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Submitted by: Kirsten Gross

It’s being called “pillow face” and it’s a look that patients of Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery near Jacksonville, FL are looking to avoid.

“Pillow face typically is a tell-tale sign of overdoing it with Botox and other facial fillers for too many years,” explains Dr. Phillip Garcia, a double board-certified plastic surgeon and founder of Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery. “Our patients definitely are noticing it in older celebrities and socialites and they’re asking how they can avoid it.”

The trend is a major point of discussion among plastic surgeons from around the world attending conferences like the British Association for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Annual Scientific Meeting that took place earlier this year. Overuse of Botox and other temporary or permanent fillers, as well as poorly done cheek implants or fat transfers are to blame, practitioners say.

The “ideal” facial shape for a woman is the inverted triangle – a wide cheek region and narrow chin. As we age, those proportions begin to reverse. The naturally occurring fat tissue in our cheeks begins to deplete, while excess fat and skin settles in the chin and jaw line. Wrinkles appear, cheeks hollow and jowls form.


Properly administered Botox and fillers will help smooth wrinkles and plump skin. And cheek implants can restore youthful volume to an aging face. But an overzealous physician or a patient insistent upon too much of a good thing can leave a woman looking smoother and plumper, but definitely not younger.

“As plastic surgery techniques and products improve, and as fillers ‘come of age,’ so to speak, patients are demanding a more natural look,” says Dr. Roberto Garcia, partner in Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery (also known as the Garcia Institute). “A skilled physician using the right techniques can help a patient achieve a younger, more vibrant and totally natural look.”

Drs. Garcia recently unveiled Contoura, a proprietary combination of facial cosmetic procedures designed to achieve youthful looking, long-lasting results under local anesthesia with no downtime and at a fraction of the cost of invasive procedures like facelifts and cheek implants. This multi-technique approach allows for subtle changes that together yield a dramatically improved, yet natural look.

If you aren’t able to visit Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery, Drs. Garcia offer tips for achieving a youthful look without risking pillow face:

* Ask to see a plastic surgeon’s “look book” of patients’ before-and-after photos and to speak with patients if possible;

* Pay close attention to the looks of a plastic surgeon’s staff, as they are likely to have had free or discounted work done by the surgeon;

* Only go to a plastic surgeon whose policy includes free follow-up visits. These surgeons are less likely to overdo a procedure, knowing that tweaks can be done during follow-ups if the patient wants a little more work;

* If a physician seems pushy about performing a procedure immediately, walk out. Any procedure, no matter how minor, must ultimately be your decision;

* Opt for small amounts of Botox or other injectable fillers, particularly if you’re new to cosmetic procedures. This will allow for a gradual, more natural looking improvement rather than an instant, dramatic change.

To learn more about Contoura or other youth-restoring cosmetic procedures, call Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery at 904-247-8522 and schedule your consultation with Dr. Phillip Garcia or Dr. Roberto Garcia today.

About the Author: As double Board Certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Dr. Phillip and Roberto Garcia of Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery are specialists in plastic reconstructive and cosmetic surgery for aging face procedures, rhinoplasty (nasal surgery). visit:


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By Bernie Lo

Oral sex has became a norm in the past 10 years and today many couples, married and non married practicing it. While oral sex would make the relationship more intimate, it poses a hidden potential problem in which a lot of couples do not know about.

Oral sex is the physical contact between the areas around the mouth with the vaginal, crotch or anus areas. This is also where the problem starts where a lot of bacteria end up at all the wrong places. Bacteria which are found in the mouth end up at the vaginal areas and vice versa.

I am going to discuss about a high potential problem oral sex could cause to a woman. It is called bacterial vaginosis.

Oral sex can disrupt the delicately balanced bacteria population found in and around the vaginal areas. Any disruption to the bacteria population could lead to having fishy odors and more vaginal discharge compared to usual. In some cases, it would also cause itching and burning sensations around the vaginal areas and it could last for days, or even months if not properly treated.


So how is oral sex linked to bacterial vaginosis?

