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Looking good is all about feeling confident and one of the best ways to feel good and confident is to wear the best clothes that you can afford such as a knit shirt. Wearing one of these will make you feel great about yourself and look good for an affordable price. This is where this garment beats the competition. This type of shirt is a fabulous design which is suitable for everyday wear, formal wear and for wearing in the office at work and they are specially designed for men and women. Made from the best materials, knit active-wear shirts are great fitting and there are many different styles and designs available to purchase, so if you want to know more about how you can look and feel good wearing knit sport shirts, then take a look at this article for more information.

Basic knits

The basic knit shirt is available for both men and women in many different designs and colors. These knit golf shirts are designed for casual, everyday wear and are easy to look after and wash and great for playing sports or just wearing while you are out and about. You can choose from short sleeve loose fitting knit shirts for men, as well as knit fitted shirts for women. The basic knit shirts can come with pockets on the left breast, collars which can be rolled up or down and come in any color that you choose.

Premium knits


These shirts are made with fine knit material for the best feeling of softness and comfort when wearing. They are designed for playing sports and would be great for wearing on the golf course; they can also be worn more formally as well. As with the basic knit sport shirt, premium knits come in many different colors and designs, and you can also purchase premium knits specially designed for use on the golf course which is excellent if you are a keen golfer looking for new golf attire.

Women’s knits

A range designed especially for women, these knit ladies shirts are created with the woman’s body shape in mind. There is a large selection to choose your knit shirt from including basic stretch shirt, as well as cardigans for a more formal look which will be great for the winter months. You can also choose from long sleeve and short sleeve as well as sports shirts and hoodies for every occasion.

Easy care selection

These knit shirts are easy to look after and are machine washable with a soft, silky feel for extra comfort. As with other types you can choose from many colors and designs including, sports wear, golf shirts, long sleeve and short sleeve knit shirt and more. There really is something for everyone to choose from!

As well as these designs, there are many more knit shirt designs available and if you want to compare prices, sizes and designs then log onto a simple search engine to find out more about where you can order. Remember, the more you order the more money you save!

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