food intake and the additives that come with it. However, there are certain foods which are too acidic with it’s additives that could potentially change the pH level of the vaginal flora through oral sex. Eventually, this leads to the woman being infected with bacterial vaginosis from her partner’s mouth.

2. Besides the mouth, bacteria can also be found within our throat. When we have oral sex continuously for a long period, these bacteria and microorganism could eventually be transferred to the vaginal areas and then leaving the woman vulnerable to contracting bacterial vaginosis in the future.

3. There are also cases where a woman is being infected by BV because of her partner’s gum health. An unhealthy gum is the favorite breeding place for many unwanted bacteria and if these bacteria are transferred to the vagina, it could also lead to BV.

4. There are different bacteria internally and externally between the vagina and anus. When a man performs oral sex on a woman, there is a high risk of him unknowingly transferring the bacteria from the anus to the vagina via his tongue because there two sensitive areas are very near to each other.

5. There are many occurrences that sexual activities happened after a couple consumed alcohols. Alcohols contain natural yeasts and other additives which are not so friendly to the vaginal flora. If the mouth is not cleaned thoroughly after an alcohol session, it could lead to the woman being infected with BV if oral sex is performed.

There are a lot other ways how a woman could get BV from oral sex besides the five mentioned above.

I’m not discouraging women from practicing oral sex with their partners because it might lead to BV. Oral sex can still be practiced, but with proper precautions. The important thing you need to know is the complications that oral sex might bring to you if it is not practiced the correct way. It is very important for both the man and woman to practice proper and healthy oral hygiene if they are to indulge in oral sex. Always wash yourself cleanly before any oral sex activities.

About the Author: Bernie Lo is the owner of FightAgainstBV.com, a website dedicated to educate every women about bacterial vaginosis and help them

cure bacterial vaginosis

with home and natural remedies. You can get your FREE bacterial vaginosis fact sheet at





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Submitted by: Karl Turka

Well recorded electric guitar part 2

In the first part of this article, we have been looking at the traditional method of electric guitar recording sound registration with the microphone cooperating with the amplifier. Ill be always recommending is firstly because there is no better way. However, I know that sometimes its simply impossible to make a registration in this way (conditions of accommodation, weak equipment). Then we have to plug in an instrument on instrumental input on interface (or via DI Box) or using hardware amplifier simulations and then put it on interface line-input.

Id like to mention that even if you have got real amplifier, its worth to make a registration of clear, direct signal because it will be needed in the next phase. If you wouldnt be satisfied, there will always be an additional copy of a part registered without any character given. Then it will be easy to choose good sound and use plugs or Re-amping method. Despite the fact that in a phase of edition the clear part would show waveform and then it will facilitate an alignment of a track terms of time. You just need to group both tracks (from amplifier and a direct one) and edit taking as a reference the direct part. As we know, there is some problems with the part from amplifier (sometimes it is compressed or changed in a different way and it hinders to recognize accents. No one said that we have to listen to this humdrum DI signal, but it will be an excellent reference to edition.

How to record a direct signal and a signal from amplifier at once?

Ive already mentioned DI Box. This appliance has usually one instrumental input (with a very high impedance), which is adapted to get the signal from a guitar (or bass). Inside the box, the signal is divided into two outputs for the connection with an amplifier (called Through and realized through TS jack), the second is symmetric and it is dedicated to take a signal to the interface (or mixer), which is looking for a signal with low impedance. Then you have to attach a microphone to an amplifier and take the signal to the interface. This is the way to register at once the part which is theoretically the same, but in fact is sounds differently on two separated tracks.

During this process, you have to remember that time of signal will be different the signal from a microphone will be delayed relative to the direct signal (its way is longer). Those differences should be inconsiderable, but it is possible that after the summing you will get an unwanted phasing effect or deviations of some periodicities (it depends on microphone techniques and other factors). Then you will have to move the track from microphone manually on the timeline.

If you dont have DI Box (ex. I dont have one), you can record a direct signal firstly and then let it out by one of additional outputs of the interface (supposing you have got more than two main outputs) and then connect them with an amplifier, setup an expected sound and plug a microphone to the result of all operation. Re-Amp Box would be needed for this operation (it works exactly in the opposite way to DI Box and changes a symmetric signal to asymmetric one with a high impedance which is wanted in the input of an amplifier). Nevertheless, it isnt necessary, it is possible to bypass this element you wont lose very much if you do it without the Box.