1. There are a lot of good and bad bacteria around our mouth areas mainly due to our daily food intake and the additives that come with it. However, there are certain foods which are too acidic with it’s additives that could potentially change the pH level of the vaginal flora through oral sex. Eventually, this leads to the woman being infected with bacterial vaginosis from her partner’s mouth.

2. Besides the mouth, bacteria can also be found within our throat. When we have oral sex continuously for a long period, these bacteria and microorganism could eventually be transferred to the vaginal areas and then leaving the woman vulnerable to contracting bacterial vaginosis in the future.

3. There are also cases where a woman is being infected by BV because of her partner’s gum health. An unhealthy gum is the favorite breeding place for many unwanted bacteria and if these bacteria are transferred to the vagina, it could also lead to BV.

4. There are different bacteria internally and externally between the vagina and anus. When a man performs oral sex on a woman, there is a high risk of him unknowingly transferring the bacteria from the anus to the vagina via his tongue because there two sensitive areas are very near to each other.

5. There are many occurrences that sexual activities happened after a couple consumed alcohols. Alcohols contain natural yeasts and other additives which are not so friendly to the vaginal flora. If the mouth is not cleaned thoroughly after an alcohol session, it could lead to the woman being infected with BV if oral sex is performed.

There are a lot other ways how a woman could get BV from oral sex besides the five mentioned above.

I’m not discouraging women from practicing oral sex with their partners because it might lead to BV. Oral sex can still be practiced, but with proper precautions. The important thing you need to know is the complications that oral sex might bring to you if it is not practiced the correct way. It is very important for both the man and woman to practice proper and healthy oral hygiene if they are to indulge in oral sex. Always wash yourself cleanly before any oral sex activities.

About the Author: Bernie Lo is the owner of, a website dedicated to educate every women about bacterial vaginosis and help them

cure bacterial vaginosis

with home and natural remedies. You can get your FREE bacterial vaginosis fact sheet at



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Submitted by: Karl Turka

Well recorded electric guitar part 2

In the first part of this article, we have been looking at the traditional method of electric guitar recording sound registration with the microphone cooperating with the amplifier. Ill be always recommending is firstly because there is no better way. However, I know that sometimes its simply impossible to make a registration in this way (conditions of accommodation, weak equipment). Then we have to plug in an instrument on instrumental input on interface (or via DI Box) or using hardware amplifier simulations and then put it on interface line-input.

Id like to mention that even if you have got real amplifier, its worth to make a registration of clear, direct signal because it will be needed in the next phase. If you wouldnt be satisfied, there will always be an additional copy of a part registered without any character given. Then it will be easy to choose good sound and use plugs or Re-amping method. Despite the fact that in a phase of edition the clear part would show waveform and then it will facilitate an alignment of a track terms of time. You just need to group both tracks (from amplifier and a direct one) and edit taking as a reference the direct part. As we know, there is some problems with the part from amplifier (sometimes it is compressed or changed in a different way and it hinders to recognize accents. No one said that we have to listen to this humdrum DI signal, but it will be an excellent reference to edition.

How to record a direct signal and a signal from amplifier at once?

Ive already mentioned DI Box. This appliance has usually one instrumental input (with a very high impedance), which is adapted to get the signal from a guitar (or bass). Inside the box, the signal is divided into two outputs for the connection with an amplifier (called Through and realized through TS jack), the second is symmetric and it is dedicated to take a signal to the interface (or mixer), which is looking for a signal with low impedance. Then you have to attach a microphone to an amplifier and take the signal to the interface. This is the way to register at once the part which is theoretically the same, but in fact is sounds differently on two separated tracks.

During this process, you have to remember that time of signal will be different the signal from a microphone will be delayed relative to the direct signal (its way is longer). Those differences should be inconsiderable, but it is possible that after the summing you will get an unwanted phasing effect or deviations of some periodicities (it depends on microphone techniques and other factors). Then you will have to move the track from microphone manually on the timeline.

