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By Trevor Richards

While the internet is a great place to market your product or services, many businesses are over-using it, spamming emails and running off potential customers. This article will explain nine ways that you can improve your email marketing skills and gain business.

1. Use Your Own Email Address. If your business is called ‘Fred’s Great Grills’, then choose an email address that is appropriate; don’t use something like ‘Unclefred008’. Pretending to be someone’s uncle is not a good way to gain their trust or business.

2. Use a Good Subject Title. Don’t just put a bland email subject such as ‘buy our lawnmower’; instead, choose something catchy like ‘what our amazing new lawnmower can do for you!’

3. Go for a Newsletter. Rather than just throwing out spam-like emails ever so often, you might consider starting an email newsletter. A newsletter, which could be monthly or bi-monthly, could include information about what is going on with your business, an introduction to new employees, articles of interest, coupons and discounts, and information about new products. By taking the time to design a good newsletter, readers will actually be excited to open their emails and will feel like you are a business they can trust.


4. Be Honest. We all get emails which promise us fame and fortune, and we all know that they are worthless. Don’t let your marketing emails become a trashy scam to collect customers; instead, be honest about your business and what it can do for those who use your services.

5. Promotions and Deals. Your readers want your emails to be worth their time, so make them that way! Let readers know about your newest deals, and give them special promotions or coupon codes for reading your message.

6. Don’t Grab Random Email Addresses. Gather email addresses when someone purchases something from your site, signs up for updates, or fills out a survey. Never grab for random emails in hopes that you will hit upon a prospective customer; that method rarely ever works.

7. Stand out from the rest. There are thousands of other businesses and companies ready to pounce on an innocent victim’s email addresses, and flood them with daily, harassing emails; don’t be one of them. Only send out emails that make sense and will be of interest to your readers.

8. Listen to Feedback. If someone on your email list writes to you and requests that you no longer send them messages, listen to them and do what they say. You will get no where in the marketing world if you send people email after they expressly told you not to. Not only will the one person in particular hate you, but they will spread the word to their friends or even publish bad reviews about you online.

9. Useful information. People hate being spammed or sent junky email. If you don’t have something important to say, then just don’t say anything at all. It would be much better to be forgotten for a few weeks than to always be remembered as the company that sends spam to emails.

By following these nine tips, you are much more likely to be a success at email marketing.

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By Bradlley Mckoy

Let’s face it. Your groomsmen will appreciate you saying “thank you” in both material and verbal ways. They deserve it – when they rented their own tuxedos, when they served as ushers, when they threw you the best bachelors’ party ever, and when they got you through cold feet.

However, you need not overextend your wedding budget to express your appreciation for the groomsmen. Here are some simple but sure-fire ways to make your groomsman gifts more special and more meaningful.

Go for Guy Things

Whatever you decide on as groomsman gifts, never make the mistake of giving for their girlfriends, mothers, sisters, and nieces. Remember that you are giving for your groomsmen, not for others even if the females were the power behind the throne.

The best gauge is to assess the personality of the groomsman and take it from there, with his interests and profession as main considerations. For example, as groomsman gifts for your peripatetic buddy, you can give a traveling bag. Even a liquor flask cannot be beat!

Avoid the Bride’s Signature

If you have given your bride full rein on the wedding preparations, do not let her intrude on your choice of groomsman gifts. You have to have your personal stamp on these gifts especially as these are your way of both saying goodbye to bachelorhood and expressing your gratitude to those who made your bachelor years what it was.


Therefore, go for gifts that reflect who you are and/or who your groomsmen are. If they like cigars, then give them humidors with a top-quality cigar or two even if the bride is an anti-smoking advocate of the first degree.

Besides, you certainly do not want to give an impression of being a henpecked husband who cannot make his own decisions this early in the marriage. Just do not go in the other direction and make a mountain out of a molehill.

Out With Flashy and Cheap

Potential groomsman gifts which are extremely flamboyant and absurdly cheap should be immediately discarded. You want your groomsmen to be able to use the gifts, not hide them in shame and disgust. You want your groomsmen to feel compensated for their troubles and efforts, not insulted with your cheapskate ways.

Of course, if your wacky groomsmen really like the T-shirts with quirky designs, then why not? You can always add in another thing or two to reflect your personality.

Engrave, Etch and Embroider

Often, the best way to make your gifts personalized is the easiest. You can have a monogram embroidered on that wallet, an engraving on those cuff links, and an etching on that copper print.

Just make sure these are not flamboyant either. Guys usually do not go for flamboyance, unless it comes to cars and toys for the big boys.

Scratch That Itch

Not the malicious kind of itch. Your groomsman gifts can take the form of non-material things – more like scratching an “itch” of your groomsman. Does he have an itch to compete in a triathlon? Then, how about an enrollment in the local gym for his training? Does he have an itch to see his favorite athlete in action? Then, how about a ticket to the season’s final game?

Indeed, you do not have to break the bank or break your head thinking of gift ideas for your groomsmen. You just need yourself and your unique way of saying “Thank you”.

