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3 Icons of Architecture in Prague


Lukas Johannes

Prague is the largest city and capital of the Czech Republic. Situated near the centre of the country, as a much-visited tourist destination, arriving is a breeze. Once you land at Prague Airport, shuttle services await to take you into the heart of the city and your accommodation. While on your journey from the airport, keep your eyes on the view to get your first glimpse of the famous architectural sites and fantastic street art.

Prague has been a cultural centre of Europe for centuries, and the citys long history includes having been home to many artistic talents that have endured through the ages – such as Mozart, Kafka, Einstein (who lectured in a university there for a year), Adler, Capek, and many more. While here, enjoy the sights, but be sure to be make time to see three important icons of architecture: the Dancing House, St. Nicholas Church, and St. Vitus Cathedral.

The Dancing House


If you are lucky enough to pass by the Dancing House while on your Prague airport shuttle journey into the city, as your driver to slow down so you can get a good look. Its twisted, leaning style earned it the nickname of Fred and Ginger – although it is officially known as the Nationale-Nederlanden. Designed by Vlado Mulinic and Frank Gehry in 1992, and completed in 1996, the deconstructionist style of the house has a glass covered, twisted metal section that sits on concrete pillars and nudges into the more austere section of the construction. The side of the building that runs parallel to the river has windows at slightly different heights, so gives them a wavy look, adding to the overall impression of movement. Even if you dont make it over to see the Dancing House in person, you can pick up a 2,000 Czech Koruna coin and see it depicted in all its glory.

St Nicholas Church

Although your Prague airport shuttle into the city probably wont take you directly past St Nicholas Cathedral, your driver should be able to point out the general direction so you can visit it on foot. It is one of the most remarkable examples of Baroque architecture in a city that is filled to the brim with striking architectural sites. Founded in 1704, St Nicholas Church is situated on the site of a former Gothic church from the 13th century. The church was built by Dientzenhofer (and, later, his son), and has a massive dome, designed by Palko, which affords extraordinary views over the city. The interior has frescos by Kracker, which fill the space beautifully, while the 79-metre tall belfry is connected straight to the dome. Be sure to check out the huge organ inside, which was once played by Mozart.

St. Vitus Cathedral

Situated within Prague Castle, you may get your first glimpse of its spires as you pass by on the Prague airport shuttle into the city. First founded as a Romanesque rotunda in 930, it was dedicated to St Vitus. Later, in 1060, when the Bishopric of Prague was founded, a larger basilica took the rotundas place, but it wasnt until 1344, when the Bishopric became an archbishopric that the Gothic cathedral we see today was founded. The mix of architectural styles utilised by Matthias of Arrias and, later, Peter Parler, gave the cathedral much of its current style. Construction was only completed in 1929, nearly 600 years after it began.

Dont miss these three important icons of architecture in Prague.

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