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By Troy Charles G. Burton

Slavery was a very common practice since 18th century in order to pay off debt. During this time, a person or a family will served to the person who lent them with money or goods until they repays it in due time. Do these systems still exist in x-generation? Is there someone who allows himself to be slave just to repay their debts?

As time passed, technologies revolve, systems revised but the sense of being a slave from their debts is still there. Those living in most high standard lifestyle nowadays are the most people who are slave from their debts. Sounds funny but it happens in reality. Several temptations are rushing through your ways like the credit cards. Others may say how lucky are those who have plastic money, just a swipe away they can have the things they want. Yes, it is true and fortunate enough for those who have credit cards and know how to use it properly. Merely, how about those people who love scratching their cards without knowing the effects and disadvantages of doing that?

Those who are delinquent with their credit cards functionality are usually suffered and slaves for their debt. Do they still have remedy for this problem? Moreover, make a research on your debt solution choices, compare the differences and be wise in choosing which debt relief can help you.

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Debt relief define as a partial or total deletion of debt, or the slowing or stopping of debt interest rates, owed by individuals, organizations, corporations, or country. There are choices on how you utilize debt relief.

The following the other alternatives on how to get out from debts:

First, attempt to approach Credit Counseling Organization and undergo credit counseling. Somehow, this may help to consumers experiencing financial difficulties. They will assist you in reducing interest rates and fees on your debts and get out your debts as soon as possible. However, you will end up paying back 100% of your balance plus interest. Prior to submitting yourself to a particular Credit Counseling Organization, determine if it is a profit or non-profit organization. Hence, to avoid conflicts afterwards.

Second, consult some Debt Consolidation Companies that reaches people who need their backups. Like, New York Debt Consolidation and other debt companies all over the nations, they will furnish debt consolidation loan to bail you out from your unsecured debts. Nevertheless, you will still pay back 100% of the said loan, plus interest. This option is not best for everybody, for the reason, that if you are still struggling to make your payments, you should consider debt reduction, than debt consolidation. In here, you are dealing directly with the issue, not refraining debt problems temporarily.

Thirdly, file bankruptcy. This is your last sort to draw away your debts, yet it leaves financially and emotionally stress that difficult to deal. It will affect your reputation and credit reports. You may be block listed and rejected the next time you will apply for job or renting apartments. Bankruptcy is the longest debt relief process. This is the most serious event and decision that you will ever made and also expect for worse consequences because this is a legal issue. You have to refer to a lawyer to help you review if this is the best decision for your status.

Debt relief is not easy as you think, you may unpack you baggage or debts, but you may face the consequences along the way.

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