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By Nicole Munoz

Packing for a day-long backpacking trip is one thing. Packing for a week-long trek is another thing. But how about packing for a month-long backpacking excursion? Many of us may cringe at the thought of preparing for a trip lasting for 30 days, let alone one that requires us to transform our backpack into the a snails or turtles shell. While hauling our household appliances with us on a month-long backpacking trip is impractical, enjoying a month-long backpacking trip can be easier than expected. We can certainly take some steps to make our trip as practical as wearing Metal Tags:

1. A huge feat for feet. In the grand scheme of things, what is a month? But without the proper footwear, every step will seem like forever and a day, to your feet. Along with your Metal Tags, you should wear your hiking footwear whenever possible. The trick is to wear a pair of shoes or boots that have some space between your feet and the footwearbut not too much space. From my experience, three-quarter or high-top footwear is ideal, to provide your ankle enough support while hiking. You may have some knowledge about the general terrain that you will encounter while backpacking. That said, it is better to always be prepared for the unexpected boulders that you may have to climb up or across.

2. Separating needs and wants. When going on a lengthy, month-long backpacking trip, some items may seem as crucial as outstanding Military Dog Tags, when in fact they are best left at home:


One book is enough. If you like reading as much as I do, you probably take a library of books with you on vacation, but end up reading none to one of them.

One and a half pairs of footwear is enough to bring along a month-long backpacking trip: one pair of comfortable shoes or boots, and one pair of flip-flops.

An MP3 player can conveniently provide hours upon hours of rock, jazz, country, rap, classical, or polka (yes, polka!) music for you to enjoy. But make sure not to overdo it. Items such as portable game systems can become too heavy and bulky.

3. Packing light is still right. If you will be camping and backpacking for a month, it may seem logical to pack everything except the kitchen sink. However, while you should bring the necessities, such as Military Dog Tags, it is still advisable to pack light. In fact, while deciding which items to include on your trip, and which items to leave at home, it is wise to leave out items that you stack in your maybe pile. As a general rule, when in doubt, leave it out.

4. Learn to layer. When backpacking, keep in mind that you are not in a fashion show. So it is always better to choose function over form, and only wear practical accessories, such as a hat with a broad brim, and Rectangular Tags. In particular, tend to choose lightweight clothing over heavier pieces, to conserve weight in your camping backpack. For instance, a Coleman Emergency Poncho or Coleman for Kids Disposable Rain Poncho would be better options than a bulky raincoat. Also, you could opt for a few long-sleeved t-shirts, over a heavy sweatshirt.

One month is a relative drop in the bucket, in the average American lifespan of 912 months. But a month-long backpacking trip can seem like an eternity if you haul more than the essential items, which include Rectangular Tags. So before you start your month-long expedition, always make sure to pack light, and pack right.

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By Max Johnson

When looking for fashionable, perfect sets of scrubs there are a number of choices such as seasonal scrubs, holiday scrubs, or cartoon character scrubs. Seasonal designer scrubs include a copious number of seasonal choices for the medical professional looking for something special.

There are four seasons popular for bringing in a specific environment while ushering out past seasons. Fall, winter, spring, and summer are beautiful times of the year bringing in warmth, flowers, brown trees, and snow. When you are able to wear seasonal designer scrubs, you are getting a little bit closer to nature and celebrating the season.

When it comes time to choose seasonal designer scrubs, what names can you truly trust?


There are so many options when you are looking for those seasonal designer scrubs. Urbane, Peaches, Landau, Dickies, White Swan, Barco, and Cherokee are just a few names known for excellence in designer scrubs. Each company offers something unique and special to the medical industry, and seasonal scrubs are often a favorite!

The spring season is known for bringing in a clean, fresh new season. Love is in the air! With the rebirth of the planet, colors often turn to pastels of green, pink, or yellow. Seasonal designer scrubs come in solids popular for the season, and prints often have flowers in bloom or bunnies at play on a pastel background.

The spring is the time for a fresh new outlook on life and the world around us. A simple sprint time designer scrubs will help you celebrate this season in style.

The summer season is popular for sunny weather, beaches, and exciting new adventures. Young people are out of school for the summer, and a lot of vacations occur this time of the year. The colors are a more brilliant selection of bright colors such as blues, reds, or violets.

The summer gives us popular holidays such as the Fourth of July, and seasonal designer scrubs often have printed designs of popular seasonal holidays. The summer is a favorite for the options available, and working in the medical industry can be made more comfortable with some hot, new scrubs.

The fall is a mellower season. The dog days of summer are slowly fading, and the leaves are turning a lustrous mirage of browns, golds, and rusts. Fall is the time for people to slow down, cool off, and welcome a more humid climate. With seasonal designer scrubs, fall has never looked or felt so good.

Fall is often a favorite time of year simply because of the natural colors associated with the season. Simple solid pant scrubs with an elegant print scrubs top is an awesome combination hard to beat.

When it comes to seasonal designer scrubs, you are put in control of your preferred tastes. No matter what your favorite season is there are designers willing to bring you fashionable medical attire for your working ensembles. When you trust the capabilities of designer scrubs, you have a partner for all your working needs.

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