If you dont have DI Box (ex. I dont have one), you can record a direct signal firstly and then let it out by one of additional outputs of the interface (supposing you have got more than two main outputs) and then connect them with an amplifier, setup an expected sound and plug a microphone to the result of all operation. Re-Amp Box would be needed for this operation (it works exactly in the opposite way to DI Box and changes a symmetric signal to asymmetric one with a high impedance which is wanted in the input of an amplifier). Nevertheless, it isnt necessary, it is possible to bypass this element you wont lose very much if you do it without the Box.

Have we got more possibilities?

If you dispose lots of effect, amplifiers simulations etc, then (depending on the model) it is possible to register more than one signal. Line 6 POD X3 Live or Eleven Rack have outputs at the same time for a signal processed and a clear, direct signal from a guitar. If we get a satisfactory sound from this appliance, its worth to put the direct signal in our DAW for future edition. If youre not the best guitar player, like me, it would be very helpful.


I also have another conclusion. My dedicated, external one-channel microphone preamplifier has two (rightly three) outputs, the signal from both is very fluent and thats why I can use it as DI Box. I can do re-amping without any problems (the second output has two options: symmetric and asymmetric – two different plugs), and I can send the signal directly to line input (symmetric) in the interface. Its really good.

Lately, there are new appliances available guitar amplifier simulations in the form of bars (stomp type). These are fully analog devices which unite the way of input from an amplifiers and the line output of the interface (like in POD). Thats why we can register processed signal from amplifiers simulations without using a microphone and annoying the environment. Ive bought Tech 21 Character Series British some tie ago and now I consider an expansion of the variety of sound by some new variants.

Were going back again to the keynote of this article and were going to look how to create a sound from the clear DI signal. Lets abandon the sound of an amplifier which was discussed in the previous article.

Plug-ins simulating guitar amplifiers

There is a lot of available plug-ins in this type. It is possible to find some really good simulations, which are paid, but there is still something for free for unprofessional users. I recommend to follow the websites like KVRAudio, where we can find information about those products. This site is a great source of information about different VTS products, also the free ones.

The commercial options:

1. IK Multimedia Amplitube 3

2. Native Instruments Guitar Rig

3. Peavey ReValver MK III

4. Waves GTR3 / GTR Solo

5. McDSP Chrome Tone

6. SansAmp

7. Line 6 Pod Farm

8. Mellowmuse MellowHead

9. Softube Vintage Amp Room / Metal Amp Room

10. Overloud Th 2

11. Studio Devil Virtual Guitar Amp

12. Universal Audio Nigel

And much more! It is worth to download DEMO versions of this product and try them on your own, before any investments. Dont forget that in some workstations include amplifiers simulations which may be sufficient to meet basic needs. Personally, I like to use Eleven included in Pro Tools for free in cutted version Ive expanded it to full version and I dont regret.

To create an interesting sound it is needed to manipulate in some plug-ins. Every plug-in will have saved presets, like a start point, but the real fun starts in the moment of interference in the setting. For example Amplitube 3 gives an possibility of pairing different amplifiers and types of microphones, manipulating voices from the accommodation, breaking signals on two tracks, connecting two different simulations and so on

For several hundred dollars we have an access to thousands combinations, unlimited possibilities and endless fun. I really recommend to try some settings, but I also have to warn you- there is a trap it such a big number of possibilities. You can never decide which sound is the best for you and you will always change something. I always try not to spend more than 10-20 minutes on searching the best sound and record processed signal on new track, then I deactivate original track with plug-in to save processor power and then move forward! In case of necessity to change something, I can still activate the track with inserted simulation, do all changes and record the new one. I always try to avoid it but having a possibility is very important.

Speakers responses

The thing becomes more interesting when we dispose impulses created for the convolution technique. Someone invented the way to register speakers response (Impulse Response) paired with particular amplifiers as a short audio files it gives the access to real simulations. The main idea is to put that type of audio file in plug supporting weaves (ex. like Convolution Reverb) and to get strengthened guitar signal. Due to the fact that some of plug-ins gives an opportunity of signal tooling in two phases, we can skip included speaker simulation and send strengthened signal straight to the chosen speaker. The results can be very convicting.

