New Zealand government denies financial assistance for Overlander
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Monday, September 25, 2006

The New Zealand government today has announced that they will not provide financial assistance to the Overlander train service between Auckland and Wellington, which is set to stop service on September 30, if no assistance is forthcoming. ONTRACK will retain the North Island main trunk line, while looking for tourism operators to start a tourist rail service.

Trevor Mallard, acting Finance Minister, said: “In making this decision… Cabinet recognised that there was no prospect of the current Overlander service becoming commercially viable. It was not a fuel-efficient operation and at an average passenger rate of 50 passengers each way per day, it was used by relatively few people.”

It is cheaper and faster to travel either by bus or plane rather than the 12-hour train journey. “The fares already overlap with airfares, and the reality is that the service is just not well-used. It can not compete with low-priced air travel and coaches. Cabinet considered the regional implications of ceasing the Overlander service and accepted that the current bus services run by the InterCity Group met the needs of those communities,” Mallard said.

There has been numerous petitions from the public and from the Green Party of New Zealand to continue the Overlander train service, including one petition signed by 16,000 people presented at the Parliament Buildings on September 14, 2006. “While there have been a number of propositions about retaining the Overlander service, all of the propositions would require government funding in one form or another,” said Mallard.

Mallard said that the government will only support rail services if it significantly benefitted the community.

The Government estimates that financial assistance to the Overlander train service would cost NZ$1.75 million a year.

“Finally, the government does recognise and value the importance of a viable and efficient rail network in New Zealand’s transport infrastructure. This was a critical factor in the government’s decision to buy the rail network back from Tranz Rail. The government has also committed $200 million to upgrade the national rail network between 2004/05 and 2007/08. A further $600 million has been provided to upgrade the Auckland rail network between 2005/06 and 2009/10.”

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NSW school maintenance a “disgrace”: Opposition
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Monday, May 29, 2006

New South Wales opposition leader, Peter Debnam has called the maintenance backlog in NSW schools a disgrace following an announcement by the Iemma government to spend AUD$120 million over four-years.

Mr Debnam challenged the government to fix the problem before the election in March next year and said that the plan was a “fraud”.

In 2005, the NSW Auditor-General released a report disclosing a $116 million maintenance backlog in schools across the state. The report stated that there were 1,000 outstanding maintenance jobs, ranging from leaking roofs and fraying carpets to classrooms in need of paint across the states’ 2,224 government-owned schools.

On Sunday, NSW Premier, Morris Iemma announced that his government would be spending $120 million over a four-year period to clear the backlog. During the announcement, he admitted that the government needed to do more to clear the backlog. “It is part of our plan to ensure our children have the best possible education and the best possible learning environment,” he said.

Teachers have said that the level of funding and time frame were not enough to clear a backlog spanning 10 years. President of the NSW Teachers Federation, Maree O’Halloran said, “Why should children have to wait four years for overdue maintenance work which forms the maintenance backlog?”

“In 2005, the Auditor-General identified a $115 million maintenance backlog and Professor Tony Vinson called for an additional $90 million dollars for maintenance per year, over two years.” said Ms O’Halloran.

Opposition education spokesperson, Brad Hazzard said that the government’s plan is a fraud and that the reason students are leaving school is because of the out-dated infrastructure.

“The announcement of extra money is a fraud because it is over four years,” said Mr Hazzard.

“The State Government has shown no foresight about the major problem that causes … students to walk away from the public school system annually – 1960 infrastructure in the 21st century.” said Mr Hazzard.

Kenya’s Cheruiyot and Russia’s Grigoryeva capture Boston Marathon crowns
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Monday, April 16, 2007

Kenya‘s Robert Cheruiyot won the men’s division of the 111th running of the Boston Marathon finishing with a unofficial time of 2:14:13 seconds. This is Kenya’s 15th win in 17 years. It is also Cheruiyot’s third Boston Marathon win and second consecutive win. Cheruiyot first won in 2003, then again last year and setting the current course record of 2:07:14. He was able to win despite a slick, wet road, fierce winds on the final stretch and headaches that have plagued him since suffering a concussion sliding across the finish line in the Chicago Marathon last year after a fall. “When the lion is chasing the antelope, he doesn’t look back. He has to eat, so when I run, I don’t stare at my time,” stated Cheruiyot.

When the lion is chasing the antelope, he doesn’t look back. He has to eat, so when I run, I don’t stare at my time.

Russia‘s Lidiya Grigoryeva captured the women’s division crown with an unofficial time of 2:29:18. This is her first Boston Marathon win and Russia’s fourth win. She beat last year’s champion Kenyan Rita Jeptoo and the American favorite Deena Kastor, who was born in Waltham.

