Lighthouse Assisted Living Colorado Homes for High Quality Life to Elders with Dementia Disorders


Tom Littleton

Very few people understand the difference between regular hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, adult day care centers, and assisted living homes. Carefully planned homes such As Lighthouse Assisted Living Colorado homes and the assisted living facilities in such homes are able to offer very high quality of life to elders suffering from memory impairment ailments in the last part of their life. People admitted to nursing homes are usually those suffering from serious ailments and require continuous supervision, monitoring, and attention, with more frequent medications. Most of them are bed-ridden and are unable to move around freely. Age is not a factor to getting admission in a nursing home, only the seriousness of the ailment.

On the other hand, nearly all the seniors are usually able to move around most of the time and continue with their daily activities, except when they become disoriented due to their mental impairment issues. However, they do need assistance in a few activities on such occasions, such as in bathing, dressing, grooming, and even eating. Still, they lead a fairly routine life and they enjoy living with people suffering from similar conditions. A good empathy develops between such people. Further, the Assisted Living Colorado homes and the assisted living facilities in them accommodate only a small group of people, usually around eight persons in each home. Further, these homes invariably provide individual accommodations to these elders suffering from different dementia disorders like Alzheimer s disease, stroke, Parkinson s disease, disorientation, and memory loss. Shared accommodations are offered only on specific requests by the residents themselves or their family members.


The assisted living facilities in Lighthouse Assisted Living Colorado homes have their own kitchenettes, offering three meals a day with emphasis on taste, variety, and nutritious value of the food items. The residents of these homes have more socialization with involvement as a whole group in various daily activities, many of them highly conducive to maintain or improve the physical and mental health of the seniors living in these homes. Moreover, the staff members to residents ratio is quite high in assisted living Colorado homes, providing constant monitoring, care, and individual attention. Additionally, the owners of Lighthouse Assisted Living Colorado homes ensure that the elders go out regularly to nearby parks, malls, restaurants, and picnic spots, so that they have variety in their daily lives. All these assisted living facilities make Lighthouse Assisted Living Colorado homes ideal places for seniors with dementia disorders in the last days of their lives.

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