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Submitted by: Simon Barrett

I sit here in front of my computer unsure where to begin this review, should I begin with the story in the book, or the story about the book. As both are compelling tales!

Throwing reviewing convention out of the window I think I will begin at the end. Mary Patrick Kavanaugh is without doubt a highly creative lady, over the years I have come across all sorts of unique marketing strategies, but I have never seen Mary s used before. Having labored tirelessly on her autobiographical novel she discovered the harsh reality of the publishing industry, it is next to impossible for a first time author to find a publisher willing to take the chance on an unknown.

I have heard countless authors relate this sad situation to me. One author friend of mine claims that he spent more time looking for a publisher than he did writing the book. In a classic demonstration of masochism he decorated his office with the rejection letters! Mary submitted her book to exactly 16 New York based publishers, and received exactly 16 rejections.

Her dream of landing that perfect publishing contract was shattered, writing it seemed was just another fork in the road of life that was a dead end. Mary decided that if the project was indeed dead, then it should be given an appropriate send off, a funeral to mark the end of yet another idea. She even invited the companies that had rejected her manuscript. You can read all of the gory details on her web site.

Her eventual solution was to take the path that many first time authors take, self publish, and so, Family Plots finally made it to the virtual bookshelves of Amazon and others.


With a background like that who could resist reading the book? Billed as an autobiographical novel, Mary has taken some of the key events of her life and with a certain amount of embellishment created a rich word canvas.

There is humor, although I am not sure that I agree with the rear cover quote of laugh-out-loud, the humor is of the very dark, gallows variety.

The quality of writing is very high, and her development of characters and circumstance masterful.

Our heroine Mary comes off one failed relationship only to seemingly rebound into another marriage destined for oblivion. Dan at first glance seems like the catch of the decade, suave, debonair, oozing charm and money. However it gradually becomes clear that Dan is not all that he seems, his business partners leave much to be desired, and while he is always flush with money, the source of his income is somewhat mysterious.

Scheme after scheme to make the big killing come to naught. Partners who are embezzling funds, dubious legal banking practices, strange meetings in strange places all weigh heavily on Mary. Although she wants to confront her nightmares, Dan is a master of deflection, and able to forestall her efforts at every turn, persuading her instead to stand by her man .

Piece by small piece Mary begins to put the jigsaw puzzle together, but it is a long and laborious process. Just as she seems to be making headway, another calamity comes raining down, Dan has cancer. Will she ever find the answers she seeks?

Family Plots also contains a number of curious sub plots, both Mary s and Dan s parents provide adventures into the improbable. Dan s parents Ralph and Minnie in particular are an adventure into eccentricity and dark family secrets.

This book is well worth seeking out, I found it to be a delightful read. Ms. Kavanaugh claims that about two thirds of the book is based on actual events, all I can say is that she has led a pretty interesting life. You can get your copy from Amazon, or from her very amusing web site.

(Originally published at Blogger News Network and reprinted with permission from the author, Simon Barrett).

About the Author: Simon Barrett is the senior editor for

Blogger News Net

and maintains a personal blog at

Simon B

. Now semi retired in the depths of Mississippi he has plenty of time to read books by up and coming authors.


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Career in Hotel Management Part – 2


Anir ban

Salaries Provided in Hotel Industry

The Hotel industry has some clear levels. Managerial positions start from Level 4 (starting is Level 1 tradesman, bell boy etc.). Indicative responsibilities are shown below –

1.)Level 4: Department heads, usually responsible for a designated “department” or section of the overall operation. Formal training as well as job experience is essential qualifications. Approx. Salaries are Rs. 2.5 3 lacs per annum

2.)Level 5: Management level which involves more planning, organisation and supervisory work than actually dealing with guests or handling food and beverages. Extensive training and experience is necessary. Approx. salaries are Rs. 10-12 lacs per annum.

3.)Level 6: This is the top management or executive level; the persons handle the overall management of the property and its human resources, with special concern for long-term planning of financial, marketing and staff development matters. A business or hotel school degree and extensive experience at the management level are basic qualifications needed. Approx. Salaries are Rs. 30-40 lacs per annum.

The remuneration offered by this industry is good and more or less at par with managers elsewhere in the corporate world.

Study Routes

There are various points of entry into the hotel Industry

Undergraduate Studies

Class XII: Any stream with English as a compulsory subject.

After Class XII: Diploma / degree in hotel management Courses are conducted by several types of institutions ” government and privately managed institutions or institutions operated by chain of hotels, hotel schools conducting training programmes in collaboration with international hotel institutions etc. Selection to most of the courses is through an entrance exam which includes a written test, interview and group discussion.