Have we got more possibilities?

If you dispose lots of effect, amplifiers simulations etc, then (depending on the model) it is possible to register more than one signal. Line 6 POD X3 Live or Eleven Rack have outputs at the same time for a signal processed and a clear, direct signal from a guitar. If we get a satisfactory sound from this appliance, its worth to put the direct signal in our DAW for future edition. If youre not the best guitar player, like me, it would be very helpful.


I also have another conclusion. My dedicated, external one-channel microphone preamplifier has two (rightly three) outputs, the signal from both is very fluent and thats why I can use it as DI Box. I can do re-amping without any problems (the second output has two options: symmetric and asymmetric – two different plugs), and I can send the signal directly to line input (symmetric) in the interface. Its really good.

Lately, there are new appliances available guitar amplifier simulations in the form of bars (stomp type). These are fully analog devices which unite the way of input from an amplifiers and the line output of the interface (like in POD). Thats why we can register processed signal from amplifiers simulations without using a microphone and annoying the environment. Ive bought Tech 21 Character Series British some tie ago and now I consider an expansion of the variety of sound by some new variants.

Were going back again to the keynote of this article and were going to look how to create a sound from the clear DI signal. Lets abandon the sound of an amplifier which was discussed in the previous article.

Plug-ins simulating guitar amplifiers

There is a lot of available plug-ins in this type. It is possible to find some really good simulations, which are paid, but there is still something for free for unprofessional users. I recommend to follow the websites like KVRAudio, where we can find information about those products. This site is a great source of information about different VTS products, also the free ones.

The commercial options:

1. IK Multimedia Amplitube 3

2. Native Instruments Guitar Rig

3. Peavey ReValver MK III

4. Waves GTR3 / GTR Solo

5. McDSP Chrome Tone

6. SansAmp

7. Line 6 Pod Farm

8. Mellowmuse MellowHead

9. Softube Vintage Amp Room / Metal Amp Room

10. Overloud Th 2

11. Studio Devil Virtual Guitar Amp

12. Universal Audio Nigel

And much more! It is worth to download DEMO versions of this product and try them on your own, before any investments. Dont forget that in some workstations include amplifiers simulations which may be sufficient to meet basic needs. Personally, I like to use Eleven included in Pro Tools for free in cutted version Ive expanded it to full version and I dont regret.

To create an interesting sound it is needed to manipulate in some plug-ins. Every plug-in will have saved presets, like a start point, but the real fun starts in the moment of interference in the setting. For example Amplitube 3 gives an possibility of pairing different amplifiers and types of microphones, manipulating voices from the accommodation, breaking signals on two tracks, connecting two different simulations and so on

For several hundred dollars we have an access to thousands combinations, unlimited possibilities and endless fun. I really recommend to try some settings, but I also have to warn you- there is a trap it such a big number of possibilities. You can never decide which sound is the best for you and you will always change something. I always try not to spend more than 10-20 minutes on searching the best sound and record processed signal on new track, then I deactivate original track with plug-in to save processor power and then move forward! In case of necessity to change something, I can still activate the track with inserted simulation, do all changes and record the new one. I always try to avoid it but having a possibility is very important.

Speakers responses

The thing becomes more interesting when we dispose impulses created for the convolution technique. Someone invented the way to register speakers response (Impulse Response) paired with particular amplifiers as a short audio files it gives the access to real simulations. The main idea is to put that type of audio file in plug supporting weaves (ex. like Convolution Reverb) and to get strengthened guitar signal. Due to the fact that some of plug-ins gives an opportunity of signal tooling in two phases, we can skip included speaker simulation and send strengthened signal straight to the chosen speaker. The results can be very convicting.

The last option mentioned is talking about different grounds, which also can surprise by the amount of combinations and sounds. If we will get a device, one again well have lots of hours of fun. Its worth to read the instruction to use all potential. Another advantage of this device is the possibility of using it on the stage firstly, they look great and make an impression, then we also have an access to lots of effect in one, big box.

The summary

Registration of a direct signal isnt very difficult. If you follow universal rules of setting the amplifier, you will get a good signal to edit. Creating the sound with plug-ins or another combinations isnt so clear everyone has to choose his own style. All the more, each guitar player needs to have his original sound and we can help him in some way, but the final decision is him

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