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Get All of Your Auto Dealer Supplies with Excellent Customer Service


Ariel GibsonAs an auto dealer, you know how important good service is to your dealership’s success. Anyone can carry quality products, and many dealers can run a sale and provide a good deal, but great customer service is what sets companies apart. When a customer is telling their friends about the buying experience at your business, a glowing review of your customer service can send new customers right to your front door. Here at Carguys, through our extensive experience working solely with auto dealers, we’ve learned precisely how to provide you with the very best customer service. Because we are only an auto dealer supplier, we have valuable insight into the industry. You’ll have your own sales rep in charge of your account, an individual with experience in the car dealership industry who can recommend the best Car Dealer Supplies

and marketing tools to grow your business. When you buy from Carguys we’ll provide you not only with the best products at the best prices, but also with the highest caliber of customer service.


One of the best aspects of our customer service is personalization. One of our talented sales reps will take on your account and make you a top priority. By working with the same sales representative every time you order, they become an expert in your ordering patterns. By tracking your product usage and ordering patterns, our reps will actually call and remind you when they calculate you should be low on a product. You’ll never forget to order license plate frames again! Our reps will also pay close attention to your business. Our entire sales team has profound experience in the auto dealer industry, and can provide tips on how to grow your business. A huge variety of auto dealer supplies is available to you. Let our qualified salespeople navigate you through the catalogues of items and find the things you need to grow your business. Instead of spending hours trying to figure out the difference between slogans, headlines, and showstoppers, let the people who know auto dealer supplies best help you determine which works best for your needs.

Another way our customer service rises above that of other companies is the in house artwork we offer for our enormous variety of custom products. Whether you need a very specific design, or you have no idea what you want on those totes, our artist will have multiple designs and variations ready for you in a timely manner. With skilled, trained artists and a plethora of programs and effects available, Ariel Gibsonwe can create custom artwork to rival the picture in your head. Want to tweak a design? No problem! Need to combine aspects of different designs? Can do! We will always work with you to make sure your needs are met.

In the spirit of making sure your needs are met, we acknowledge that mistakes are made. If a company is telling you they never make mistakes, that’s a sign that you’ll be taking the blame when they send you the wrong balloons just in time for your huge sale event. Sometimes shipping companies get held up, manufacturers make mistakes, and defects happen. We will spend every available moment after becoming aware of an issue fixing it so you don’t even know the difference. We call our manufacturers frequently to check up, and confirm everything is on schedule to prevent these situations from happening in the first place. But if something does go wrong, we’ll call you right away to inform you of all your options, and we’ll stay on our manufacturers to make sure you get what you need, when you need it. Free shipping, discounts, and manufacturer credits get passed on to you!

Though it is simple to provide, many companies would consider it a luxury to have real people answering your calls and questions. Any time you contact us, whether by phone or through our website’s chat function, you’ll have real representatives answering your questions and helping you decide the best products for your dealership. We know that a machine or recording just can’t work with you the way we can, and we carry our expertise and experience into every situations, so every customer may benefit.

Here at Carguys, we don’t just make sales; we build relationships with our customers. We offer the finest customer service in the auto dealer supply industry because we know our efforts to you get passed along to your customers, building your business and providing the community with swarms of happy customers. The next time you find yourself needing car dealership supplies, call the reAriel Gibsonal salespeople with the best experience, and attitude, in the business.

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