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Our hands and feet are the areas of skin that do the most work, yet are often neglected. Give your fingers and toes the best care possible with natural and organic products from Scinboutique

Revitalise overworked hands with Laidbares Cleansing Hand Wash with extract of aloe and rosemary oils to aid tired aching hands and help reduce inflammation whilst restoring strength. Rosemary balances sensitivities and naturally refreshes the skin.


The Laidbare Sunflower Hand Cream has a delicate fragrance to compliment its light texture so that it just sinks straight in to the hands without leaving them slippery. Laidbare Hand Cream is the ultimate intensive moisture cream for very dry hands. Everyday exposure leaves your hands thirsty and damaged. Quench them with this fabulously aromatic cream and feel the difference as the skin soaks up all the nourishing properties. Organic shea butter has the ability to spread evenly and absorb almost instantly into skin, it is known for its intense healing properties and gives the hand cream its lovely consistency. Sunflower oil is perfect for distressed hard working hands as is deeply moisturising. Vitamin C is an antioxidant known to rejuvenate and strengthen the skin. If you are not keen on having a hand cream in a pot with a lid, then you can opt for their smaller but equally as brilliant version in a bottle.

Apivita Hand Scrub and Mask with Olive comes in single, easy use sachets. This is ideal for anyone that suffers from excessively dry skin on their hands. While the scrub helps remove any dry flaky skin, the mask helps jam the skin full of moisture, leaving your hands feeling soft and silky. Apivita also offers amazing masks for the face for all skin types. The scrub contains grains from olive stones, wheat proteins, organic olive oil and cocoa butter. The moisturising mask contains organic olive oil, cocoa butter, calendula extract, propolis, aloe and hyaluronic acid.

The Taer Icelandic Nourishing Hand and Nail Cream is the perfect size to have in your handbag all day long. Its non-greasy consistency also makes this organic hand cream quick and easy to apply and readily absorbed. The therapeutic blend of organic Icelandic Yarrow, Meadowsweet, Sweet Birch, Berries and Liquorish Root will warm and balance the body. Taer use an additional miracle ingredient, Himanthalia Elongata, a natural algae incredibly rich in minerals, vital in helping to strengthen weak or chipped nails. As this is not enough, this luscious hand cream boasts the powers of potent Icelandic herbs including organic yarrow, known for its powerful anti-ageing effects and the specially formulated Taer Calming Complex, an ultra soothing blend of fennel, mistletoe, lemon balm, allantoin, hops and Roman chamomile.

If youre conscious about scruffy feet then invest in the Circaroma Softening Hand and Foot Balm. This enriched creamy balm of rejuvenating wild frankincense and exquisite geranium flower will Soften and protect. The added benefits of skin softening olive, Shea butter, infused arnica flowers and lavender oil promise instant relief, not just for hands and feet but for protecting and deeply moisturising all areas of dry skin.

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