Study: Fish reduces Alzheimer’s disease risk
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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Consumption of grilled or baked fish at least once a week can preserve the brain structure of seniors and reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by three to five times, according to the results of a recent US study.

The study, conducted by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in Pennsylvania, asked 260 volunteers with an average age of 76, about the frequency of their fish consumption. Ten years later, brain scans were carried out on those being researched. Those who regularly ate fish were found to have better preservation of parts of the brain related to memory. An additional five years later, 31% of those who did not regularly consume fish contracted mild cognitive impairment or Alzheimer’s disease. Of those who ate fish at least once a week, between three and eight per cent contracted the aforementioned medical conditions.

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According to The Daily Telegraph, consumption of grilled or baked fish increases the intake of Omega 3 fatty acids, providing a greater amount of blood flow to the brain; therefore prompting a reduction in inflammation and internal gathering of plaque encountered in the lead-up to Alzheimer’s disease. Fried fish does not reduce the risk of contracting Alzheimer’s disease due to the low amount of Omega 3 it contains.

Dr. Cyrus Raji, who took leadership of the study, called it “the first study to establish a direct relationship between fish consumption, brain structure and Alzheimer’s risk.” Raji concluded that “people who consumed baked or [grilled] fish at least one time per week had better preservation of grey matter volume on MRI in brain areas at risk for Alzheimer’s disease.”

The Alzheimer’s Society’s research manager, Dr. Anne Corbett, stated: “This moderately sized study adds weight to existing evidence suggesting that eating fish reduces your risk of developing cognitive decline.” However, she contested these findings, saying they “did not account for lifestyle factors such as other foods or exercise”, which may have affected the overall outcome. Dr. Corbett advised consumers to “eat a healthy diet including fruit and vegetables along with taking regular exercise and giving up smoking” to reduce the risk of contracting dementia.

Meanwhile, Alzheimer’s Research UK lead researcher, Dr. Simon Ridley, believed the study had not clarified “whether other underlying factors may have contributed to the lower risk in people who eat fish.” There is “a clear need for more conclusive research into the effects of dietary fish on our cognitive health,” according to Dr. Ridley.

The results of the study are to be presented today at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America.

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San Diego Chargers upset Indianapolis Colts
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San Diego Chargers 28 24 Indianapolis Colts

Even without LaDainian Tomlinson and Philip Rivers, the Chargers made sure the Indianapolis Colts won’t repeat as Super Bowl champions.

Now San Diego must make sure it doesn’t repeat its last performance at New England.

That will be especially difficult without an injured L.T., who departed in the first half with a bruised left knee, and starting quarterback Rivers, who went out in the third quarter with a damaged right knee in the Chargers’ stunning 28-24 victory Sunday.

With Billy Volek at quarterback and Michael Turner as the main runner, San Diego went 78 yards on eight plays, with Volek sneaking in from the 1 with 4:50 remaining for the lead. The Chargers’ big-play defense then held on downs at its 7, and stopped Indy again in the final moments to preserve their eighth straight win.

To make it nine in a row and advance to their second Super Bowl — the other was a loss to San Francisco after the 1994 season — the Chargers will need all the resourcefulness they showed at Indianapolis. Being undermanned against undefeated New England hardly is an enticing prospect.

Still, with All-Pro cornerback Antonio Cromartie getting an interception and fumble recovery, and linebackers Shawne Merriman and Shaun Phillips plaguing Peyton Manning, the Chargers showed they have the ability to throw off any offense. Maybe even the most prolific attack in NFL history.

The Chargers didn’t come close against the Patriots in Week 2, falling 38-14. That was the beginning of a slide to 5-5 for San Diego, but the Chargers (13-5) are rolling now.

It was a gutty showing by Rivers, who threw for three scores — he banged his right knee on a 56-yard screen pass TD by Darren Sproles to end the third quarter. And Turner, who could be a starter elsewhere but usually sits behind league rushing leader Tomlinson, gave the offense the balance it desperately needed in the late stages of the upset, rushing for 71 yards.

The Chargers’ opportunistic defense, which led the league in takeaways (48) and turnover margin (plus-24), grabbed two interceptions — both on tipped balls — and a fumble. While San Diego couldn’t stop Manning’s offense from steadily marching downfield most of the game, it could make the key plays that get you closer to the Super Bowl.

Still, if Tomlinson is limited or sidelined, how much chance do the Chargers have against the perfect Patriots? Not to mention perhaps missing Rivers or tight end Antonio Gates, who courageously played much of the day on a dislocated toe.

