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Navigation has played an important role in the sport of golf. Golfers need to identify the distance of a course, wind direction, and the hazards that must be avoided to execute shots needed to fulfill the objective of the game, which is knocking the ball into the hole of a golf course. Since the rules against the use of caddies for navigational purposes have been implemented, golfers, both amateur and professional, must find ways to identify the yardage and wind direction to select the correct clubs to use for making shots that can send the ball into the green or luckily, into the hole. How do golf professionals like Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson, and Tiger Woods score birdies and eagles in their professional golf careers? They had been in training sessions to enhance their swinging skills and their skills to determine wind direction and the distance of the targeting area desired. As for amateur golfers and golf enthusiasts, determining the factors that can help them hit the ball into the hole has been a tough challenge for them. However, thanks to the global positioning system (GPS) technology, anyone can be able to know the distance of a golf course at a fast pace.

Skygolf has utilized the GPS technology to provide golfers of all skill levels guidance in terms of distance and yardage. The company has achieved it through its creation, the SkyCaddie Rangefinder. The product has several varieties although the company s best navigation product, the SkyCaddie SG5, is known to be a user-friendly and reliable tool to speed up games for golfers. What makes the SkyCaddie SG5 stand out over other commercially available navigational tools is the precise yardage given by its GPS system, wherein you will be able to know the exact yards between the bunkers and the green. Another feature of the product is the digital scoreboard, which provides the golfers with convenience to jot down their scores through the use of the buttons. Since a recent study discovered that SkyCaddie products cut a golf game by 25 minutes, caused by lessening the time spent on measuring the distance and writing golf scores. You don t have to bring your pen and a scorecard to slow you down.


The SkyCaddie SG5 can eliminate problems caused by satellite-based images in identifying distances through its software, the SkyCaddie Desktop. This program connects the device to the SkyGolf website for downloading course data. The device has a USB cable so that you can connect it to your computer for effective data gathering of each golf course you re competing in. Like all SkyCaddie Rangefinders, the SG5 also has an LED that can identify the sign when the rechargeable lithium battery needs to be powered through a battery charger, which is also included in the device s package. The SG5 has a heavy-duty belt clip that can keep the device to the user in a secure and convenient fashion.

With all of these impressive features, you can be ensured that your golf game will be fast and great. After all, SkyCaddie has proven itself as the #1 rangefinder in golf.

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