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By Dominik Hussl

There are two types of chopper bicycle motors available for those who want a motorized bicycle with real star power: gas-powered and electric. So no matter how far you need to go, or how green you are you can now be in style with the coolest of the cool motor bicyclesthe chopper.

As any real aficionado knows, the original choppers are motorcycles in which any parts unnecessary to performance are removed, but also with modified frames which give that distinctive chopper look. A lot of people think that choppers were built to look cool, but there really was an aerodynamic reason for their build. The raked front end on a chopper has a more stable feel at high speeds while traveling a straight line than cycles with the original factory front suspension. As often happens, though, there is a trade-off: the raked front end is less responsive in curves and turns, as well as at slow speeds due to the longer trail movement associated with the increased rake.

Custom motorized chopper bicycles pay tribute to the motorcycles they resemble. A gas-powered chopper bicycle motor looks and sounds more like its powerful relative, but gets even better gas mileage. Most will get over a hundred miles to the gallon, and depending on the size of the rider and style of driving will be able to motor along at 15 miles or more per hour. You can chop your own if youre really mechanically minded, or


For those who are young and green at heart, though, one of the latest entries to the motorized bicycle market, a cool chopper bicycle with an electric motor, is a surefire winner. With a 500 watt motor, this true low rider quickly takes its rider to 20 miles an hour, depending on the riders weight, of course, and can go about 20 or more miles on a charge.

One of the best features of riding a chopper bicycle with a motor is the healthier lifestyle that comes from riding a bike, but with a bonus. Instead of having to figure in how far you can comfortably pedal out and back on your ride, you can pedal as long as you can and then sit back and enjoy the ride home. It increases your range dramaticallyallowing you to actually see some countryside, or run more than one errand per trip. If your family likes to bike ride, it also allows seniors and younger riders to comfortably keep up with no worries about staying with the group or being too tired to make it home. No whining or having to cut the ride short!

Many states allow electric motors and gas motors under 50cc to be operated without a license or registrations. This makes owning a chopper bicycle with a motor a life-saver for someone whos lost his license, but needs to get to work or school. Before riding off on one, though, make sure you know what your local laws are.

If youd like to have a smooth-sailin low ridin electric chopper bicycle with motor for your very own, or have any questions, contact a reputable dealer who is offering this great chassis with a minimal carbon footprint!

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