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Vitamin C helps to prevent oxidation with vitamin A and E. Oxidation process is considered as one of the major factors which cause high stress and damage to the human body. This occurs when an unpaired electron starts pairing and the electrons which fail to pair are known as free radicals. Intravenous Vitamin C is an excellent treatment to get high doses of Vitamin C directly into your body.

You must have heard about free radical in your college, school or in science shows or magazines. Scientists have discovered that free radicals are the main reason behind the development of cancerous tissues in a human body.

One of the most common molecules which have a high chance of turning into free radical is oxygen. The oxygen molecule becomes unstable at a point and this is when it tries to stabilize itself inside the human body.

Free radicals make changes in DNA of the human body. They work to remove electrons from other molecules and then multiply to enhance their numbers. This results in starting a continuous cycle which eventually leads to a complete cellular destruction.

Antioxidants have an amazing power to transfer an electron, which makes them extraordinarily effective in preventing free radicals from causing the damage. After the process of transfer ends these antioxidants maintain their stability, which eventually ends the whole cycle.

  • Major Sources Of Vitamin C

You must have heard about the major sources of Vitamin C like papaya, lemons, oranges, grapefruit, Brussels sprouts, etc. However, it is not easy to determine if you’re getting enough amount of Vitamin C through these food items. To maintain an ideal health, you need to consume loads of these food products, especially those which aren’t cooked or canned. Intravenous C treatment is an excellent option to get high amount of Vitamin C easily and directly into your body.

There’s no doubt that fruits and vegetables are a good source of Vitamin C, but most of us fail to get adequate amount of these food items on a daily basis. In today’s world, there are loads of toxic materials in the air due to various source of pollution. This is the reason why need heavy dose of Vitamin C and nutrients to ensure a healthy body and you can achieve that by getting Intravenous Vitamin C treatment.

Vitamin C is an amazing nutrient because it doesn’t affects negatively, even if a high dose is consumed. Unlike other vitamins which are usually fat soluble and get stored in the body, Vitamin C is water soluble. Also, unlike fat soluble vitamins such as Vitamin E and Beta Carotene, Vitamin C doesn’t stays in body and neither rise to toxic levels. Scientists have found that Vitamin C shows great improvements patient’s overall health who consumes large doses through Intravenous Vitamin C treatment.

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For most people, our healthcare needs leave us with a conundrum of how exactly to proceed. On the one hand we feel crummy and do not want to wait a week or more to see our general care provider. On the other hand, our symptoms can hardly be described as urgent and we do not want to be a burden to the hospital emergency room or to spend the money on the visit to the ER. In addition to the unnecessary urgency and increased cost, it can be a seriously time consuming trip to spend three or more hours waiting to see someone for your sore throat simply because more immediate care is needed for other people. That leaves us stuck needing medical care but not knowing exactly what the best course of action is to receive it. Fortunately, there is a new option for those patients who need care quickly. It is called a walk in clinic and it is becoming more and more common in many different places all over the country. They are in the local drug store, as storefronts in shopping malls and even in some grocery stores. The need for care from something like a walk in clinic is lead by society’s demands for affordable and convenient healthcare. People need a care provider who is convenient and accessible or else they do not go at all. Basically a walk in clinic is a place that is used to treat minor and common problems. Usually they are not staffed by doctors, but by a certified nurse practitioner who can assess a patient’s well being and prescribe medication if necessary. They treat things like minor infections of the sinus, respiratory tract or bladder. They can diagnose things like strep throat or sprained wrists and they can even deal with chronic conditions like eczema or gout. For some, these places offer a quick and affordable source for booster shots and vaccinations. While these clinics offer great sources for simple medical treatments, they are not a substitute for regular visits to physicians. Additionally, anyone who goes to visit one of these convenient spots should also follow up and inform their doctor of any treatment they have had prior or any medication they may have prescribed. While a walk in clinic may be great for minor ailments, they are not always the best choice for all issues. They do not offer much in the way of follow up care or treatment of chronic conditions. When you go to visit, chances are you will be seen by a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant and almost definitely not by a doctor. This means that sometimes lingering problems are missed and chronic ailments go undiagnosed. Also, because the staff is frequently rotated, it is not likely a person will be recognized or speak with someone who had previously treated them. This puts the satisfaction rating for most people very low and makes it particularly hard for some to feel comfortable divulging personal information to a total stranger every time they come in.