The last option mentioned is talking about different grounds, which also can surprise by the amount of combinations and sounds. If we will get a device, one again well have lots of hours of fun. Its worth to read the instruction to use all potential. Another advantage of this device is the possibility of using it on the stage firstly, they look great and make an impression, then we also have an access to lots of effect in one, big box.

The summary

Registration of a direct signal isnt very difficult. If you follow universal rules of setting the amplifier, you will get a good signal to edit. Creating the sound with plug-ins or another combinations isnt so clear everyone has to choose his own style. All the more, each guitar player needs to have his original sound and we can help him in some way, but the final decision is him

About the Author: LucidSamples team- deliver best music samples


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Submitted by: J McGuire

No one wants to file for bankruptcy, but the truth of the matter is that often times it is the best course of action. Beyond the stigma attached to it, filing for Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 protection can be the first and most vital step in securing a fresh start financially. Actually there is one important step that comes before filing, and that is putting your case in the hands of a qualified bankruptcy attorney. Bankruptcy laws are complex, and an experienced bankruptcy lawyer like the ones at Arizona law firm McGuire Gardner, P.L.L.C. can help you to understand how these laws apply to you, and help you forge a path toward financial freedom and debt resolution.

If you ve reached a point whereby you can t cover your monthly bills, it may be time to consider bankruptcy as a viable option. Bankruptcy provides for the development of a plan that allows a debtor to resolve his or her debts through the division of his/her assets among creditors. In addition, certain debtors may free themselves of the financial obligations they have accumulated, even if their debts have not been paid in full. The point being that bankruptcy does provide a way out of a financial morass. The key is in understanding the options available to you.


Imagine trying to negotiate the minefields of a bankruptcy procedure without a certified bankruptcy specialist on your side. It would be a bit like going into brain surgery holding the scalpel yourself. In other words, it s not advised. In your free initial consultation with McGuire Gardner, P.L.L.C., an experienced bankruptcy lawyer will listen to the specifics of your situation, and take the time to educate you as to the type of bankruptcy proceeding that may most benefit you.

In the time it takes for an initial consultation, the feelings of stress and helplessness associated with seemingly insurmountable debt can be reduced and replaced by a feeling of hope and, most importantly, the beginnings of a plan.

No matter who you are, and no matter how deep your debt issues, there is always hope. Countless others have been in your shoes, and have taken a proactive step towards a better tomorrow by filing for bankruptcy protection. Take the first step in the process by securing an experienced bankruptcy specialist to guide you.

As you can see through this very brief look at bankruptcy proceedings, there is a lot to learn regarding bankruptcy law before you decide which course to take. In meeting with a qualified bankruptcy lawyer in person, the types of proceedings and rules therein discussed above will be fleshed out even more and applied to your particular situation. In doing so, your lawyer can determine which type of filing will allow you the greatest opportunity to resolve your debt issues.

If you ve never considered bankruptcy, it may be the right time for you to do so. As scary as the idea may initially be, filing for bankruptcy has turned a negative situation into a positive for countless consumers just like you.

About the Author: Chapter 13 Attorney


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Nowadays CBD oil is used in a wide range of products i.e. from edibles to medicines, massage creams to cosmetic products, etc. Just like the list of CBD products is endless the benefits obtained from CBD products are countless too. Just like CBD products are important in routine life, their presentation is also very important. In order to motivate the customers to buy your CBD products, you must make them visually attractive and fascinating. With the awareness of the benefits obtained from CBD products, many companies have trolled into this business. Different companies are manufacturing different CBD products in order to give a boost to their sales. To distinguish your CBD products from your rivals you must adopt strategies that can give you an edge over your competitors. Custom CBD Boxes made of cardboard or Kraft paper makes your CBD products unique and distinguished. Customers are also tempted to those products that have a unique and enticing appearance.