For the Colts (13-4), it was a bitterly quick elimination from the postseason.

A year ago, they won three playoff games, then beat Chicago in the Super Bowl. They couldn’t recapture their touch on offense or defense this time, and a defense that allowed the fewest points during the season wore down against the equally physical Chargers.

Manning did throw for 402 yards, completing 33 of his 48 throws, but both interceptions killed deep scoring threats.

Rivers was 14-of-19 for 264 yards, and Volek went 3-of-4 for 48 yards in his clutch relief role. Vincent Jackson became Rivers’ top target and had seven catches for 93 yards and a score.

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Colleges offering admission to displaced New Orleans students/LA-ND
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See the discussion page for instructions on adding schools to this list and for an alphabetically arranged listing of schools.

Due to the damage by Hurricane Katrina and subsequent flooding, a number of colleges and universities in the New Orleans metropolitan area will not be able to hold classes for the fall 2005 semester. It is estimated that 75,000 to 100,000 students have been displaced. [1]. In response, institutions across the United States and Canada are offering late registration for displaced students so that their academic progress is not unduly delayed. Some are offering free or reduced admission to displaced students. At some universities, especially state universities, this offer is limited to residents of the area.

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Karisma Kapoor The Blue Eyed Beauty

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Karisma Kapoor The blue- eyed beauty


Antonio Babbage

Karisma Kapoor was the first daughter of the great Kapoor Khandan, which boasts of names as Prithvi Raj Kapoor, Raj Kapoor, Randhir Kapoor, to come into the movies. This blue-eyed daughter of heartthrobs Randhir Kapoor and Babita soon gathered millions of fans for herself and rose to the top after delivering some superb performances in movies such as Anari, Raja Hindustani, Dil To Pagal Hai, Biwi No. 1, Hum Saath Saath Hai, Fiza, Zubeida and a few others. Other than her stellar performances, Karisma became famous also for the controversies she created. Her sexy sexy sexy mujhe log bole song from Khuddar still remains one of the most controversial songs ever! The lyrics created such uproar that the words had to be changed to Baby baby baby mujhe log bole . However, be it for the words, or be it for the Karisma s item dance, this song ran on the top charts for many months!

YouTube Preview Image

Karisma s dating history also generated a lot of interest at that time. She dated Ajay Devgan before the latter married Kajol. No wonder that Kajol and Karisma cannot stand each other! She then went on date Abhishek Bachchan and even got engaged to him. However they broke up (some say because of Abhishek s declining career, some others say because of the pressure the Bachchan family had put on Karisma to quit movies after her marriage) and she eventually settled down with their family friend, industrialist Sanjay Kapoor (who is not devoid of controversies in his own life, being already married and divorced once!). At present, she is the proud mother of two children, a girl named Samaira and a little boy named Kiaan Raj Kapoor. Though their marriage suffered from plenty of hiccups, at one point even a divorce rumour was doing the rounds, apparently things are better and fine now.

Rumours say that Karisma is keen on facing the camera again. She has taken up a few endorsements and plans to return to the movies soon. So, here s hoping that the sizzling blue-eyed actress of the 90 s can make a good comeback and find her own among the present era of the Priyanka s and Deepika s and Kareena s.

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Karisma Kapoor trivia


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Mumbai officials demolish 39K shanties; 200K homeless

Mumbai officials demolish 39K shanties; 200K homeless
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December 25, 2004

Officials in Mumbai, India, demolished over 6,000 shanties today in a push to eradicate the capital city’s slums. In total, 39,000 shanties have been flattened, displacing over 200,000 people, in the city’s biggest-ever demolition drive, which began in early December.

When complete, over 2 million people are expected to be displaced. After wiping out the least desirable shanties, next in line for demolition are the illegal ‘well-off’ shanties and neighborhoods, according to the legal and bureaucratic motions that have been executed toward cleaning up Mumbai’s appearance by lowering the dominance of shanties, which make up 62 percent of Mumbai’s housing.

“As far as eye can see, there are mounds of wood, tin and tarpaulin, the remains of 6,200 illegal homes, flattened by a heavy excavator running on tank-like tracks and giant motorised claws,” the Indian Express reported about today’s destruction. [1]

Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh said that citizens would see a change within six months. “Every chief minister likes to be remembered, and I’m no exception,” said Deshmukh, who despite having an empty exchequer, also announced that Rs 31,000 crore will be spent on new roads, sea links and rail lines. [2]

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Some Tips On Building A Motorized Chopper Bicycle

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By Dominik Hussl

There are two types of chopper bicycle motors available for those who want a motorized bicycle with real star power: gas-powered and electric. So no matter how far you need to go, or how green you are you can now be in style with the coolest of the cool motor bicyclesthe chopper.

