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Most hotels would not allow pets inside, but pet friendly hotels Hot Springs Arkansas are still available to animal enthusiasts. These hotels have special accommodations that allow you to tag your pet along, whether you are in a leisure or business trip.

Probably the most important thing about pet friendly hotels Hot Springs Arkansas is that you can even include your pet in your travel plans – no need to leave it behind. Pet friendly hotels Hot Springs Arkansas offer special services to those who bring their pets with them, including all the amenities you can expect from a wonderful hotel.

The accommodations at pet friendly hotels Hot Springs Arkansas are like the typical hotels, and probably even more. Some of them even offer grooming services with your accommodations package, while some attend to your pet’s specific needs. Other pet friendly hotels Hot Springs Arkansas offer services that include feeding your pet, bathing your pet, or even walking your dog.


The cleaning services at pet friendly hotels Hot Springs Arkansas are also specialized to ensure that the environment is hygienic for you and your pet. For instance, since dogs and cats might leave fur all over the place, pet friendly hotels Hot Springs Arkansas ensure that their cleaning services would meet your specific needs.

On the other hand, some pet friendly hotels Hot Springs Arkansas might let you leave your pets at the hotel if you prefer to stroll around town on your own (or with a loved one). If you are on a business trip and you would need to go to a meeting, you can do so without having to bring your pet with you. The hotels ensure that there would be someone to watch over your pet and to ensure its safety at all times while you are away.

If you want to go on a family vacation, pet friendly hotels Hot Springs Arkansas would be perfect for you. Aside from not worrying about the mess that the pets might make, you would also not be worrying whether your pet is fed or groomed properly.

To determine how you would be able to get a stress-free trip or vacation, you can check out the services, amenities, and accommodations by pet friendly hotels Hot Springs Arkansas and see which would match your preferences. In addition, check the costs of the expenses that you might incur, just to make sure that you would truly have a wonderful time at the place (without worrying about expensive charges)

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Keep your water cooler in top condition: 5 tips


Eden Springs

In a packed office a water dispenser will certainly get some good use – hydration is essential for productivity and there’s nothing better than an ice cold drink of water. But if you want to keep your water cooler performing to it’s best – providing clean, uncontaminated water – and avoid an unnecessary maintenance call out then follow these tips:


#1 Clean it yourself regularly Yes you may get a scheduled sanitisation and cleaning visit every month or so, but to keep you water cooler at its best you need to do your bit occasionally. Use a special cleaning kit provided by your water cooler supplier, containing a cleaning spray that doesn’t effect the water and machine and tools for cleaning those hard to reach areas. # Don’t bottle it up While filling up a water bottled for your desk might seem like a good idea, you’re actually more likely to transfer bacteria and viruses by refilling a bottle. The problem is people often put the bottle mouth against the water tap, transferring any bugs to the system and other users. You won’t be thanked for passing on a cold, so keep you distance (you can use a glass). # Don’t overflow you drip! The water cooler’s drip tray is prime for contamination, as often companies neglect to empty it and water can sit for some time. Plus, when it starts leaking onto the floor it’s assumed there’s a leak and a pointless maintenance visit is arranged. Avoid it by emptying and cleaning the drip tray regularly. # Locate your cooler bottle Water cooler bottles should be kept in clean, cool and dry surrounding out of sunlight. Light can degrade the bottle material and effect the water, while you should also keep the bottles off the floor to avoid the chance of contamination from liquids like cleaning fluids. # Do you have power? To get tasty cooled water you’ll need a power source for your cooler, so make sure you’re plugged in! It’s actually quite common for the cooler to be unplugged by cleaners without being plugged in, so your water is left far from its best. And you may even think the cooler is broken and request another maintenance visit – error! So always remember to check the plug first.

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Keep your water cooler in top condition: 5 tips