CBD boxes with unique printing designs

You can create your very own special CBD boxes in unique printing designs by using the latest printing techniques. The boxes can be made enticing and glamorous by using UV stamping, embossing, debossing or aqueous printing. You can also use graphic designing or creative artwork in order to make your Custom CBD Boxesartistic and eye-catchy. The choice of colors also plays a major role in grabbing customers’ attention. A blend of bright and delightful colors will definitely make your CBD products more prominent on the shelf. You can also print relevant images so that the customers can have a clear idea that what is the product about. Laminating your CBD boxes isn’t a bad choice at all. In fact, lamination protects your CBD boxes from stains and dust while lying on the shelf.

Making Custom CBD Boxes with a die-cut window prevents your CBD products from human tampering. If customers can easily see the packed merchandise, they will definitely come for more. The boxes can also be printed with important product details to let the customers have a clear idea of how to use the product.

Use rigid and recyclable packaging material for your CBD products

Who wants to sell damaged and broken goods? Who wants to lose customers and have declined sales? of course, no one. No one would want to deliver his customers spoiled or damaged goods in ordinary product boxes. Low-quality or substandard packaging boxes do more harm than good. These boxes collapse during shipping or storage and packed CBD products are spoiled too. CBD boxes made from rigid and strong cardboard or Kraft material can perfectly sustain the integrity of the packed merchandise. There is no risk of any damage to your CBD products inside these durable and strong boxes. Cardboard and Kraft paper are also eco-friendly that makes them recyclable in nature. Packaging materials that are recyclable can be used again and again without fearing for an increase in environmental pollution.

Use your CBD boxes to market your brand

You can effectively advertise your brand via exclusively designed CBD boxes. Your brand name and logo can be printed on your CBD boxes to distinguish your CBD boxes from your competitors. You can also print your brand’s slogan on these CBD boxes to impress the onlookers. Promoting your brand via your personalized product boxes has become the trendiest marketing strategy. Your brand identity is spread in the market and a unique impression of your brand and products is built in the minds of the customers. There are several companies that are producing unique and eye-catchy CBD boxes. The Custom Packaging Services is a unique and professional brand offering sustainable and fabulous CBD boxes to its clients. Eye-catchy and fascinating CBD boxes made by the experts of this company are difficult to find anywhere else. These spectacular CBD boxes will definitely give a boost to your sales and you can earn revenues instantly. Now you can enjoy the benefits of displaying your CBD products inside creative and glamorous CBD boxes at very pocket-friendly rates.

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By Adriana J. Noton

When it comes to searching for potential hotels for you to go and stay at then it is fair to say that the internet is a great way of doing this. It does mean you should be able to find some amazing deals no matter where in the world you are looking at and it can of course be easily done whilst sitting at home.

There are a series of sites that offer this capability and whilst some concentrate on certain areas you are perhaps best to look at more general ones. This can then lead to you getting all kinds of special deals that will end up with you saving yourself some money.

When you are on them you will be able to search according to various criteria in order to cut down the number of options that you are then presented with. They do tend to follow the same kind of lines and try to enter as much information as you can to increase the chances of seeing somewhere you would like to book with.


The key things are of course going to be the place you would love to visit as well as the dates that are required and this will quickly eliminate a number of places. You can then put in details such as the number of people going and also the kind of budget you have available and this will cut it down even more.

You should then be shown a list of places that the site believes are going to be suitable to you and it really then is just a case of checking them out. Each listing will tell you more about the hotels as well as have a range of images and it is best if you check out as many as possible.

One thing you should then do is actually go to the official website for the hotel in question as this is where you can learn a lot more about what they are able to offer as well as check out more images. You can then go and book either via the hotel or by some of these general search websites as the choice is entirely up to you.

Another good idea is to quickly see what other tourists are saying about the place before you go ahead and book as tourists are often very good at giving their opinion. They are also very honest about what they say so if they recommend a place then they shall explain why and you can actually then believe them and go ahead and book there yourself.

So you can see that using the internet in order to search for hotels really is a good idea because it means you can go and look at a number of them from the comfort of your own home. Use general sites as well as looking at their official one as well because at least then you will know everything you should do about a place before deciding if you wish to book a room there.

