November 19, 2023 · Painting Services


One of the biggest investments that most homeowner make after they purchase a house is the remodeling of the kitchen or bath. This is an excellent way to increase the value of the home and it allows the homeowner to acquire a little extra equity in the process. One of the reasons these rooms are such popular areas for renovation is because of the variety of fixtures and accessories that are available. A homeowner could spend literally thousands of dollars on the fixtures alone. Of course, these are definitely high end items that provide a quality that can’t be bought at the local big box store. This is why it is so important to hire an experienced professional whenever it’s time for Faucet Repair in Holland.

The principle of the faucet is very simple, it’s a valve that blocks the flow of water. From there, things begin to get complicated. First, the water it is blocking is under pressure which means the valve needs some sort of seal between the metal pieces. With most modern faucets this is usually an O ring rubber gasket. These gaskets will wear over time which can allow the water to seep past it. In other cases the O ring can get pinched and leave a small tear that the water can work it’s way past. Either way, the faucet must be taken apart to make the repair.

Because of the differences in models and manufacturing methods every repair will be a little different. In most cases you have to remove the outer shell of the faucet so you can access the valve. This can be one of the most critical aspects of the repair. One little slip or any attempt to use the wrong tool and you can permanently mar the surface of the faucet. This type of damage is not usually reparable which is why most folks suggest that you hire a professional for your next Faucet Repair in Holland. A certified plumber knows exactly how to disassemble the faucet without damaging anything and they have the proper tools to facilitate the repair.

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