As any real aficionado knows, the original choppers are motorcycles in which any parts unnecessary to performance are removed, but also with modified frames which give that distinctive chopper look. A lot of people think that choppers were built to look cool, but there really was an aerodynamic reason for their build. The raked front end on a chopper has a more stable feel at high speeds while traveling a straight line than cycles with the original factory front suspension. As often happens, though, there is a trade-off: the raked front end is less responsive in curves and turns, as well as at slow speeds due to the longer trail movement associated with the increased rake.

Custom motorized chopper bicycles pay tribute to the motorcycles they resemble. A gas-powered chopper bicycle motor looks and sounds more like its powerful relative, but gets even better gas mileage. Most will get over a hundred miles to the gallon, and depending on the size of the rider and style of driving will be able to motor along at 15 miles or more per hour. You can chop your own if youre really mechanically minded, or

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For those who are young and green at heart, though, one of the latest entries to the motorized bicycle market, a cool chopper bicycle with an electric motor, is a surefire winner. With a 500 watt motor, this true low rider quickly takes its rider to 20 miles an hour, depending on the riders weight, of course, and can go about 20 or more miles on a charge.

One of the best features of riding a chopper bicycle with a motor is the healthier lifestyle that comes from riding a bike, but with a bonus. Instead of having to figure in how far you can comfortably pedal out and back on your ride, you can pedal as long as you can and then sit back and enjoy the ride home. It increases your range dramaticallyallowing you to actually see some countryside, or run more than one errand per trip. If your family likes to bike ride, it also allows seniors and younger riders to comfortably keep up with no worries about staying with the group or being too tired to make it home. No whining or having to cut the ride short!

Many states allow electric motors and gas motors under 50cc to be operated without a license or registrations. This makes owning a chopper bicycle with a motor a life-saver for someone whos lost his license, but needs to get to work or school. Before riding off on one, though, make sure you know what your local laws are.

If youd like to have a smooth-sailin low ridin electric chopper bicycle with motor for your very own, or have any questions, contact a reputable dealer who is offering this great chassis with a minimal carbon footprint!

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electric bicycle

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New York bridge shut down after suspicious truck found

New York bridge shut down after suspicious truck found
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Thursday, May 6, 2010

New York Police Department spokesperson Paul Browne said that New York City’s Triborough Bridge was shut down after a U-Haul truck with Arizona state license plates was found abandoned.

The truck reportedly smelled of gasoline according to the toll booth operator. Officials reported that the police department’s bomb squad investigated the vehicle. There was no report of a bomb, says Reuters.

Police say witnesses reported seeing a man fleeing from the vehicle on Wednesday night.

This comes just days after the bomb scare in Times Square.

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Stabbing at Massachusetts high school leaves one dead

Stabbing at Massachusetts high school leaves one dead
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Friday, January 19, 2007

In the United States, a stabbing at the Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School in Sudbury, Massachusetts has left a 15-year old student dead.

The stabbing happened around 7:20 am EST, before classes had started. A fight broke out in a boys’ bathroom between the 15-year old victim, James Alenson and 16-year-old suspect John Odgren, the fight spilled out in the hallway, where the stabbing occurred.

The school was sent into a “lockdown” and students were ushered into the gym, cafeteria and various classrooms. Alenson was rushed to Emerson Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 8:15 am EST. Odgren admitted to the stabbing and was in the principal’s office saying “I did it, I did it,” to police. However, Odgren also reportedly said “Is he OK? I don’t want him to die,” according to a police report.All students were released at 10:20 am EST.

Odgren was diagnosed with severe Asperger’s syndrome, an autistic spectrum disorder has been on medication for years, was a special education student at the school and had no history of violence according to his lawyer, Jonathan Shapiro. He is being charged with “murder, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and carrying a knife onto school property” and was arraigned in Framingham District Court where he pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Shapiro also asked if his client could go to secure facility at Children’s Hospital in Boston. Judge Paul Healy denied the request saying he did not have “enough assurance that Children’s Hospital would be secure.” Instead, he will be held at Middlesex Jail in Cambridge outside of the general population.