About the Author: Are you looking for long term stay at hotels near the

hotels sejours de longue duree Montreal aeroport

? Visit us our

Montreal aeroport sejours de longue duree

and extended stay during your next trip! Residence Inn Montreal Airport 6500 Place Robert-Joncas, Montreal, QC H4M 2Z5 (514) 336-9333


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According to the most recent report by Renub Research, titled “Japan In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) Market, By Diagnostics, Companies, Reimbursements, Porter’s Model, Growth Drivers, Opportunities Challenges” In Japan, 1 / 4 of its population age 65 years & above and also has the highest proportion of the ageing population across the world. the most problem faced by the Japanese government in recent years is the rise within the number of an ageing population because the cases of ageing diseases are multiplying. Accordingly, the Japanese government has given priority to affect the ageing population, and therefore the government is predicted to devote an expanded health budget to ageing by 2025. this will boost the longer term of the Japanese In-Vitro Diagnostics Industry by rising prevalence and increased public expenditure.

This implies that country is probably going to face an increase in the prevalence of chronic and infectious diseases. All of those diseases with the assistance of the IVD test, conditions are often detected early, which leads to early intervention, thus improving patient outcomes, saving lives, and the cost of costly late-stage care. An increase in the number of IVD laboratories around Japan is enabling patients to induce better diagnostic facilities. according to Renub Research, Japan In Vitro Diagnostic Market is forecasted to be USD 4.43 Billion by 2026.

Besides, growth in the adoption of genetic testing, point-of-care testing, molecular diagnostics, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), personalized medicine, and Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) is predicted to drive the expansion of the in vitro diagnostics industry in Japan during the forecast period. Japan is being considered to possess one of the robust clinical laboratories globally.

COVID-19 Impact on Japan IVD Market

The demand for in-vitro diagnostic products is predicted to grow in Japan, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic is probably going to extend due to factors like growth in consumer demand for PCR, NGS, serology-based rapid-test products, the supportive regulatory environment for drug creation & marketing, and a pointy increase in target patient population.

The advancement in In vitro diagnostic procedure has made it simpler to diagnose with lesser nonce less invasive. The improved digitization in pathology has gained the flexibility to deliver the clinical outcome within the stipulated time-frame. Japan has successfully done the trial for the first urine test to diagnose cancer within the world in 2018. Moreover, for colon cancer, screening is conducted via a faeces test. of these technologies, improvement will further enhance the Japan In-vitro Diagnostic market.

Request a free Brochure copy of the report:

These investments and technology-driven M&A activity pay off. The industry now uses technologies that might not are thought of when the primary edition appeared two decades ago. Their influence is felt in personalized medicine, inherited diseases, pathogen detection, antibiotic resistance testing, blood banking, and far more to come. Yet innovation has gone with challenges, and therefore the industry is additionally subject to regulation, price scrutiny, and value-proving the maximum amount as any a part of the healthcare system and maybe more. IVD testing maybe a 69 billion-dollar market worldwide, as seen during this figure:

Pathology Market is that the Fastest Growing Segment in Japan In Vitro Diagnostics Market

In this report Research has done an in-depth study of 11 segments of Japan In-vitro Diagnostic Market: By Diagnostics (Tumor Marker, Urine & Feces, Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Self Monitoring of blood sugar (SMBG), Immunology, infectious disease, Microbiology, Pathology, and Genetic Testing). The report gives you a comprehensive insight into every segment of In-vitro diagnostic alongside separate growth factors for every segment.

About the Company:

Renub Research is a Market Research and Consulting Company. We have more than 10 years of experience especially in international Business-to-Business Researches, Surveys, and Consulting. We provide a wide range of business research solutions that helps companies in making better business decisions. We partner with clients in all sectors and regions to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their businesses. Our wide clientele comprises of major players in Life Sciences, Information Technology, Telecom, Financial Services (Banking, Insurance), Energy, Retail, Manufacturing, Automotive, and Social sector. Our clients rely on our market analysis and data to make informed knowledgeable decisions. We are regarded as one of the best providers of knowledge. Our pertinent analysis helps consultants, bankers, and executives to make informed and correct decisions.

