By Sean Goudelocks

Everybody wants to be different. In the male species the one who can satisfy his partner the most gets the rave that gives him the status and pride that he is THE MAN, so to speak. Do not be left out in the race because you lack the know how when it comes to getting a bigger penis. You deserve it, your partner deserves it. No amount of sexual technique can compensate for a teeny weeny member. With a few simple steps and a gargantuan amount of effort and dedication, you are on your way to changing your life as it is now. You can make a change and it starts now.

The following are called penile exercises , they are designed to address the need for getting a bigger penis. Sure there are medical interventions available in the market but it has certain drawbacks that could strike fear to anyone even those desperate to having a full and bigger penis. One of the disadvantage of going under the knife is that the results are not guaranteed. A study has shown that even those who have went through the knife still suffer the mentality of inadequacy and dissatisfaction with the procedure. Add to that, the real threat of having a disfigured penis when the procedure goes wrong. That is why in this article and in many others that you can encounter, it has been proven and clinically tested that penile exercises is one of the safest and surest way to get that needed inches to your penis without worrying about the side effects of chemicals or surgery. Are you ready? Here it is:

1. First, make sure that you have a semi-erect penis. Never attempt this exercise when you already have a fully erect penis. Form an O.K. sign and place it around your semi erect penis. Start from the base and slowly glide through the shaft of the penis. Be careful not to go past the head of the penis. Once you reach the top, do the same while going back to the base. Do this very slowly to allow blood to pass through the penis and you will see that the penis is beginning to get large.


2. Second, when you have mastered this motion already, try to vary the exercise by gripping longer when you reach the top just before the head of the penis. Hold this position and grip a bit tightly for about two or three seconds. This will train your penis to hold blood for a longer time which in turn will lead to your wanted results.

3. This one is called the V-jelq. The reason it is called this way is because you change the way you grip your penis instead of an OK sign you use your index finger and your middle finger to form a letter V instead. Now this exercise also varies from the above because you use the other hand to cup the fingers that formed the V. You should slowly move this two-handed grip along the shaft until the V formation is just right beneath the glans. Hold the position for about a second to let the veins be used to the pressure building up. Remember that this method is a very slow one and should normally take about 5 seconds to complete one stroke. Be patient, Rome wasn’t built in a day as they say.

Practice this exercises to give your penis the right size of girth and length that your partner has been missing through all this time. It doesn’t matter what age or body type you are but this exercises are guaranteed to deliver the results once you put your mind into it and really make a conscious effort to do them correctly. Good luck and have a blast in getting a bigger penis.

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