Top 10 Hotel Management Colleges –

1.Oberoi Centre, New Delhi

2.IHM, Mumbai

3.WGHSA, Manipal

4.IHM, Delhi


5.IHM, Aurangabad

6.IHM, Bangalore

7.IHM, Chennai

8.IHM, Calcutta

9.IHM, Ahmedabad

10.Christ College, Bangalore

Indicative Degree Courses are

1.)The WelcomGroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, Valley View, Manipal 576119, Karnataka 4 year degree affiliated to Mangalore University. International linkages to Cornell School of Hotel Administration (USA), Ecole Hotelier, Lousanne (Switzerland), Washington State University (USA) and IIM, Bangalore.

2.)Kadandala Krishna Rao Memorial College of Hotel Management, Woodlands Hotel Complex, 5, Raja Rammahan Roy Road, Bangalore 560025.

3.)Saptagiri College of Hotel Management, Kavoor, Mangalore – 575015 Srinivas College of Hotel Management, GHS Road, Mangalore

4.)RM Institute of Hotel Management MP-13 Sainik Farms (South), New Delhi 110 062. 4 year Degree course in Hospitality Management awarded by the Thames Valley University, London, UK l

Indicative Diploma Courses are

1.)National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Library Avenue, Pusa Complex, New Delhi 110 012 conducts a joint entrance test for 22 hotel management institutions for the 3 year diploma course.

2.)Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition Old Exhibition Ground, Taratola Road, Calcutta 700 088

3.)Institute of Hotel Management, Catering & Nutrition, Library Avenue, Pusa New Delhi 110012

4.)Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition Veer Sawarkar Marg, Dadar, Mumbai 400028

5.)Other Institutes of Hotel Management, Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition are in Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Srinagar, Hyderabad, Bhubhaneshwar, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Chennai, Gurdaspur, Gwalior, Jaipur, Simla, Patna, Guwahati and Goa.

6.)Indian Institutes of Hotel Management (IIHM), Maulana Azad Educational Campus, Rauza Bagh, Aurangabad 431 001 The 3 year course leads to a BA in Hotel Management jointly awarded by IIHHM and the Taj Group of Hotels. The student at IIHM on successful completion of the course is eligible for diploma from the American Hotel & Motel Association (AH&MA) also.

7.)Indian Institute of Hotel Management, 11, IAS Colony, Kidwaipuri, Patna 1.

8.)Institute of Advanced Management Hotel Management College, AE-486, Salt Lake City, Calcutta 700 064 (Approved training Centre of Educational Institute of American Hotel & Motel Association, USA.) Affiliate of Confederation of Tourism, Hotel & Catering Management, UK, Member of International Hotel Association, France

9.)Indian Institute of Sciences and Management , Institutional area, Pundag, Ranchi 834004

10.)International Institute of Hotel Management, EC 37, Salt Lake, Calcutta 700064

11.)Merit Swiss Asian School of Hotel Management, 22, Havelock Road, Ooty 643001, Nilgiris India

12.)Army Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, ASC Centre Bangalore 560007

Post-Graduate Courses

Graduates from any stream or from hotel management institutes are recruited as trainees for prospective management positions. There are rigorous selection tests for management trainees, which include aptitude tests, group discussions, and public speaking.

Places to study are –

a.)Taj Group of Hotels Graduate Management Training Programme of 2 years at New Delhi with the help of a visiting faculty who are experts in hotel operations, management, food preparation, service, maintenance, interior design, engineering, finance and marketing. Address for contact Training Manager, The Taj Mahal Hotel, 1 Mansingh Road, New Delhi 110011.

b.)Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development Oberoi School of Hotel Management has been recognised by the International Hotel Association in Paris. The school offer the following courses :

1.)Three years’ Hotel Operations and Management Training Program

2.)Three years’ Senior Kitchen Training Program

3.)Two years’ House Keeping Executive Training Program

4.)Two years’ Mercury Travels Management Training Programme

At the end of 3 years, the trainees become Assistant Managers and after that promotions are given on the basis of individual performance. Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development, 1, Sham Nath Marg, Delhi 110054.

c.)Foodcraft Institutes are present in Guwahati, Patna, Bhubaneshwar, New Delhi, Aligarh, Shimla, Chandigarh, Gwalior, Bhopal, Pune, Vishakapatnam & Bangalore.

Specialised Courses

Hotel management students can also pursue specialised training courses offered by the Institutes of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition at Mumbai and New Delhi. The duration of course may vary from six months to a year. The areas of specialisation are food production management / dietetics and nutrition / teaching hotel management / housekeeping / travel and tourism / front office and tourism management / specialised hotel management.


1.)SHMS, Switzerland

2.)IHTTI, Switzerland

3.)Les Roches School of Hotel and Tourism Management, Switzerland

4.)Glion Hotel Management School, Switzerland

5.)DCT International Hotel and Business School, Switzerland

6.)Cornell-Nanyag, Singapore

7.)Imperial Hotel Management College, Canada.