Contact Us:Renub ResearchPhone No: +1 678-302-0700 (USA) | +91-120-421-9822 (IND)Email: info@renub.comWeb: Follow on Linkedin:

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Submitted by: Simon Barrett

I sit here in front of my computer unsure where to begin this review, should I begin with the story in the book, or the story about the book. As both are compelling tales!

Throwing reviewing convention out of the window I think I will begin at the end. Mary Patrick Kavanaugh is without doubt a highly creative lady, over the years I have come across all sorts of unique marketing strategies, but I have never seen Mary s used before. Having labored tirelessly on her autobiographical novel she discovered the harsh reality of the publishing industry, it is next to impossible for a first time author to find a publisher willing to take the chance on an unknown.

I have heard countless authors relate this sad situation to me. One author friend of mine claims that he spent more time looking for a publisher than he did writing the book. In a classic demonstration of masochism he decorated his office with the rejection letters! Mary submitted her book to exactly 16 New York based publishers, and received exactly 16 rejections.

Her dream of landing that perfect publishing contract was shattered, writing it seemed was just another fork in the road of life that was a dead end. Mary decided that if the project was indeed dead, then it should be given an appropriate send off, a funeral to mark the end of yet another idea. She even invited the companies that had rejected her manuscript. You can read all of the gory details on her web site.

Her eventual solution was to take the path that many first time authors take, self publish, and so, Family Plots finally made it to the virtual bookshelves of Amazon and others.


With a background like that who could resist reading the book? Billed as an autobiographical novel, Mary has taken some of the key events of her life and with a certain amount of embellishment created a rich word canvas.

There is humor, although I am not sure that I agree with the rear cover quote of laugh-out-loud, the humor is of the very dark, gallows variety.

The quality of writing is very high, and her development of characters and circumstance masterful.

Our heroine Mary comes off one failed relationship only to seemingly rebound into another marriage destined for oblivion. Dan at first glance seems like the catch of the decade, suave, debonair, oozing charm and money. However it gradually becomes clear that Dan is not all that he seems, his business partners leave much to be desired, and while he is always flush with money, the source of his income is somewhat mysterious.

Scheme after scheme to make the big killing come to naught. Partners who are embezzling funds, dubious legal banking practices, strange meetings in strange places all weigh heavily on Mary. Although she wants to confront her nightmares, Dan is a master of deflection, and able to forestall her efforts at every turn, persuading her instead to stand by her man .

Piece by small piece Mary begins to put the jigsaw puzzle together, but it is a long and laborious process. Just as she seems to be making headway, another calamity comes raining down, Dan has cancer. Will she ever find the answers she seeks?

Family Plots also contains a number of curious sub plots, both Mary s and Dan s parents provide adventures into the improbable. Dan s parents Ralph and Minnie in particular are an adventure into eccentricity and dark family secrets.

This book is well worth seeking out, I found it to be a delightful read. Ms. Kavanaugh claims that about two thirds of the book is based on actual events, all I can say is that she has led a pretty interesting life. You can get your copy from Amazon, or from her very amusing web site.

(Originally published at Blogger News Network and reprinted with permission from the author, Simon Barrett).

About the Author: Simon Barrett is the senior editor for

Blogger News Net

and maintains a personal blog at

Simon B

. Now semi retired in the depths of Mississippi he has plenty of time to read books by up and coming authors.


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Reading Level: Intermediate

One of the tasks of civil engineer is the project management. Wherever a project commence, it is starting of ‘live’ of project problem until it has been completed build. Below are some of common problems that civil engineer may faced:

