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Court reporters use real-time transcription with the aid of Laptop Aided Transcription technological know-how (CAT technological innovation). This engineering delivers laptop text screens inside seconds of the term obtaining been transcribed.

Along with the court reporting products like the steno mask machine, the stenotype personal computers and audio-recorders, actual-time transcription computer software is a boon to the tribes of court reporters. The Pc Aided Transcription engineering (CAT) on which the software program capabilities permits the manufacturing of a text in minutes of the term currently being spoken in court. The usefulness of this program is observed by the simple fact that this is a quite practical and significant tool in court depositions, hearings and other legal meetings where by the spoken term is to be correctly transformed into a text sort.

This software facilitates in minimizing the time lag in between transcribing a text and printing it. This not only decreases the volume of work involved but also decreases the time spent in transcribing an oral text into a message type. Further more, it raises productivity which in flip translates into a lot more shell out for the court reporter.


A court reporting software program has the adhering to benefits:-

Serious-Time Modifying

The significant benefit of this application is the ‘real-time’ modifying it gives the consumer. A person can capitalize words, use punctuations, use amount formatting and make other modifications from the keypad of the stenotype itself.

Audio Sync

The audio sync element owning been synchronized with the real-time transcript will allow the real-time recording to be saved in to the PC’s hard disk. This can make it much easier to edit and verify the transcript. It aids the lawyer in comprehension the tone and tenor of the witness, and to uncover out whether the replies of the witnesses have been considered of or impromptu.

Spell Check

A legal spell look at integrated into the voice recognition software program eliminates the problems of searching the web every last time a new legal word crops up in the transcript. This technique permits 1 to confirm the words and test their spellings in no time.

Other Intelligent options

Software program with regard to a host of other further functions these kinds of as intelligent punctuation, intelligent resolution, intelligent term managing and term endings is also readily available for the ease of the about-worked court reporter. With a single keystroke a single can enter punctuation marks such as a comma, a concern mark and significantly far more. The term processor that is integrated into the application permits a single to add root phrases and suffixes to one’s dictionary. However a further major attribute of this software is the intelligent numbering formatting which detects serious-time figures, and formats them accordingly.

Through and above the previously mentioned brought up factors, it would be pertinent to mention that court reporting application also supports multi-lingual reporting, translation, printing, on screen aid and a dictionary moreover offering on-display screen support. This software package is considered to be particularly practical for deposition. It is beneficial for official reporters who are accountable for all features of CAT (Personal computer Aided Transcription) which include steno notes, polishing the translated file into a last manuscript and ultimately printing the authorized edition of the transcript.

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By Nahshon Roberts

Hidden nanny cameras are no super spy secrets. Everybody knows about these gadgets, including the target, the nannies. The challenge lies in hiding these cleverly. Want to try these tips?

How to Catch Ogre Nannies

Like your boss, you want your nanny to be productive and not waste time snoozing or using the phone for personal calls. In your case, you also want to be sure that your nanny is not shaking the baby or kicking the kids around. But nannies know about the hidden nanny cameras and the ogre-types know where to kick, shake, rattle, and roll.

It is a nuisance that ads for nanny cams also advise where you can hide the tiny gadgets. But you can pull a fast one by being more creative with your hidden nanny cameras. Yes, it’s true that it’s against the law not to inform that nanny that you have electronic spies in the house. But if you are not living in California or Massachusetts, you do not have to give the nanny a nanny cam map.


Hiding the Nanny Cameras

So where else can you can you hide the nanny cameras? Every conceivable place has been thought up by great spy minds. Even helpless furry teddy has been enlisted to keep an eye on the nanny! Here are some novel ideas where to keep your nanny cameras hidden:

* Obviously, the nanny knows there are hidden nanny cameras in the nursery. She will behave there, even without a spy camera. But it is better to be sure to hide one there. Have you thought about placing a framed picture near the head side of the crib or the baby’s bed? You can see the nanny’s face if she is smiling or scaring the baby with an ugly scowl.

* The kitchen is another popular area, but where can you set up the hidden nanny cameras without being redundant? Think about a wide sweep and a close up to check how the nanny prepares food for the children. Hide the camera in a mirror lamp on the counter where food is usually prepared, and on the ceiling install a smoke detector clone, which is in reality, a camera.

* The bath is an accident-prone area. Install the camera on the wall where a view of every move can be captured. Do not place the camera where movements can be obscured. Your nanny may not be able to explain the bump on your baby’s head, but the camera will tell all.

* Use the pinhole camera in the living room. This is where nannies spend their time watching TV. Check if she is watching adult movies instead of letting the kids watch their favorite cartoon show. Children are impressionable and pick up what they see and hear. Be alert to this.

* If you have watched YouTube videos showing nanny brutality, most of them show the nanny’s back and the baby cannot be seen. You could not see if the nanny was pinching or squeezing the baby. Avoid this oversight, place hidden nanny cameras on both walls.

If you’ve caught the nanny being abusive on tape, fire her on the spot. Don’t wait until more harm will happen to the children.

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You’re tired of waiting. You’ve been in love with a man for some time and you thought by now you’d be married to him. At the very least you imagined you’d be sporting a beautiful diamond engagement ring on your finger. It doesn’t look as though that will ever happen. You’ve hinted in some subtle and not so subtle ways but still no dropping to one knee and no “will you marry me” in sight. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? You’re now wondering when is it time to give your man an ultimatum to marry you or hit the road. It may feel like that time is now but it’s something you better seriously consider before you put it out there. Pushing a man you love in this way can mean the end of not only the future of your relationship but the present too.

If you’re thinking about giving your man an ultimatum to marry you it’s important to consider how it will make him feel. Men who are slow to commit generally have some very specific reasons for being that way. Those reasons range from being worried about the financial obligations that come with a wedding and marriage to being scared because they are a product of divorce. If you push your man by saying that it’s either marriage or no relationship at all he may feel cornered and react by pulling back and ending things. If you don’t want to risk that happening, it’s important for you not to present your desire to be his wife in this way.


Talk to him about why he has reservations. If you’ve already tried this and he’s told you that he’s just not ready or he’s not comfortable talking about it, try again. It’s important that you explain to him that marriage is something you deeply desire. If you believe you know what is causing him to not want to commit, address that with him. Be understanding and patient as the two of you discuss this. If you get overly emotional or start pushing him in any way, everything may come to a standstill and marrying you will be the last thing on his mind.

If he refuses to talk about it or avoids the subject deliberately, it may be time for you to take some action. You shouldn’t do anything drastic and there’s still no reason to present him with an ultimatum to marry you or hit the road. Instead, focus less on him and what you want from the relationship and more on yourself. If you spend less time chasing after him to commit and more time exploring your life and all it can offer you, he’ll notice. The key is to follow your own dreams and not to spend as much time with him as you have been. He’s refusing to give you a commitment so stop acting as though you two are already married. This slight change in your attitude can make all the difference in the world to your relationship.

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You don’t have to wait for him to decide whether or not he’s ready to commit to you. If you are tired of putting your dreams on hold because he’s commitment phobic, there are things you can do to make him want to marry you now. Learn right now what you need to do to make him fall to his knees and beg you to marry him by clicking here.Author: Gillian Reynolds