Japan conquered the wheelchair divisions winning with Masazumi Soejima capturing the men’s wheelchair crown with an unofficial time of 1:29:16 beating South Africa‘s Ernst Van Dyk who hoping to tie with the current Marathon record of seven total wins. Van Dyk won the Marathon’s men’s wheelchair division from 2001 through 2006. Wakako Tsuchida won the women’s wheelchair division with an unofficial time of 1:43:29. The two wins were Japan’s first in the wheelchair divisions.

The weather was of some concern due to the fact a Nor’easter pounded the area the night before that forecasters were predicting to interfere with the race. However, by morning the weather was calm with a temperature of 52 degrees Fahrenheit and some moderate rain leaving the road slick along with some stiff winds at starting line in Hopkinton. However, the sun made an appearance during the race. However, the winds did slow down the runners somewhat. Others did not turn up at all, Marathon officials reported that 2,449 of 23,903 registered runners did not pick up their bibs.

Local inspirational icons, Team Hoyt, made up of Dick and Rick Hoyt did not take part, due to the fact, Rick Hoyt, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth could not compete as he was recovering from surgery and a infection in his hip.

The Marathon winners receive $100,000 USD as first prize and a olive wreath.

East Timor – Australia problematic billion-dollar gas and oil accord

East Timor – Australia problematic billion-dollar gas and oil accord
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Saturday, December 3, 2005

Australia and East Timor officials signed a billion-dollar gas and oil accord, which is necessary because of a current maritime border dispute between the countries, which covers a major oil field. Although the accord has to be ratified by East Timor’s parliament which is ruled by Fretilin with 55 seats the biggest block in parliament, but all the smaller parties are said to be working together to veto the deal.

In 1975, Portugal abandoned East Timor and the people declared self-independence only to be invaded by Indonesia with out any intervention from Australia or the United States. Indonesia then agreed on no formal maritime boards but on a joint exploitation zone splitting profits 50/50. Indonesian rule in East Timor was marked by extreme violence and brutality and following a UN-sponsored agreement between Indonesia, Portugal and the US, East Timor held a referendum and gained independence, but violent Indonesian sponsored militia took hold. A peacekeeping force (INTERFET, led by Australia) then intervened putting a stop to the violence. The exploitation zone splitting profits was then changed to 60% in favour of Australia, but now a new deal has been proposed 90/10 in favour of Timor. In the mean time Australia has been accused of profiting by up to 2 billion dollars between the deals by activist groups like http://www.timorseajustice.org/ whose campaigning saw Woodside suspended oil pumping in the affected area.

Contemporary International law asserts that the area under dispute belongs to East Timor. Australia has withdrawn from the maritime division of the International Court of Justice, which could have settled this matter, instead opting to try to settle the matter without the court.

The previous deal has caused political infighting within East Timor about why such a smaller percentage was accepted.

What Can Laser Surgery In West Point, Ne Do For You?

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Your eyes are one of the most important parts of your body. Without your eyes, many daily tasks in life would be significantly more difficult and troublesome. However, not everybody’s eyes work the way they should. Millions of people are born with conditions such as farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatisms. These conditions can alter your eyesight in a way that you need corrections to fix them. Some of these corrections include glasses and contacts. Wearing and caring for contacts and glasses every single day can get extremely annoying and tedious after decades. Thankfully, there is a more permanent solution to these conditions. Laser surgery can quite literally reshape your vision.

What Is Laser Surgery?

As the name might suggest, laser surgery in West Point, NE involves the use of medical lasers. The most common type of surgery involves reshaping the cornea. The laser will physically cut a flap into your cornea. Once the flap is there, the surgeon will then fold back the flap and then remove some corneal tissue from underneath the cornea. The flap is then replaced. The reshaped cornea can now reflect light into your eyes properly, which can lessen or completely fix vision problems. There are other forms of laser surgery that are designed to help with different, more specific eye problems. You can consult your regular eye doctor to determine which type of laser surgery is most suitable for you and your eyes.

Why Get Surgery?

While glasses and contacts can correct some visual problems, wearing them every day can become rather annoying. Not only do you have to wear them but you often have to take special care to ensure that they are rarely if ever, damaged. These types of corrective devices can be extremely expensive, depending on your vision problems. That being said, vision also changes over time, meaning that you have to go back to the eye doctor to change the strength of those corrective devices repeatedly. This is a costly, time-consuming, and tedious process. With laser surgery, you will be able to do that less or maybe not even at all anymore. For more information on what laser surgery can do for you, click here to learn more.