  1. Project commenced without acknowledgement of civil engineer. It is common especially for small scale of project; such as single unit of structure like bungalow. Engineer will only alert whenever problem is happened at site; and problem is unable to resolve it by contractor. Contractor will like to build it without interruption of engineer.
  2. Even though civil engineer aware about the construction work, some of un- responsible contractor will try to do some work in the time that engineer is unable to present. As for example; contractor carry out the concreting work after office hour especially in the evening, nighttime and public holiday. Once concreted, engineer is unable to inspect it.
  3. Whenever construction started, un-experience contractor will do work by referring to civil engineering drawings without read in-conjunction with other professional drawing such as architecture, mechanical and electrical drawings. As a result, there will be a number of hacking during or after completion of structural works. It incurred a number of arguments and costs.
  4. Even though an inexperience contractor is read engineering drawings, somehow contractor is build to their own knowledge; especially from contractor previous project. If previously contractor had been built a number of pad footing foundation, contractor obtain a piling foundation project. The contractor will try to change it to pad footing foundation by his own knowledge. Or even in pad footing foundation, contractor will change pad footing to smaller size. It will end up with structural problem.
  5. Some irresponsible contractor will ignore engineer instruction. Contractor will build to his own knowledge. Contractor will always persuade client that contractor is builder. Contractor tells client that he is more site experience than civil engineer. Engineer has not much site building experience. Most of the time, client will agree with contractor because contractor shown client with physical construction works and engineer without much of physical product. These will continue until problem happened and unable to resolve by contractor. Finally, they will seek for engineer advice.
  6. Contractor perform cost cutting on project work. Now days, project cost is very competitive. In order to obtain a project by bidding, some contractor may lower down the bidding cost to below the cost. When project is awarded, contractor will perform unnecessary cost cutting. This will endanger client.
  7. When client is contractor and contractor is client, civil engineer will be in difficult position on dealing with client and contractor. There will be always in conflict of interest.

These problems may faced by civil engineer. How to overcome them will mainly base on engineer experience. Junior engineer shall not advice to send them to resolve these matters. Anyway, junior engineer shall be in guidance of senior engineer whenever problems are being solved.

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Becoming a Forklift Truck Driver


Charlotte Mclean

Forklift trucks are potentially very dangerous machines in the workplace setting, every year around 70 people are killed in transport-related accidents in the workplace and around eight of those involve forklift trucks. Hence whether you are considering becoming a forklift truck driver as a career, or your business requires that you regularly have use of one, it is important to realise that just like learning to drive a car, proper training is necessary and a licence is required.

There are a number of factors to consider in the journey to becoming a qualified forklift truck driver, these include:

— Type of Licence Required

— Driver Experience Level

— The Right Training Provider


1. Type of Licence Required

The type of licence you require relates to the type of truck you will be required to drive, each forklift truck category requires a licence.

For example a licence to drive a rough terrain forklift does not cover you to drive a telescopic handler, in order to do so you would be required to attend a conversion training course. This is a one day course designed for those already licensed and wishing to extend their skills and licence in order to drive another category of machine.

If you are unsure of which truck licence to apply for then speak to your training provider. Alternatively, a common route is to undertake training for a counter balanced forklift truck (up to 5 tonnes) and attend any conversion training to increase your portfolio, as and when required.

2. Driver Experience Level

The degree and amount of training you will require will depend on your level of experience:

— 1 Day Refresher – required for those with previous experience whose licence has expired.

— 3 Day New Operator – for those new to forklift truck driving but with experience or prior knowledge of forklift trucks

— 5 Day Novice – for those with no prior experience, in any capacity, of forklift trucks.

Your training provider will run through a training review checklist to ensure you receive the correct level of training.

3. The Right Training Provider

It is important to ensure you undertake your forklift truck training with a reputable company dedicated to providing skilled and quality training. A good provider should be NORS (National Operators Registration Scheme) registered and provide RTITB (Road Transport Industry Training Board) level accreditation. Many reputable forklift truck companies offer driver training, or you can visit the RTITB website for a list of accredited training providers.

Prices vary, but those who choose to run with fewer delegates on each course, while being slightly more costly, may offer a better experience.

In summary taking time to review your training needs, and find an accredited training provider are important steps to becoming a qualified forklift truck driver. Failure to procure the correct training and licence for the vehicle you intend to drive leaves you open to prosecution, it is therefore of upmost importance to protect both yourself and the safety of others.

Charlotte Mclean works for an established

forklift truck business

run by her family for many years. For more information or advice on

driver training

or for forklift truck hire and sales visit

Manton Hire & Sales Ltd

Article Source:

Becoming a Forklift Truck Driver