Anir ban writes on behalf of

.Shiksha is a portal that connects education seeker with education provider.Shiksha provides information about

Hotel Management Courses




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Get the Best Accommodation in Gurgaon


Laxmi Raj

Gurgaon has fast developed into a popular destination for both businesses as well as for pleasure. There are scores of

accommodation in Gurgaon

option that you can choose from. The plush look of the city may make you feel that there is no budget


accommodation in Gurgaon

, but that is not the case. You will be able to find many mid-range hotels that will provide you with good facilities and decent accommodation.

Gurgaon is known for its tall sky scrapers that houses offices of some of the top corporate organizations of the world. It is also known for its lavish malls and amazing highways and flyover. This city provides its people with nothing but the best. It houses some of the best hotels in Delhi NCR and is considered to be the best place. You can find more about both top-notch hotels as well as mid range affordable hotel on the Internet. It will also furnish information regarding the tariff and facilities and also the exact direction that you need to reach your destination. The hotels have more than basic facilities. You can enjoy the in-house food that is served directly to your room. You can spend your lazy evenings at the coffee shop in the hotel. These hotels are well-equipped with a vast range of facilities and you need not step out for anything. All the standard requirements are available inside the hotel s premises. You can also take a relaxing swim at the hotel s swimming pool in order to rejuvenate your senses. You can have a drink after your dinner in the hotel s lounge and listen to the music playing inside the hotel.

If you are someone who likes to work out and stay fit, than you can chose from scores of

fitness center in Gurgaon

. If the hotel that you stay does not have a gym you can highly use any of the available in the city. The

fitness center in Gurgaon

has the best equipment that makes it easier for you to work out. You can research the internet to discover some of the best names available on the scene. You can also get yourself an instructor who will help you lose weight easier and help you stay healthy. Working out is a very important part of our daily life. We should incorporate some basic work out regimes in our life to lead a healthy life. The fitness centers also have clubs and add-on facilities that you can take advantage of. There are many types of packages that you can subscribe to according to your need. The experts at the fitness center will be able to guide you with the process of choosing from a suitable tariff plan.

The author writes about her travel experiences in Indian cities including her views on

accommodation in gurgaonfitness center in Gurgaon

during her frequent visits to the city of Gurgaon, India.

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A Simple Guide To Getting Down To Your Goal Weight


Pamela Castle

There are many reasons to lose weight. It will help you feel better overall, give you a reason to take more pride in your body and be able to show others that you respect yourself. As long as you are not already at a low weight, losing weight has only positive benefits.

A good way to lose weight is to reconsider how you cook your food. Frying foods is very unhealthy whereas baking food is considered very healthy. Next time you decide to eat some chicken, try baking it instead of frying it. Something small like this can make a big change.

A great way to help you lose weight is to invest in a video game system that promotes fitness such as the Nintendo Wii. If you have some friends over and play on the Wii Fit, you\’ll have a blast and you\’ll burn quite a few calories.


Did you know that dining with others would help you consume less food than those who dine alone? The social interaction with other people while eating a meal is actually a good tactic for those who want to lose weight. Planning meals with family and friends a few times a week will improve your plan to lose weight and maintain your fitness program.

Simply turning down the temperature on your thermostat can have a big impact on your overall weight loss. Studies have shown that people who go to sleep in a cooler environment (not exceeding 70 degrees) burn an extra 100 to 200 calories per day. This is due to a process called non-shivering thermogenesis.

When deciding to try a new diet it is important to understand that changing your metabolism by eating the right foods is the key to dropping a few extra pounds. Instead of focusing on many foods that are high in calories, think about eating foods that will control your appetite. The type of foods that will help keep the appetite under control are oatmeal, eggs, fruits, vegetables, water, herbal teas and a whey-protein shakes. Adding these foods to your diet will help you curb you appetite and eat less. Also, incorporate a daily exercise program five days a week for 20 minutes.

Eating out of loneliness is a big problem for many Americans. Recognizing when you are doing this will help you learn how to break the habit. You need to find other actives when you feel lonely (chat online, email people, go to a crowded place) and you will find that you will start to lose weight simply by not eating so much.

Another great way to lose weight more quickly is to go on a daily swim. Swimming is actually a fun way to burn calories without feeling like you are working out. If you simply go out to your backyard and go for a swim, you are on the way to your dream body.

To cut back on costs while you cut back your diet, try cooking your meals from scratch. Cooking homemade meals can be great for weight loss. Many restaurant foods are covered in butter or fattening sauces, and are higher in calories than what you would make at home. The process of preparing food can also burn a lot of calories.

This article has outlined a few tips to guide you on the path to weight loss and a better body image. The fact is that maintaining a positive outlook on your journey and watching out for your health is much more effective than being disappointed over setbacks. Try on a new perspective and enjoy the benefits that you\’ll reap from it!

If you\’re looking for an awesome weight loss tip, check out our site about

African Mango Plus

. Another article you might like is our tips on getting the most out of

African Mango

. You will thank me for it!

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