Wikinews interviews Israeli mathematician and writer Aner Shalev

Wikinews interviews Israeli mathematician and writer Aner Shalev
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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Aner Shalev is an Israeli mathematician and writer born in 1958 in Kibbutz Kinneret, Tiberias. Currently Shalev is a Professor at Hebrew University of Jerusalem‘s Einstein Institute of Mathematics.

At the moment Shalev is in Levico Terme, Trento, Italy for a conference. He was interviewed by Wikinews.

Qantas ordered to check oxygen cylinders

Qantas ordered to check oxygen cylinders
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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Australian Transport Safety Bureau announced that an oxygen cylinder which was located near the area of the explosion on Qantas flight QF30 from London, England to Melbourne, Australia was unaccounted for but said that it was too early to say that an oxygen cylinder could be the cause of the mid-air explosion. It did say it had ruled out explosives as a cause stating that they “found no indication of explosives”.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority has ordered Qantas to check all oxygen cylinders and the brackets which hold them on its Boeing 747s, but hasn’t ruled out that the order will be extended to all of the Qantas fleet.

Cocaine found in frozen mango puree shipped to Montréal, Canada

Cocaine found in frozen mango puree shipped to Montréal, Canada
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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) announced Tuesday that they had seized approximately 160 kilograms of cocaine discovered in buckets of frozen mango puree imported from Mexico.

Investigations led the police to a shipping container destined for the Port of Montréal, in the Canadian province of Québec. A CBSA officer at the Container Examination Centre in Montréal identified the suspect container. The drug was found in brick-shaped plastic wrapping of about 4 kilograms in weight each. There were 1,200 buckets of frozen mango puree in the shipment, not all with cocaine inside.

RCMP Sgt. André Potvin told reporters that the value of the shipment was significant and was the largest maritime port drug haul in the force’s history. At CA$20 per half-gram, “that’s in the vicinity of $38 million,” said Potvin.

The investigation by the RCMP Drug Section, CBSA Intelligence officers, the Marine Security Enforcement Team and the Port of Montréal Security Group, determined that an import company, named Quality Mexport, was allegedly a front for the drug-smuggling operation.

Five Mexicans, holding visitor status in Canada, were arrested in the matter. They are:

  • Juan Manuel Huerta Canela, 31;
  • Jose Gerardo Bernal Vasquez, 52;
  • Jose Luis Navarro Ochoa, 33;
  • Jesus Manuel Villa Quiroz, 32; and
  • Alfonso Strag Estrada, age 50.

The suspects have been charged with importing and possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking. The charges are allegations at this point in time.

The Most Darkest Period Of China Machinery Industry Has Gone

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The Most Darkest Period of China Machinery Industry Has Gone


Deland Selectchina

The recovery of China machinery industry will evolve from downstream special equipment to machine parts, then to machine tools and other general equipments, which is a gradual process. Now the demand still mainly comes from domestic, such as railway, highway, subway and other items, if the private investment and exports recover in the second half year, the construction machinery industry will still be the most beneficial industry, but the recovery of machine tools and other general

slitting machine

, shipping industry are lagging behind. As the raw material price is increasing continuously and the power is not enough, it is expected that the profit of machinery industry will be improved in the second half year.

At present, the packing machine

industry is undergoing a gentle revival. Because the capacity utilization rate was insufficient and the

plastic valve

product price decreased in the first half year, the performance is lower than anticipation, especially some export-oriented industries, such as shipping, forklifts and bulldozers industries have not went out of the recession yet. But the darkest period of

YouTube Preview Image

blow molding machine

industry has gone.

In the rainy season in July, the chain decrease of the construction machinery

products sales volume is normal phenomenon. Benefit from the infrastructure, the sale of cranes, excavators and

engineering machineycip

represents positive growth for two consecutive months compared with the same period last year, but the sale of earthwork mechanical loading


and bulldozers is average in performance. The increase of new project starting is forward-looking indicator, even if it falls, it also has high position in history, and the construction machinery sales of the second half year will not be slack in the off-season.

The output of domestic CNC metal cutting machine

tools has recovered, and the machine tool export of July this year first achieved the positive growth over previous year.

The export demand has come down the bottom; rebound has not been obvious yet. The link relative ratio of South Korean construction equipment pvc fitting

sales in June continued to move up, down 40% compared with previous year, and the decrease rate is narrow; the sales volume of Japanese construction machinery only achieved 30%-40% of last year’s, and the machine tool orders are only 20% of last year’s; machinery orders in Germany factory fell 46% compared with previous year, the decrease rate is narrow compared with May; American machine tool orders declined 64% compared with the same period last year.

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