June 2, 2018 · Earthmoving Equipment

byAlma Abell

While a forklift is a popular piece of equipment in a warehouse environment, there are certain occasions where they make a simple task more cumbersome and reduce the overall efficiency of employees. An Electric Pallet Jack in Los Angeles is designed to fill in the gap and makes it easy to raise and lower small loads onto and off of shelving units. Before buying a pallet jack, be sure to consider the following items, which will ensure the device will meet a companies needs now and for years into the future.

Device Weight Limit


One of the most critical, yet overlooked, aspects of purchasing a pallet jack is determining the weight limit of the unit. It is a good idea to weigh a typical load of items that the device will be used to transport to determine the average payload the lift will be handling. Once the requirements are identified a company will then be able to select a unit that will safely and quickly tackle any job thrown its way.

Self Propelled Units

An Electric Pallet Jack in Los Angeles is either manually moved or is equipped with a motor that aids in the transportation process. While self-propelled lifts are a great option, they usually require additional maintenance and come with a higher upfront cost. If the weight of items being lifted will exceed 100 pounds, most manufacturers recommend selecting a unit with a motor that will reduce the likelihood of employee injury and reduce the time required for warehouse tasks.

Space Constraints

Another important detail to consider is the size of the warehouse where the device will be used and stored. Devices that are designed with self-propulsion are much larger and may be hard to maneuver in small spaces. It is also necessary to determine the type of electrical connection that is required for charging and make sure that one is readily available and that there will be adequate room to store the pallet jack without creating a safety hazard.

A pallet jack is an invaluable tool for a warehouse environment. The team at Select equipment offers a full selection of electric-powered devices and will work with a business to determine which model will best suit their needs. Visit Selectequipment.com to learn more and start browsing their complete inventory today.

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