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Leveraging their volume of business, online stores get the mobile phones at cheaper prices from the manufacturers and pass on the benefit of costs to the end customers. You won t usually get such price advantage in the regular stores in Australia.

These are times when mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our daily life. We never venture out of our homes without the cell phone and sometimes, carry it along even when we walk inside our homes. Every new model is eagerly awaited, features are sought after and when it is finally on the market, we look forward to have a hand on it, preferably before than others do.

With so many options before the customers in Australia, there are plenty of options to choose from. A reputable dealer, regular or online, will sell the phones of a slew of manufacturers Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, Micromax, LG, Sony and many more and it becomes truly a challenge to zero in on any of these. You ve to compare them very closely to arrive on a decision. Larger stores have an advantage on smaller stores. Leveraging their volume of business, they get the phones at cheaper prices from the manufacturers and pass the cost benefit to the customers. People buying phones from such sellers can get the same phones at lesser prices.

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Online sellers always have an upper hand in this regard. Internet provides them the reach just not available to brick-and-mortar stores that are usually neighbourhood shops. Stores in more well-known malls or located strategically may have a bit higher reach, yet they cannot compare the sales they do with popular online dealers.

When it comes to prices, things have become brighter to the end users in the last few years. Prices of mobile homes have consistently come down in the past few years and when you purchase from a popular online store, you re likely to get the same model at even better prices.

Such a store usually won t just deal in the mobile phones, but the accessories as well. Any accessory you need data cables, batteries, memory cards, headphones, screen protectors, adapters is available with them. The accessories are also available at discounted prices. Moreover, you get all these conveniently. You don t even need to visit the market for buying accessories which is a cumbersome task for people who are burdened with work. Purchasing online, they can buy mobile phones or accessories right from their home or computers.

Phones you purchase online will have the same warranty claims as those bought from regular stores. Warranty period is usually 12 months. However, you can even get 24 or 36 months of warrant on some phones. For availing of warranty, you need to retain tax invoice as proof of purchase.

You can expect dealers of repute to have a well-defined refund policy that usually provides for the return of items with certain days of purchase. However, the items bought should be in the original packaging and you need to have the documents as well.

When you buy phones online, you ve got all the time that you need to compare various products and decide on the item that you thing provides you the best value for your money. Samsung Galaxy Ace, Nokia Lumia or Micromax Ninja, you ll get all models with them.

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