According to the school’s website, there will be a community meeting tonight in the school’s auditorium at 7pm EST.

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Opening A Martial Arts School? Don\’T Forget Insurance For Martial Art

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Opening a Martial Arts School? Don\’t Forget Insurance for Martial Art



It s exciting to start a new business, but you must ensure that you have the right insurance before you open the doors. If you are in the martial arts business, this should be one of the most important measures to have in place. Whether you are opening a Karate school or running Kung Fu classes in a fitness center, you will need to consider the right policy to protect your clients, yourself and your business.

Insurance for martial arts is usually something you will need to organize yourself even if you run your classes in another establishment. Even if the fitness center you are using has their own liability insurance in place, they may not cover your classes and may insist that you get your own private insurance. Never assume that they already have insurance for martial arts in place or that it automatically covers your business.

Accidents do happen and someone can allege that they were injured due to your negligence, resulting in a lawsuit against your business.

YouTube Preview Image

A lawsuit for your company could be catastrophic if you don t have the right insurance for martial arts at your fitness center or training school. Your dream of a successful business could quite easily be over before it even starts.

Don t Leave Your Students Safety to Chance during Martial Arts Insurance is Key

You owe it to your students to provide them with comprehensive insurance. Plus, having the right insurance policy is also a great way to attract more business. Martial arts training requires students to trust a trainer; and what better way to get your students to trust you than showing them you care about their safety?

It s easy to find the right level of insurance for your martial arts business, but you should consult a specialist insurance company to get the best policy. This is because this type of insurance policy often involves clauses that are specific for the sport. Never buy martial arts insurance from a company that doesn t usually offer this service as standard.

Find a company specializing in insurance for martial arts that can give you a great deal and ensure that your business and your students are adequately protected. It costs nothing to obtain a quote and it could be the best thing you do for your business this year. Don t get complacent about safety when it comes to martial arts-insurance is key.

Sports and Fitness Insurance are the experts to contact when you need a cost effective and comprehensive martial arts instructor insurance policy. The company is a preferred general liability provider for renowned and respected fitness organizations such as Curves , and ICOA, Independent Club Operators Association. For more information, call 800-844-0536 or

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Surgeons reattach boy’s three severed limbs

Surgeons reattach boy’s three severed limbs
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Tuesday, March 29, 2005A team of Australian surgeons yesterday reattached both hands and one foot to 10-year-old Perth boy, Terry Vo, after a brick wall which collapsed during a game of basketball fell on him, severing the limbs. The wall gave way while Terry performed a slam-dunk, during a game at a friend’s birthday party.

The boy was today awake and smiling, still in some pain but in good spirits and expected to make a full recovery, according to plastic surgeon, Mr Robert Love.

“What we have is parts that are very much alive so the reattached limbs are certainly pink, well perfused and are indeed moving,” Mr Love told reporters today.

“The fact that he is moving his fingers, and of course when he wakes up he will move both fingers and toes, is not a surprise,” Mr Love had said yesterday.

“The question is more the sensory return that he will get in the hand itself and the fine movements he will have in the fingers and the toes, and that will come with time, hopefully. We will assess that over the next 18 months to two years.

“I’m sure that he’ll enjoy a game of basketball in the future.”

The weight and force of the collapse, and the sharp brick edges, resulted in the three limbs being cut through about 7cm above the wrists and ankle.

Terry’s father Tan said of his only child, the injuries were terrible, “I was scared to look at him, a horrible thing.”

The hands and foot were placed in an ice-filled Esky and rushed to hospital with the boy, where three teams of medical experts were assembled, and he was given a blood transfusion after experiencing massive blood loss. Eight hours of complex micro-surgery on Saturday night were followed by a further two hours of skin grafts yesterday.

“What he will lose because it was such a large zone of traumatised skin and muscle and so on, he will lose some of the skin so he’ll certainly require lots of further surgery regardless of whether the skin survives,” said Mr Love said today.

The boy was kept unconscious under anaesthetic between the two procedures. In an interview yesterday, Mr Love explained why:

“He could have actually been woken up the next day. Because we were intending to take him back to theatre for a second look, to look at the traumatised skin flaps, to close more of his wounds and to do split skin grafting, it was felt the best thing to do would be to keep him stable and to keep him anaesthetised.”

Professor Wayne Morrison, director of the respected Bernard O’Brien Institute of Microsurgery and head of plastic and hand surgery at Melbourne’s St Vincent’s Hospital, said he believed the operation to be a world first.

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